12 Celebs Who Shouldn't Feel Proud Of Their Bodies

Hollywood celebrities are constantly under the harsh spotlight and under enormous pressure. Fans sometimes expect perfection out of their favorite stars. Celebs are expected to always look beautiful, always be charming and always look sexy. Some will do their absolute best to look amazing and have a great public image. However, that’s not the case for all celebrities. Some are proud of their bodies and love to show it off, even if it shouldn't be. It must be difficult for them to know that somebody is around the corner with a camera waiting to take their picture. For the most part, they have no privacy, so it’s no surprise that they don’t care what people think about them and their bodies. In some cases, they stop taking care of their body, had botched plastic surgery or they never cared in the first place. On the one hand, nobody in the media has any right to criticize the looks of another person. But on the other hand, did nobody tell them that their bathing suit doesn't fit them properly?

Perhaps, these celebs that love to strut around with their less then stellar bodies should be an inspiration for others. They’re brave, courageous and put themselves out there. That or they just don’t realize they need to hit the gym. Here is a look at 12 celebs who shouldn't feel proud of their body.


12 Rod Stewart

At a very young age, most boys are told the same thing. If you want to get lots of women, become a rock star. Rod Stewart has proven, if you want to lose those women, don’t take care of your body, don’t wear a shirt and DO wear a banana hammock. Rod Stewart is one of the best selling artists of all time. He has released several very successful albums. He’s also had chart topping singles with, “Maggie May”, “Hot Legs” and “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” among others. However, the once hot rocker is not immortal and age has certainly taken its toll on him. He often flaunts his less then stellar body. Now he sings, “Do You Think My Man Boobs Are Sexy?”

11 Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson is a reality star and former supermodel. She rose to fame as a model in the 70’s. She claims to be the very first supermodel but that has been disputed by several sources. She appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Playboy. She also appeared in ads for Revlon, Alberto and Max Factor. She was also a judge on the reality series, America’s Next Top Model. Like many supermodels, she has a very skinny body but she might actually be a bit too skinny. She doesn't seemingly mind though, and flaunts her skinny body despite any criticism she gets.

10 Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau is a director and actor. He’s best known for his roles in such films as Rudy, Swingers and Made. He also had a recurring role on the third season of the hit sitcom, Friends. He’s directed a number of very successful films, such as Elf, Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He is ranked amongst the top directors in Hollywood. In his early days, he was much bigger but later lost most of the weight. Sometimes he looks in great shape, but other times he looks like the replacement for Santa Clause. Regardless, he doesn't seem to care what people think of him, and that's probably because he’s got more money than Santa Clause.

9 Kesha

Kesha is a singer who has achieved International fame. In addition to singing, she is also a rapper and songwriter. She has released several highly successful albums. She’s best known for her hit singles: “Tik Tok”, “We R Who We R” and “Die Young”. She has also written for several other artists, including Britney Spears. She has struggled with an eating disorder and was in rehab for her disorder not long ago. She has struggled with body image and has admitted to feeling insecure about her body. Perhaps, that is why she so freely flaunts her body now. She feels proud of her body, even if she gets some hate and that certainly doesn't keep her from enjoying herself at the beach.

8 Jack Nicholson

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that most people around the world know who Jack Nicholson is. He’s one of the biggest and most recognizable celebrities of all time. He’s appeared in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as Easy Rider, Chinatown, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Shining, Batman, As Good As It Gets, A Few Good Men and The Departed. He’s been nominated 12 times for an Academy Award, which makes him the most male nominated in history. He has won three Academy Awards. With all those credentials, it's no surprise that Jack can care less about how he looks these days. Even if does resemble a raisin. If Jack wants to let himself go and flaunt his less then stellar body, nobody is going to stop him.

