12 Celebs You Didn't Know Had Breast Implants

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye, so it’s understandable that they likely have a higher rate of plastic surgeries than the normal individual. It’s kind of a lose-lose, in a sense – those who don’t go under the knife are sometimes critiqued for certain body parts, but those who opt to get a little plastic surgery are sometimes criticized for taking it too far. However, at the end of the day, it’s about doing what makes you feel good.

One of the most prevalent augmentations in the world of female celebrity plastic surgery is the breast implant. Let’s face it – every star wants to fill out those gorgeous red carpet gowns perfectly. While size zero fashion models often strut the runway with androgynous bodies, Hollywood starlets have come to embrace the curvy look – all over.

The motto is basically enhance what you’ve got, and if it’s what you really want, buy what you’re lacking. Yes, some celebrities take things way too far and balloon from an A cup to an E, F, or G cup (we’re looking at a certain blonde former The Hills star. You know who we mean). However, there are other celebrities who end up opting for tasteful breast implants that the public barely notices – until they do a side-by-side before and after shot.

Here are 12 celebrities you may not know had breast implants.

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12 Christina Aguilera

This one is a bit contentious, as Aguilera has never actually confirmed that she’s had breast implants. There are several factors that come into play in her case. First of all, when she got her start as a teenage pop princess, her flat chest might have had something to do with her being so young. She’s been several sizes throughout her career, and weight gain can also affect breast size. However, the endless speculation likely points to the idea that where there’s smoke there’s fire. There’s even been images captured of alleged breast implant scars near her armpits. Her body has definitely evolved over the course of her career, going from a boyish figure to curves for days. Perhaps one day she’ll write a tell-all about what’s real and what’s surgically enhanced.

11 Jaime Pressly

For a long time, Jaime Pressly was known for her wide smile, blonde locks, and flat-as-a-board chest. She’s definitely slim, and her relatively small cup size totally worked on her. However, apparently she wanted to get a little extra oomph up top, and a source told Us Magazine that Pressly had gotten implants put in. Her manager had no comment for the claim, something that was also surprising – usually they’re ultra-quick to clarify that something is false when it is. Pressly apparently opted for tasteful implants that take her from perhaps A to C, and in doing so, managed to avoid the ‘bolted on’ look that many ultra-slim celebs get when they choose implants that are far too large for their frame.

10 Kate Hudson

With her wavy California-girl hair and boho clothing, Kate Hudson has always had a style all her own – and was always a huge advocate for A-cups, seeing as she was very flat chested herself. She was outspoken about her smaller assets, even stating at the 2002 Golden Globes that “it’s nice to be able to wear a plunging neckline and have it be elegant.” However, according to a source who spoke to US Weekly, Kate’s cup size has always been a big insecurity, regardless of what she might say on the red carpet. One day she suddenly appeared to be sporting ever so slightly larger breasts, going from an A-cup to perhaps a modest B. Sure, push-up bras can do a lot to enhance even the smallest of assets, but Hudson’s increased bust size seems to hint at something more permanent.

9 Rosario Dawson

When an actress goes from an A cup in their teenage years to a C or D cup in adulthood, some of it may be thanks to puberty. However, when their cup size shoots up in their 30s? It’s usually either pregnancy or implants, and Dawson wasn’t pregnant when she stepped out onto the red carpet at the 98th Annual White House Correspondents dinner. Dr. Anthony Youn, a celebrity plastic surgeon, has stated that, in his opinion, Dawson has definitely gone under the knife to bump up her curves from a B to D cup. Dawson’s otherwise curvy frame meant the slightly larger cup size blended in seamlessly and looked totally natural – unless you compared the before and after shots.

8 Hayden Panettiere

Pint sized bombshell Hayden Panettiere is most known lately for her role as Juliette James on hit television show Nashville. Her character always looks flawless and Panettiere fills out the sparkly dresses and casual outfits that wardrobe puts her in flawlessly – but how much of it is natural? A few years ago, Panettiere was the subject of a lot of rumors as her breasts seemed to increase in size – even in bikini shots, where it’s often harder to explain things away by push-ups and carefully taped garments, as on the red carpet. The clincher came when she appeared to have a bit of rippling on one of her breasts, something seen in individuals with breast implants.

7 Nicole Richie

6 Sarah Jessica Parker

While many celebrities are very hush-hush about their breast implants, denying them even when it’s painfully, blatantly obvious, Sarah Jessica Parker makes no apologies and no excuses. According to Parker, “When you’re born with absolutely nothing, you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about breast augmentation.” She rocked countless high fashion looks during her stint as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City and they looked great on her tiny bust. However, she treated herself to an upgrade and looks just as fabulous as ever. As a busy, successful working mom, she’s entitled to make whatever little changes she wants.

5 Kaley Cuoco

While you may know about Cuoco’s implants if you’re addicted to reading celebrity gossip, as she was quite outspoken about them in interviews last year, it likely comes as a surprise to many. Cuoco, who shot into superstardom as Penny on hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, got her start as a teenage actress on 8 Simple Rules. When she emerged in another sitcom looking a lot curvier, many thought it may have just been puberty, as she was still hovering around 18 when she was much flatter chested. However, she had since admitted to getting implants at 18. Rather than sharing she regrets them, as many starlets who get implants at a young age seem to, she’s ultra positive about her choice. “It really was the best thing ever!” Cuoco told Redbook. “I always felt ill-proportioned. My implants made me feel more confident in my body.”

4 Kelly Rowland

3 Miley Cyrus

2 Iggy Azalea

Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea is known for her ample assets below the belt – her curvy derriere rivals J.Lo’s famous rear. However, she’s always been a bit smaller up top – until now. In a recent interview with Vogue, she dished on a recent change she had made. According to Azalea, “I did change something: four months ago, I got bigger boobs.” She cited issues such as being fed up with having padding sewn into her costumes all the time, and mentioned it was something she’d contemplated her entire life. With her ultra-curvy rear, she could have balanced out D-cups, but she opted instead for a modest increase that looks great.

1 Nicole Kidman

Gorgeous red-headed starlet Nicole Kidman seems to have her lips sealed all the time. Unlike celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence, who are spilling every thought that pops into their heads, Kidman answers questions when asked but isn’t one to babble. When it comes to her bumped up breast size, however, it’s so obvious that it almost doesn’t need to be confirmed. Kidman was always known for her slim physique and fairly small breasts – she had an elegant look rather than a super-sexy one. However, she’s recently stepped out onto the red carpets nearly busting out of her designer gowns and causing many to speculate that she must have gone for a cup upgrade.

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