12 Celebs Who Sabotaged Their Partner's Career

It is one of the worst things in the world to watch a friend abandon life for a shitty relationship. You know what I'm talking about: that dude who no longer goes out for boys night because he is busy doing something lame at home with his girlfriend. Then there are people who are so involved in awful relationships that more than their social lives are affected. Sometimes, a relationship can be so bad that it ruins a person's career. And this is something that has happened to plenty of celebrities over the years. Not only is this terrible, but it is also an extremely public matter.

Sure, some stars have been able to bounce back from crippling romances, but there are others who will never be looked at the same way ever again. These are people whose partners have affected the perception of them both personally and professionally. It's sad to say that someone's spouse sabotaged the person's career, but there a lot of celebrities who have suffered this fate.

There are athletes who were on brutal losing streaks and the fans blamed a girlfriend for all the losses. There are high profile ladies who will be eternally polarizing for sticking by their adulterating husbands.  There are singers who became more known for their romantic trysts than for their actual music, forcing their careers to take a backseat. Then there are couples that were just so creepy and repulsive together that no one wants to look at them ever again, let alone hire them for any sort of project.

I hate to be a hater, but it's time to face the facts: these twelve celebs sabotaged their partner's careers.

12 Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo


11 Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton

10 Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

The relationship between Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie was beyond uncomfortable for anyone with a set of eyes. They were just so all over each other all the time. Every time they went anywhere it was a complete spectacle. They were just the grossest, most out there couple. People loved and respected them before because they are both such talented actors, but it really made them look bad to be in such a publicly tumultuous relationship especially when Billy Bob left his fiance Laura Dern to get with Angelina.

9 Future & Ciara


8 Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston

7 Yoko Ono & John Lennon


6 Tommy Mottola & Mariah Carey


5 Every Woman John Mayer Has Ever Dated


4 Kevin Federline & Britney Spears

3 Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

2 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

1 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

I personally feel like Kim and Kanye are unstoppable. No matter what people say about them, they will both always be relevant and they will always be successful in some way, but this is more about something that Kanye has voiced himself in regard to Kim's impact on his career: "But soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me."

He has also made other comments about how being with Kim changed the perception of people had towards him as a rapper and that he basically did not care about what anyone thought or how it impacts him because he loves her so much. Say what you want about Kanye West, but no one could ever question his devotion to his wife. Even when his own career is at stake, he does not care as long as he has her.

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12 Celebs Who Sabotaged Their Partner's Career