12 Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Secret Relationships

When you’re a celebrity and you attempt to have a personal life, things can get pretty messy. If you’re dating someone who is also famous, he/she will likely understand that the media is obsessed with seeing celebrity couples and fabricating stories about the relationship. That’s a large part of the reason that some famous people decide to keep their relationships as low-key as possible.

One of the best examples of this is when Jay-Z and Beyonce were dating. There was speculation about the relationship for years, but neither star was willing to give the public too much information. Even after they tied the knot, there have been rumors that they were having trouble in their marriage, and every year or so, the media releases a story to indicate that the two are calling it quits. This is proof that even when celebrities try to keep their relationship private, they are still under media scrutiny. In recent years, the couple has been a little more open about their marriage and family through pictures and public sightings, but they still manage to keep the intimate details of their lives private. However, it’s highly likely that they still get irritated by the constant stream of online gossip and tabloids surrounding their union.

It’s not hard to figure out why some celebrities choose to keep their relationships a secret. Here are 12 famous people who were romantically involved with someone—without the public’s knowledge.


12 Kristen Stewart

After Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the topic of all things entertainment news during their Twilight fame, Stewart likely decided that she’d better keep her next relationship top secret. It has recently been reported that Kristen is now dating women, and her mother even chimed in to say that Stewart is much happier these days. Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile were dating briefly, but now it has been reported that the former Twilight star is romantically involved with Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, also known as Lyn Gynn. Gunnulfsen is the lead singer for the band PVRIS, so it looks like Kristen is into musicians. Stewart was seen at the band’s show in NYC in October and went backstage.

11 Chace Crawford

The very handsome Chace Crawford likely doesn’t have a problem finding a girl who wants to date him. It has been rumored that he is starting a romance with his Blood & Oil co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse, but the two have yet to confirm that they are an item. It’s easy to see that they’ve got some real chemistry, both on screen and during interviews, and E! Online has reported that the two have gone on vacation to Park City, Utah together. This vacation took place before the launch of Blood & Oil, which has led many to believe that the actors were an item before they had to play newlyweds on-screen.

10 Kate Mara

There were recent reports that actress Kate Mara was dating Kevin Spacey, but she has made it clear that these rumors are not true. It is, however, possible that Mara may be in a relationship with her Fantastic Four co-star, Jamie Bell. Previously, Bell and Mara have long stated that they were just “close friends.” However, when stylist Johnny Wujek took a group picture that included the two stars in Malibu, Mara and Bell looked pretty cozy, which got people talking. It’s not likely that they’ll talk about their relationship any time soon, but their fans probably won’t be surprised when their couple status is actually revealed.

9 Kelly Clarkson

Even though Kelly Clarkson is now a married mother of one (with another on the way), there have long been speculations that she dated Justin Guarini. The two appeared on American Idol, and Clarkson holds the distinction of being the first person to win the singing competition. The two also appeared in a (pretty terrible) movie at the height of their fame, From Justin to Kelly. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kelly revealed that she and Justin were an item at one point, but it wasn’t during their days on Idol. Looks like the two did a pretty good job of keeping their relationship a secret, which is likely why you don’t hear much negative gossip about either of them.

8 Cher

Legendary performer Cher, revealed that in the late 1980s, she was in a relationship with Tom Cruise! Obviously the two got over the noticeable height difference. Cher is also 16 years older than Cruise, but that didn’t seem to matter either. The singer also revealed that Tom Cruise is one of the best lovers she’s ever had, and placed him in her “top 5.” She also described him as “adorable” and said that Cruise was very shy—and that she was crazy about him. When you consider the relationships the two got in after breaking up with each other, we can’t help but wonder if they should have tried to make it work.

7 Fergie

Fergie had a secret fling with Justin Timberlake, in 1996. A large part of the reason why the relationship was a huge secret is that entertainment blogs and constant news reports about celebrities weren’t as prevalent back then. Fergie was 23 at the time, and Justin was only 16! It’s a good thing charges weren’t filed against Fergie. Timberlake went on to have a serious relationship with a woman closer to his own age—Britney Spears—but we all know how that ended. Fergie and Justin are now both married to other people, and Timberlake recently welcomed a son with his wife Jessica Biel.

6 Lucas Till

Apparently X-Men and Bravetown actor Lucas Till, and singer Taylor Swift, got along pretty well and decided to end their relationship amicably. Till didn’t even reveal that he’d dated Swift until after they broke up, and while there’s likely a song or two about Till on one of Taylor’s albums, we can’t confirm that it’s one of the bitter anthems. Till stated that he and Taylor really liked each other, but he realized after spending some time in the relationship that he liked Swift more as a friend. There was no malice and heartbreak according to Till’s statements, and it looks like Taylor felt the same way. That may be the cleanest breakup Taylor Swift has ever had.


5 Natalie Portman

It seems that actor Natalie Portman was once in a relationship with musician Moby. The two seem like an unlikely pair, especially at first glance, but they shared a brief romance in 2001. During this time, Moby was known for his electronic DJ skills, and Natalie’s most famous role was Amidala in the Star Wars films. Moby states that during (and after) his affair with Natalie, a lot of nerds were jealous of him. After all, Portman played Luke Skywalker’s mother, and that translates into a pretty weird but common nerd fantasy. The two haven’t spoken ill of each other in the media since then, so it looks like the split was amicable.

4 Ed Sheeran

Red-headed crooner Ed Sheeran, recently confirmed that he was in a relationship with fellow singer Ellie Goulding. There was speculation that the two were an item, especially after seeing a few pictures of them at events, and Sheeran confirmed this after the two decided to call it quits. Ed stated that “people who are just friends don’t hold hands” and that their relationship “was going on, but now it’s not.” Perhaps the pair felt that news of their romance would overshadow their musical talents. Or, maybe, they just wanted to be normal people and not have the world know every detail of their relationship.

3 Hilary Duff


Even most Disney fans likely didn’t know that Hilary Duff and Shia LaBeouf were a couple for a brief period of time. Duff will always be known as the main character in the Disney teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire, and LaBeouf got his start on the Disney show Even Stevens. Hilary turned into a successful actress, businesswoman and singer, while Shia has had some ups and downs in his career. He had some negative things to say about the Indiana Jones and Transformers movies he starred in, and is known for getting into arguments with celebrities. Duff and LaBeouf only lasted one date, and Shia confirmed that it was the worst date either of them ever had. Hilary hasn’t said much about their “relationship,” which is probably an indication that it wasn’t worth talking about.

2 Justin Bieber

Perhaps Justin Bieber learned his lesson about making his romantic business public when he and Selena Gomez went through a whirlwind of media scrutiny. Gomez even received death threats from some of Bieber’s “devoted” fans who were jealous of her. However, the New York Daily News was able to get pictures of Bieber completely naked while vacationing in Bora Bora. There was also a girl inside his cabana, and sources have revealed that she is Jayde Pierce. The two have been seen together since May of 2015, but Bieber is pretty tight-lipped about the nature of his relationship with Pierce.

1 Serena Williams

The tennis star has reportedly been dating rapper Drake off and on since 2011. Williams was also romantically linked to rapper Common, a few years ago, and the two have allegedly split amicably, since Common has spoken highly of her since the breakup. Drake was seen attending the U.S. Open several times in August of 2015, and there are pictures of the two being quite affectionate with one another. However, neither party has confirmed that they are in a relationship. It’s clear that both Serena and Drake are serious about their relationship (this time) and don’t want the media meddling in their personal affairs, but the entertainment blogs and websites just aren’t getting the message.



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