12 Celebs You Probably Wouldn't Want As A Step Mom

There are many celebrities that we could not imagine being related to. Celebrities whose behavior is not something we want to deal with in our own homes or lives; celebrities who could care less how their behavior makes them look or how it affects those around them.

Stepmoms often get a bad rep and at times, there are real reasons why, but not all stepmoms are as horrible as Cinderella’s. However, if you had to make a list of celebrities, over the age of 30, who you could not imagine being your stepmom who would it be? Would it be Hollywood bad girls, rich snobs, or odd ball actresses?

There are a lot of celebs that could definitely make this list. Think about celebrities who are controlling, out of control, hot messes or how about the rich, who do nothing to earn their money and irritate us beyond words. The worst celebrity stepmoms will be the ones with no parenting skills, who control instead of love or are too busy with drugs or men to take notice of you. Celebrities that would leave you home because they wouldn’t want you to steal a second of their spotlight. Let’s take a look at 12 celebrities you would not want as a stepmom.


12 Fran Drescher

First when it comes to Fran Drescher, how could anyone happily live with that voice or laugh? You would also have to fight for use of the hairspray. Add to that the fact that she cusses like a sailor and believes that she has had experiences with aliens and you have yourself one nightmare of a stepmom.

Yes, it's true. Drescher believes she has met aliens and that those aliens implanted a chip in her and her husband. She claims that she was abducted while driving down a road at night with her dad while she was still in high school. Can you imagine your room wrapped in tin foil?

11 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is the definition of the word weird. She is always over the top and she certainly doesn’t seem to even think before she speaks. Lately it seems that half of what comes out of Paltrow’s mouth sounds like pure insanity; plus if she decided to legally change your name she may rename you Plum, Pear or Orange. We truly understand why you would want to pass on that.

10 Madonna

Madonna is a beautiful mess. Her life has been one controversial moment after another. This would be one stepmom you wouldn’t borrow clothes from. Madonna seems to live to offend people and the more shocking her behavior, the happier she is. Can you imagine going shopping with Madonna, who sports tassels on her breasts and foregoes pants for a pair of leather underwear?

You couldn’t bring home your dates because she’d go on the prowl and make them her latest boy toy with no thoughts to your feelings. She might even decide to leave your dad and marry your ex. The scars of being Madonna’s stepchild would be many and deep.

9 Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl is beautiful, heck she even looks sweet, but for those who have worked with her they call her a headache and a half. Plus with Heigl, you get a grandmother who is bossy, overbearing and cusses like a sailor (like mother like daughter). Katherine is known to be over-assertive and often refuses to hear the opinion of others. So with Heigl as a stepmom, an opinion is not something you’d likely be allowed to have. Things have to be her way, so don’t expect to hear "yes" too often when you ask for something.

8 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is beautiful, but her life choices have been anything but wise. Anderson has been married and divorced three times. It appears she has a habit of meeting them, marrying them and divorcing them quickly.

Pamela likes to party hard and never wears anything that actually fits her. Most of her clothes are far too small to contain her boobs. She goes into a club looking like a Playboy model and comes out looking like a hot mess, red eyed and intoxicated. Imagine seeing your stepmom on the cover of magazines, looking like she had too much to drink. If Pamela Anderson were your stepmom, some good advice would be not to go clubbing with her.

7 Courtney Love


Courtney Love is the poster child for “a hot mess.” Between drugs and partying, she doesn't seem to be sure if she is coming or going. Even after giving birth to her daughter Frances, she seemingly never even gave giving up drugs a thought.

People close to Love says that she loves addiction. Without drugs, Love may not be able to function. The Love residence is certainly not where you want to bring your friends and you certainly don’t want Love showing up for your school events. Can you imagine Courtney Love at a PTA meeting or teachers conference? She’d definitely not be stepmother of the year.

6 Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is hardcore. She says what she thinks no matter where she is or with whom she is speaking too. She is also famous for her hand gestures. Imagine one of your friends getting on her bad side and getting the bird followed by a crotch grab. You’d have to hope that she never decides to break into song and you certainly couldn’t go with her to a Padres game.

Roseanne simply doesn’t seem to care how she looks or what people think of her.


5 Rosie O’Donnell


Rosie O’Donnell is not known for being kind. She is known for being loud, opinionated and rude. O’Donnell has little self-control and does not think before she speaks. She recently stated that she’d like to take her period blood and write you’re all “aholes”. She said she’d like to smear her period blood all over certain people’s faces including Donald Trump. Seriously who thinks like that?

If Rosie O’Donnell is your stepmom, you won’t want to make her angry because who knows what she may do. Imagine having friends over that upset her. I don’t think we even want to imagine what could come out of her mouth, but I’m sure you’ll find your friends won’t want to hang out at your house anymore. Not even the Olympic size swimming pool or hot tub could bring them back.

4 Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson is sixty, but still walks around half dressed. Imagine going to the beach with your sixty-year-old stepmom in a barely-there string bikini watching her as she frolics like a 16 year old. Imagine having to hear her talk about Bill Cosby while eating some JELLO.

Dickinson has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse and loves to call herself the first real supermodel. Her role on reality shows shares her self-centered side and she has a difficulty seeing anything beyond her mirror. If you’re going to live with Janice Dickinson, you need to make sure your looks are the most important thing to you and never allow yourself to look better than she does.

3 Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin’s life is one incoherent moment after another. Her vice presidential run was a joke and people are still making lipstick on a pig jokes. She is basically known for “rambling” nonsense and her never changing high hairdo.

Her daughter has had two children out of wedlock, but is a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention.

If you can put up with her rambling, confusion and gun toting you can sit on her back porch with her an hour before sunset and help her keep an eye on Russia while you drink hot cocoa spiked with vodka.

2 Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is distasteful and narcissistic. Before Khloe lost so much weight, Kris was constantly ridiculing her. She repeatedly pressured Kourtney to get married before she popped out any more babies. She neglects her son Rob, and clearly favors Kim and Khloe over Kylie and Kendall.

Jenner is all about me, me, me and she has passed that down to her daughters who are all self-absorbed and obsessed with their appearances. Jenner is 60 years old and still dresses like a 20 year old. Imagine going out with a stepmom who is old enough to be your grandmother, dressed in a skin tight spandex dress that is so tight that she squeaks when she walks.

1 Mama June

I don’t think you will find anyone who will say, “Gosh I wish Mama June was my stepmom.” Most people don’t even want to be in the same room as her. She exploited her daughter Honey Boo Boo, for her 15 minutes of fame, then put her daughter in danger by dating not one, but two sex offenders.

Mama June and her Sugar Bear are currently on a reality show called Marriage Boot Camp. Supposedly the dysfunctional couple joined the cast of the show to try to repair their relationship. They even discuss their sex life, which Mama June says is non-existent because she thinks her Sugar Bear is cheating on her.


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