7 Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a musician and actress. She was the lead singer of the band Hole and had a successful solo career, as well. She has also appeared in several films, such as The People VS Larry Flynt, Man On The Moon and Trapped. She also was in a highly publicized relationship with Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain. Courtney has never seemed to care about what people have thought about her. She’s always done what she wants to do regardless of the controversy it brings her.

6 Clint Eastwood

At one time, Clint Eastwood was the definition of what a “real man” should act, talk and look like. He was the ultimate tough guy chiseled out of stone, with his beautiful blue eyes and commanding voice. However nothing lasts forever, but nobody has told Clint Eastwood that. Clint Eastwood is best known for his iconic roles as 'the man with no name' from the Dollars Trilogy and has Harry Callahan from The Dirty Harry Franchise. He’s also directed several highly successful films, including Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby and American Sniper. Now in his 80’s, Eastwood has let his body go but who can blame the guy? He is now the definition of an old man who is probably still tougher than most people. Regardless, Clint Eastwood doesn't care what anyone thinks. He remains one of the most iconic and legendary celebrities of all time.


5 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is ranked amongst the greatest actors alive. He has starred in a number of critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as This Boys Life, The Basketball Diaries, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, The Aviator, Gangs Of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street. He has worked with some of the greatest directors of all time, including Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan. Recently, Leo has seemingly sort of let himself go. He’s been seen strutting around the beach with his less than perfect body. He’s grown a beard and belly. Maybe he’s had so much success in his life that he realizes he no longer needs to worry about his looks. However, it’s possible that he’s just preparing for a role; maybe he’s going to play Seth Rogen in a biopic.

4 Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an actress, who is best known for her roles in films such as The Big Lebowski, Urban Legend and The American Pie films. She’s also appeared on TV shows including, Saved By The Bell: The New Class, Scrubs and The British Celebrity Big Brother. It’s been proven that beauty doesn't last forever, but celebrities still try to freeze time…and every part of their bodies. Tara Reid had plastic surgery that went (very) wrong. In an interview with US Weekly, she claims that she had the surgery because she wanted a six-pack and felt her breasts were not even. However, the surgery resulted in deformity and she’s had surgeries in an attempt to solve the issue. Despite that, she proudly wears a bikini and flaunts her body.

3 Seth Rogen

The body of a Greek God, chiseled out of stone and pure perfection. These are all phrases never used to describe Seth Rogen’s body. After a very successful stand up comedy career, Seth Rogen had a role on the cult classic TV series, Freaks and Geeks. Later, he would work as a staff writer on Da Ali G Show. He had his big breakthrough and received praise with his role in The 40 Year Old Virgin. He’s starred in films, such as Knocked Up, 50/50 and Neighbors. He’s co-wrote several movies with Evan Goldberg, including Superbad, This Is The End and Pineapple Express. Seth Rogen is often photographed flaunting his less than perfect body. He certainly does not seem care what people think because regardless of his body shape, he’s one of the top actors in Hollywood.

2 LeAnn Rimes


LeAnn Rimes is a country singer who rose to fame as a teenager in the late 90’s. She has released several albums, such as Blue, You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs and Twisted Angel. She has won 2 Grammy Awards and 12 Billboard Music Awards. She is often compared to country icon Pasty Cline. Recently, LeAnn Rimes has been at the center of controversy following an affair with actor and now husband, Eddie Cibrian. She is also the skinniest person alive…okay, maybe that’s over exaggerating…well, maybe not. There is such a thing as too skinny and LeAnn Rimes has found it. Apparently, she could care less what people think and can be found strutting around in a bikini at the beach.

1 Adam Sandler

They say that a funny person is usually overcompensating for lack of looks. If you've ever seen Adam Sandler without a shirt, you know he’s hilarious. Adam Sandler is a comedian, actor and writer. He had his big breakthrough as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. He has appeared in several highly successful films, including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, The Longest Yard and Punch-Drunk Love. He’s never had the body of a Greek God and has never tried to convince the public otherwise. He’s obliviously proud of his big gut and will often put it on display.



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