12 Celebs With Anonymous Husbands And Wives

Most people can spot a celebrity from a mile away. Some fans of stars, such as Justin Bieber, even have social media accounts dedicated to track each and every move of the recognizable individual. Plu

Most people can spot a celebrity from a mile away. Some fans of stars, such as Justin Bieber, even have social media accounts dedicated to track each and every move of the recognizable individual. Plus, with cell phones having the capability to record videos and take pictures, even a B-actor is able to achieve fame as people use media to showcase them on the internet.

Generally, partners of celebrities aren't well-known by the public. There are definitely exceptions to this such as Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan, or Jay Z and wife Beyonce Knowles. However, there are many stars in a marriage with someone who lives a life outside of mainstream media. The following is a list of 12 celebrities with husbands and wives you didn't know about.

12 Tom Selleck's Wife - Jillie Mack

Tom Selleck is an actor most known for his starring role in the hit television series Magnum P.I. in which he plays a private investigator. During that time he married his current wife Jillie Mack in 1987. They met shortly after he was divorced from his first wife of 10 years, Jacquelyn Ray. Tom was in London filming a movie and kept talking about a musical called Cats. Turns out, one of the dancers was a beautiful 29-year-old named Jillie Mack. They went out to dinner and after her contract ended, she went to the United States. Jillie has been at Tom's side at events such as the Emmys, and the unveiling of his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

The couple often says the secret to their marriage is giving each other breathing room, and being able to discuss things in a mature manner while making sure to always laugh. Tom said about his wife in an interview: “Jillie has a great sense of humor, so our talks often end with both of us laughing, and as they always say, laughter is the best medicine.”

11 Meryl Streep's Husband - Don Gummer

Meryl Streep is known to most as being one of the greatest actresses of our time with 18 Oscar nominations and 3 that she owns. Thankfully, her husband and sculptor Don Gummer is her biggest fan. They have been married since 1978 and Don is usually right by Meryl's side at events or on the red carpet. It's apparent that their connection and marriage is solid as she mentioned her husband during a speech after winning the Oscar for best actress in Iron Lady: "First I'm going to thank Don because when you thank your husband at the end of the speech they play him out with the music, and I want him to know that everything I value most in our lives you've given me."

Meryl and Don met after John Cazale, her partner, died of bone cancer. After moving into a vacant apartment owned by her now husband, she ended up staying when he returned from traveling abroad. Within six months the two were married and they now have four kids: one son and three daughters. As they soar past 36 years as husband and wife, the acclaimed actress definitely has one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood.

10 Billy Crystal's Wife - Janice Crystal

Billy Crystal met his now wife Janice while in college at New York University. He was studying film and television, and they instantly formed a connection. Billy and Janice got married in 1970. Soon after, the comedian decided to leave the comedy group he was a part of to be a stand-up comedian. His wife was working at a local college and Billy stayed home to take care of their first child, Jennifer. During interviews, he often mentions how he loved being "Mr. Mom" and spending time with his daughter. Billy and Janice had a second daughter in 1977 named Lindsey.

The pair have been married for 44 years. Their daughters are grown up and have kids of their own. Billy and Janice are active grandparents who often attend Los Angeles Clippers games since that is the comedian's favorite NBA team. Earlier this year, the two were seen kissing at a game and also laughing. They definitely know how to have fun together!

9 Denzel Washington's Wife - Pauletta Pearson 

Pauletta Pearson, actor Denzel Washington's wife, told Access Hollywood that it took three proposals for her to finally say "yes" to marrying him. They met in 1977 on the set of Denzel's first job ever, a television film called Wilma. After five years together, they married in 1983 and now have four children. During an interview with Ebony magazine, Pauletta went into the key to their marriage: "He has and knows he has that stability in me as his wife. That gives him strength, regardless of if he misuses it. I can't dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly." They have now been married for 28 years, and renewed their wedding vows in 1995 in South Africa.

8 Christopher Walken's Wife - Georgianne Thon

Georgianne is known for her work as a successful casting director on the hit HBO series The Sopranos. She met actor Christopher Walken while they were touring with West Side Story. Georgianne expressed what it was like meeting Christopher during an interview: "When you met him, you knew he had this future. He was good and was gonna be better. It was a very compelling idea. And I had never met anybody like that in my life."

In 1969, they married and have no children after 45 years. Georgianne has even worked with her husband on projects such as the movie Brainstorm. She has also been nominated for numerous awards and won an Emmy for Outstanding Casting for a Series in 1999. They live in Connecticut where they spend most of their time at home when they both aren't working.

