12 Celebs Whose Lives Were Completely Ruined After Reality TV

Reality television seems to be the “in” thing these days in Hollywood. Celebrities who are looking to revive or maintain their careers, as well as Hollywood hopefuls who are hoping to become famous, are now part of reality show casts.

Even though there have been studies to show that watching reality TV can be bad for your mental and emotional health, millions of people tune in each night to watch the reality show of their choice. Whether you’re into rich, entitled families with relationship issues, wild party girls who don’t take life seriously, pageant girls and their overbearing mothers, or celebrities who are adventurous enough to spend time in the wilderness, there’s a reality show out there for everyone.

Some people have done well after reality TV. They’ve used the platform to solidify their brands and become actual celebrities. However, some people started to become delusional after appearing on a reality show. They didn’t know how to deal with the fleeting fame, took their “celebrity status” too far, or allowed other family issues to take over until they were too overwhelmed to truly focus on their careers. Some would say that appearing on reality television isn’t for everyone, since some people aren’t able to handle the scrutiny that comes with fame. Want to know what happened to some of the reality stars you used to watch regularly? Here are 12 celebs who lives were completely destroyed after reality TV.

12 Karlie Redd

11 Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

10 Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson

9 Kelly Price

8 Apollo Nida

7 Lindsay Lohan

6 Paris Hilton

5 Omarosa Manigault

4 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

3 Heidi Montag

2 Kanye West

1 Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is another example of what can happen when a man does too much keeping up with the Kardashians. Odom and Khloe got married a few years ago, and it seemed like things were great. The two had a reality show spin-off and were making business moves. However, Odom’s drug addiction started to take over again, and serious marital problems followed. Khloe and Lamar were set to get a divorce, until Odom was found unconscious at a love ranch in Nevada. Khloe decided to call off the divorce to nurse her husband back to health, but insists that they are just friends, although she cares for him a great deal. Odom also lost his NBA standing after his marriage to Khloe, and started playing basketball in Spain. Some say Kris Jenner required Odom to appear on reality show episodes even when he didn’t want to, and tries to control his career. For Lamar’s sake, we hope he gets better soon (in every way).


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12 Celebs Whose Lives Were Completely Ruined After Reality TV