12 Celebs You Didn't Know Dated Adult Stars

Everyone in the world has ideas of their “dream girls” or “dream guys” and these dream people are sometimes adult stars. Well, celebrities are no exception. However, in comparison it is much easier for a celeb to get their ultimate dream girl or guy opposed to an everyday Joe. Many celebrities that we have grown to know and love act on their fantasies of dating a mysterious and sexy significant other by venturing off into the adult star pool. Contrary to the popular belief, celebs don't only go for the “good girls” or the “good guys” when dating in order to add a calm balance to their lives. Some celebs actually like the rock star vibe in their personal lives as well. A large amount of athletes, singers and Hollywood favorites prefer to take a little walk on the wild side when it comes to who they date no matter what anyone thinks. Although, a good majority of people frown upon anything other than a “girl or boy next door” type when considering dating. The influence of the world’s favorite celebs to do what makes you happy no matter what people think has encouraged a lot of other celebs to come out about their adult star significant others, or exes. Here is our list of the top 12 celebs you didn’t know dated adult stars.


12 Jennifer Capriati

For anyone who thought that only men are attracted to people in the adult industry, you are sadly mistaken. Usually, most women who choose to date an adult star keep it so tight under wraps that they generally break up before the public notices. However, in this case Jennifer Capriati dated adult male star Dale DaBone, from 2003 – 2009 and the two were quite an item. The couple did nothing to hide their relationship, in fact Jennifer went through a very rough time after the couple's breakup in 2009. Jennifer has since bounced back from the breakup and has not dated any adult stars since her and Dale’s break up.

11 Barry Bonds


This next celeb who had a fondness for adult stars is a legend in sports, Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds began a relationship with adult star Devon Shire. The two were a couple prior to Barry Bonds' fame in baseball. In fact, Devon Shire and Barry Bonds had an “on again, off again” relationship for several years, even after Barry Bonds married another woman. In 1994, Barry Bonds was said by Devon Shire to be the father of her unborn child. News of this and other issues led to Barry Bonds and his wife separating shortly after this time. Barry Bonds and Devon Shire never became an item again, however.

10 Tiger Woods

In 2009, this next celebrity held a pretty strong position in everyone’s daily news. The famous and talented golfer has definitely had his experience with women in the adult entertainment industry. Tiger Woods actually was confirmed to have connections with several women in the adult entertainment industry, however the one young lady that was most memorable was Joslyn James. Joslyn decided to expose everything that proved Tiger Woods' communication and interaction with her including text messages and even revealing a hidden pregnancy. Needless to say, this public exposure of their relationship put Tiger in the middle of extreme marital issues.

9 Chuck Liddell


Next on our list of celebs who you didn’t know dated an adult star is Chuck Liddell. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion and practically the face of UFC dated adult star Jayden James, for three years. The couple was spotted by paparazzi on several occasions but denied any serious involvement with each other in any press releases, blogs, or interviews. However, within that three year period judging by the amount of photos that were taken of the two, they were practically inseparable! Also, the smiles that both of them wore on a consistent basis, definitely proved love and happiness. The couple have not spoken on their relationship since the breakup and no other photos have surfaced of the two together once they made the decision to move on.

8 Tito Ortiz

Another major figure in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry is Tito Ortiz. Tito also has a fondness for women in the entertainment industry. For seven years Tito Ortiz dated one of the most recognized names in the adult entertainment industry, Jenna Jameson. Tito Ortiz definitely has a strong persona and track record to back his statuesque build, and dating someone like Jenna Jameson, a man would definitely need to have all those things to feel secure. The couple led a pretty private life together until issues with domestic violence arose and led to an abrupt breakup. Jenna Jameson has since moved on happily and Tito Ortiz has been more focused on his training and career.

7 Dwight Howard


This next celeb on our list is a Houston Rockets center, Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard has an eye for women in dance and entertainment, so it is no surprise that he would be infatuated with the beautiful Mary Carey. Dwight Howard was very adamant about having Mary Carey on his arm as his lady that he went through great lengths to prove his interest in her and determination to have her. In 2006, Dwight Howard invited himself to Mary Carey’s boyfriend’s house at the time in attempt to win her over and make her his lady. As unorthodox as that may sound for a man who can probably have any woman that he wants, when a man wants something he pursues it. Unfortunately, these two did not make it to couple status. A few interactions was all Dwight was able to get from his persistence unfortunately, but that never stopped him from adoring her.

6 Charlie Sheen

When it comes to this next celeb, he also is definitely no stranger to the adult entertainment industry. Charlie Sheen has a laundry list of adult stars that he has dated. Actually, that is quite openly his preference when it comes to women. Among the list of adult stars that Charlie Sheen has dated are: Cathy Berry, Heather Hunter, Tabitha Stevens, Dominique Simone and Capri Anderson, just to name a few. Charlie Sheen has been known for hosting a plethora of women in his Beverly Hills mansion, which led to most of the adult stars that he spent one on one time with and actually dated.


5 Drew Carey


This next unsuspecting celeb who dated an adult star is Drew Carey. Drew Carey met Niki Skyler on an internet web cam site and was smitten, or at least visually attracted. Drew Carey remained in contact with Niki Skyler after their initial webcam interaction until the internet interaction led to trips to visit Drew, which later turned into a serious relationship. Niki Skyler still works in the industry and Drew Carey never had an issue with her continuing her webcam shows and maintaining her career in the adult industry. Drew Carey was somewhat of her prince charming who just wanted to share a life together despite the way they met, which makes their connection such a beautiful thing.

4 Pauly Shore

Not many stories of love have this amount of emotion attached. Actor and funny guy Pauly Shore fell in love with adult star Savannah, and they monogamously dated for two years. Unfortunately, Savannah committed suicide and devastated Pauly Shore. The way that he spoke of her personality and the way he made her feel shows that they were truly in love prior to their relationship ending and her untimely death. Pauly Shore rarely speaks on his emotions for her now, but raves about the amazing attributes Savannah had. The party persona that Pauly Shore gives off in movies is far from his relaxed demeanor in terms of relationships. Also, he never references Savannah by what she did for a living, but only speaks of the things that she brought to his life while they were together.

3 Alfonso Ribeiro

We remember Alfonso Ribeiro from the hit television show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He was nerdy and corny with a demeanor that would not lead you to believe he had any attraction to a woman somewhat on the wild side off camera. However, what most people do not know is surprising. Alfonso Ribeiro had a strong attraction to adult entertainment star Ashlynn Brooke. Alfonso and Ashlynn’s time as a couple did not last very long, however they did end on amicable terms. Alfonso has not dated any other adult star since Ashlynn and has also married Angela Unkrich.

2 Kid Rock

The super popular and sexy Kid Rock has dated, married, and divorced a couple of women in the adult entertainment industry. Also, similar to most of the celebs on our list, he makes no apologies for his preference in women. We all know that Kid Rock is a rock star from the hats he wears, to his hair, to his aura when he enters a room or stage when he performs. Therefore, women with an eye for those type of men flock to him. Kid Rock has dated adult stars Amy Brooke and Midori. Following those relationships, he married Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson.

1 Drake


The number one celebrity who you didn’t know dated an adult star is Young Money/Cash Money multi-platinum selling rapper, Drake. Drake went from humble beginnings in Toronto, to a role in a hit show called Degrassi, to becoming an ultra famous rapper. With all of that under his belt before the age of thirty, he brags about his frequent visits to strip clubs and frequent interaction with exotic dancers. Drake is known to have been in a relationship with Atlanta based exotic dancer Maliah Michel. Drake made songs referencing her and other exotic dancers on several occasions and will admit his infatuation for dancers.


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