12 Celebs Who Should Become Bikini Models

Louis Reard, a French engineer, introduced the modern day two-piece bikini to the world on July 5th, 1946. The first model to wear the two-piece bikini was Micheline Bernardini. The bikini was very controversial when first introduced and was actually banned in most parts of the world. It has gone on to become accepted in the Western Culture. Hollywood celebrities also played an important role in helping the bikini gain acceptance. In 1953, actress Brigitte Bardot turned many heads when she was photographed on the beach in a sexy bikini during the Cannas Film Festival. In 1962, Ursula Andress emerged from the water in a white bikini in the film, James Bond Dr. No. This scene is widely regarded as one of the most iconic scenes in fashion and film history. Many of these early celebs, such as Raquel Welch and Annette Funicello, could have certainly made millions as bikini models.

Nowadays, it’s much more common to see stunning and beautiful celebrities flaunting their bodies in a sexy bikini. Many of the top actresses, singers and reality TV stars participate in modeling and photoshoots. However, the claim to fame of the celebrities listed below wasn’t being a breathtaking model or appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. They are successful and very talented actresses, singers and MMA fighters. If they wanted to, they probably could make millions of dollars as bikini models. Sometimes they are photographed while enjoying a day at the beach or maybe they posted a sizzling picture on Instagram. They just have incredible bodies. Here is a look at 12 Hollywood celebrities who Should be bikini models.

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12 Margot Robbie


11 Katy Perry


10 Nina Dobrev


9 Kate Hudson


8 Selena Gomez


7 Natalie Portman


6 Jennifer Lawrence


5 Rihanna


4 Jennifer Lopez


3 Anna Kendrick


2 Ronda Rousey


1 Beyonce


Beyonce is one of the best selling artists of all time. She is widely regarded as a sex symbol and one of the most beautiful celebrities alive. Beyonce rose to fame as a member of the girl-group Destiny’s Child. She embarked on a highly successful solo career. She has released several critically and commercially acclaimed albums, such as Dangerously In Love, I am…Sasha Fierce and Beyoncé. She has won 20 Grammy Awards, and has also appeared in films such as Dreamgirls, Obsessed and Cadillac Records. People Magazine named her one of the Most Beautiful People. She’s done some modeling and has appeared in bikini shoots. Her H&M Bikini advertisement had everyone buzzing and talking about her sexy curves and toned body. Perhaps, Queen B should consider focusing on a career as a bikini model.

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