7 Viola Davis's Husband - Julius Tennon

How to Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis prayed for a husband and found him several weeks later. She told The New York Post that she was "the loneliest woman in the world" at one point in her life in the early 2000s. When she prayed for a partner she asked for a physically strong man from the South who was also emotionally available. Viola worked with actor and ex-football player Julius Tennon on a television show called City of Angels. He eventually took the two-time Oscar nominee to church for their first date and swept Viola off her feet. They married in 2003 and adopted a child named Genesis in 2011. They have a production company together and also collaborate on projects. Julius expressed to Us magazine about Viola: "She's the sweetest woman. It's so great to see her be all of who she is. That's what I love about her."

6 Mark Wahlberg's Wife - Rhea Durham 

Actor Mark Wahlberg and fashion model Rhea Durham have four kids together. They started dating in 2001 where their first date was going to a church service. The pair met through a mutual friend in New York. Mark asked her if she wanted to hang out and she agreed to join him at church. Although she was raised a Christian, Rhea is now a Catholic like her husband. In 2009, The Entourage star tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend. They waited so long to get married because, as Mark said in an interview: "I'm just dead-set against divorce, so I just want to make sure we're at the right place before we take that step." You can often see the Wahlberg clan together during events, such as at the premiere for the film Transformers: Age of Extinction.

5 Tina Fey's Husband - Jeff Richmond

30 Rock creator and seven-time Emmy award winner Tina Fey began dating composer Jeff Richmond in 1995. They met when they were both members of the comedy group Second City, which is based in Chicago. Jeff was directing at the time while Tina was studying with comedians such as Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. Tina and Jeff started to work on a project together relating to children, although Tina knew he didn't really need any help; it was his way of getting to know her. His strategy worked and they eventually went on a date. After being in a relationship for seven years, the couple decided to marry in 2001. Jeff proposed to Tina while they were on vacation in Lake Michigan. They now have two daughters together named Alice and Penelope.

4 Robert De Niro's Wife - Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower met Robert De Niro while working as a hostess at Mr. Chow restaurant in 1987. He kept asking her questions about the tables, the menu, and more. Grace was annoyed and didn't recognize him until a co-worker pointed out the highly acclaimed actor. Ten years later the couple married, but Grace filed for divorce only two years after. It was a chaotic split that continued for a couple of years until the couple finally reconciled. Luckily, the divorce was never finalized and they got back together. In 2004, they renewed their wedding vows in front of a group of A-list celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Tom Brokaw. They have a son named Elliot and a daughter named Helen Grace and currently split their time between upstate New York and Manhattan.

3 Ray Romano's Wife - Anna Scarpulla

Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romano performed in a comedy troupe while studying at Hillcrest High. Eight years after graduating, he started working at a bank in Queens and met co-worker Anna Scarpulla in 1983. He was known for always telling jokes and keeping everyone laughing in the bank. They married in 1987 when he decided to pursue standup full-time. In 2010 Anna discovered a lump on her right breast and found out she had invasive breast cancer. She was able to beat it with the support of Ray and the rest of her family. They have four kids together.

2 Christina Hendricks' Husband - Geoffrey Arend

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks told her current husband Geoffrey Arend that she wanted to start a family with him on their first date. They met in 2007 after actor Vincent Kartheiser introduced the two of them. Christina told Cosmopolitan magazine what it was like seeing him for the first time: "Geoffrey walked in and I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’ He had amazing hair and was all disheveled - he was running late and everyone was waiting for him. He just came in with this very high energy." They ended up dating and she said "I love you" first. However, he was the one to propose after they dated for a couple of months. In 2009, they got married at Il Buco restaurant in New York City.

1 Pierce Brosnan's Wife -  Keely Shaye Smith

Actor Pierce Brosnan met Keely Shaye in 1994 after he lost his first wife to ovarian cancer. She was interviewing him at a charity benefit for Entertainment Tonight. They dated for years and finally married in 2001 at Ballintubber Abbey in Ireland after postponing the date three times. It took so long for them to tie the knot due to Pierce's intense schedule, his son's car accident, and Keely's second pregnancy. The 60-year-old 007 star always said he wouldn't remarry but Keely changed his mind. The pair has two kids and they often work together to fight important issues. Pierce said the following about his wife: "I love her vitality, her passion. She has this strength that I wouldn't be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak."

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12 Celebs With Anonymous Husbands And Wives