12 Celebs Who Were The Biggest Disappointments In 2015

While being a celebrity can be pretty great most of the time, there are instances in which stars can disappoint their fans significantly. There are also times in which celebrities are disappointed in themselves after accepting a movie or television role or releasing an album that doesn’t go over well.

These disappointments can be pretty devastating for some stars, since there is immense pressure in Hollywood to be perfect at all times. Aside from choosing some unsuccessful projects to participate in, some celebrities find themselves involved in scandals that can negatively change their lives and careers. It’s true that we all make mistakes in life. However, these mistakes are often magnified when celebrities make them, because the story is plastered over several forms of media for an indefinite period of time.

Now that 2015 is just a few months from being over, enough of the year has gone by to see that the year has been nothing short of interesting. Stars have been involved in scandals of varying degrees, and there have been some instances in which we were thoroughly disappointed by their behavior. Here are just 12 of the biggest examples from 2015.

12 Scott Disick

When Scott Disick was caught getting a little too cozy with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli on a yacht, it didn’t go over so well with his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian. Kardashian and Disick had been together for nearly a decade, have three children together, and have endured a number of hardships throughout their relationship. Apparently, Scott’s yacht tryst with Bartoli was that last straw for Kourtney, because she broke up with him soon after the scandalous pictures were released. Soon after the breakup, Disick went to rehab for a short time, as the request of his family and friends. Perhaps learning how to overcome his alcohol addiction will keep Scott out of trouble in the future.

11 Ariana Grande

The former Nickelodeon star and singer got into some hot water earlier this year when she and a friend visited a California bakery. They were apparently licking doughnuts while whispering “I hate America.” A few adjectives come to mind concerning this situation, but “weird” and “gross” are definitely two of them. Of course, Grande’s fans (and some people who aren’t fans of hers) had a lot of critical things to say about the fact that she said she hated America. Of course, licking baked goods that are for retail sale when you haven’t purchased said baked goods is also not a good idea. Grande was able to avoid the legal consequences of her actions, and released several apologies via social media.

10 Kim Richards

9 Robin Thicke and Pharrell


8 Britt McHenry


Britt McHenry, who is a sportscaster for ESPN, was suspended after a video was released of her speaking pretty harshly to a towing company clerk. Of course, the clip went viral, and McHenry was heard saying some pretty rude things to the clerk, including “lose some weight, baby girl.” McHenry also asked the clerk, “maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?” The reporter, who is 28, later released a statement on Twitter to apologize for her insensitive rant. She stated that “in an intense and stressful moment” she let her emotions take over, which led her to say some hurtful things that she regrets.

7 Guiliana Rancic

In February 2015, Guiliana Rancic put her foot in her mouth. She made the assumption that Disney star Zendaya Coleman, possibly smells of “patchouli and weed” simply because Zendaya was wearing faux dreadlocks. Of course, she got a lot of negative feedback from Fashion Police viewers, as well as Zendaya fans. Rancic’s comments led many to believe that she was racist, and she definitely disappointed a number of her fans. Many people found it hard to believe that Guiliana could be so reckless when she endured so much criticism for losing a tremendous amount of weight as a result of her cancer treatment.

6 Brian Williams

In February 2015, veteran reporter and journalist Brian Williams, lost a lot of credibility with his audience. Williams stated that he was shot at while in a helicopter during the Iraq War. Then, a man who was actually at the scene revealed it was his helicopter, not Williams’ that was attacked. After this, a number of other inconsistencies with Williams’ story were revealed. This led to his six-month suspension from NBC, and reporter Lester Holt took his place. Williams had previously been the anchor and managing editor for NBC Nightly News for 10 years.

5 Josh Duggar


In May 2015, Josh Duggar, part of the huge Duggar family of 19 Kids And Counting fame, fell from grace in a huge way. Josh is the oldest of the Duggar children, and was forced to respond after documents surfaced that revealed he’d molested children in the past. Some of the victims were even his younger sisters. Later, it was revealed that Duggar had an account on the Ashley Madison website, which was created for people to cheat on their spouses. These shocking revelations led TLC to cancel 19 Kids And Counting, and to stop airing all reruns from the network.

4 Donald Trump

So, Donald Trump has decided that he wants to run for president. He started his campaign on a pretty terrible note when he gave a speech and discussed Mexican immigrants. Trump stated that when Mexicans send their natives over to the U.S., they weren’t “sending their best.” He also said that Mexicans were bringing drugs and crime into the United States. As a result, Trump’s business relationships with Univision and NBC were severed. Politicians like Jeb Bush, denounced Trump and his ideals, and singer Ricky Martin also spoke out about Donald’s comments. Trump’s Miss USA Pageant was also cancelled, and Dancing With The Stars alum Cheryl Burke, who was supposed to host the project, backed out before the cancellation was final.

3 Tom Brady


2 Rachel Dolezal


In June 2015, Rachel Dolezal went from being a respected NAACP leader in Washington, to the center of public scandal. Dolezal’s background information was revealed to the media, and the details included the fact that she wasn’t really African American. She was born to White parents, and even pretended that a Black man was her father as she gave speeches to NAACP groups. Rachel continued to state that she identified as a Black woman during interviews, which continued to enrage the public. Her brother even confirmed that she posed as a Black woman in order to receive scholarship money for college.

1 Bill Cosby

In the fall of 2014, Bill Cosby disappointed millions of fans who saw him as America’s favorite TV dad. This scandal continued into 2015, when dozens of women came forward to reveal that Cosby sexually assaulted them. The comedian and actor definitely made matters worse when he tried to defend himself. While millions of “everyday people” were disheartened by Bill Cosby’s confession, a number of celebrities were saddened by this revelation as well. For instance, Jill Scott stated that she regretted initially supporting him, and actor Joseph C. Phillips, who worked with Cosby on The Cosby Show, admitted that this terrible behavior had been going on for quite some time.

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