12 Celebs Who Ruined Their Career With Plastic Surgery

In Hollywood, the pressure to look perfect at every age is very real. There used to be a time when women were the only ones who felt this pressure in Hollywood. But these days, men are finding that their jobs could be in jeopardy if they don’t maintain their looks, too. That’s why a number of celebrities turn to plastic surgery, in hopes that they can still get steady work in an industry that is very unforgiving.

For some famous people, a nose job or fillers can do wonders for their look. However, there are some people in the industry who aren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, there are a few celebrities who try to repair the first or second plastic surgery blunders they’ve endured with more surgery. This only makes things worse. Now, instead of getting the roles they’ve been dreaming of, these celebrities are at the forefront of entertainment news for their plastic surgery mistakes. There are even some famous people who haven’t gotten any great roles since their surgeries, since Hollywood execs feel that featuring the star in a movie or TV show would result in a loss of money.

Clearly, plastic surgery isn’t always all that glamorous, no matter what the Kardashians would have you believe. Here are 12 celebs who actually ruined their careers by getting plastic surgery.

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12 Melanie Griffith


11 Farrah Abraham


If you’re a fan of the Teen Mom and 16 And Pregnant franchise on MTV, chances are you’re familiar with Farrah Abraham. She’s the bratty teen who turned into an entitled and annoying young adult while raising her daughter, Sophia. Farrah got a lot of criticism for the harsh way that she speaks to her parents (particularly her mother), and for constantly getting into arguments with MTV producers. She has also been looked down on for getting a series of plastic surgeries that have altered her looks significantly. Abraham likely got these surgeries in order to be more successful in the adult film industry. And of course, people have had a lot to say about that, too. Her plastic surgeries, along with her attitude, are likely the factors that have put a halt to her career.

10 Courtney Love


If you have any idea who Courtney Love is, you know that she has lots to regret in life. The Hole singer and widow of rocker Kurt Cobain, has had a long battle with drug and alcohol use. She’s also had a strained relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean. Love has admitted that she has changed her look significantly since she was the poster child for 90s Grunge. The got her lips injected and had a nose job, but now she says that she regrets it. Hopefully, she feels the same way about her past erratic behavior as well.

9 Vivica A. Fox


Actress Vivica A. Fox was pretty popular in the 1990s for movies like Set It Off and Two Can Play That Game. She got her start on the sitcom Out All Night, which also starred Patti LaBelle and Morris Chestnut (this was one of Chestnut’s first jobs, as well). She did some modeling early in her career, and was known for having a sweet, innocent look. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for her. She got a nose job, and isn’t opposed to getting some fillers every now and then. This likely has put a damper on her career, although she has appeared in movies since then and was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. She also has a line of wigs and synthetic hair. Obviously, things are thriving the way Fox would like, since she decided to get into a social media war with her ex 50 Cent, recently. But, as they say in Hollywood, all attention is good attention, right?

8 Donatella Versace


7 Heidi Montag


Remember when Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt, were on the MTV reality show The Hills? They were some of the most hated characters on the show, but they stayed together (they were dating on the show), and decided to get married. Recently, the Pratts appeared on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp, to air their dirty laundry in hopes that it would reignite their fame. Heidi also got a series of plastic surgeries a few years ago in order to get back in the spotlight. She got most of the surgeries in one day and nearly lost her life. Unfortunately, not even this helped to make the couple relevant celebrities again. In fact, they got even more criticism. Heidi was criticized for putting her life in danger, and Spencer was criticized for supporting and encouraging such a dangerous decision.

6 Mickey Rourke


5 Lara Flynn Boyle


Actress Lara Flynn Boyle has not publicly commented on her plastic surgery, but it’s obvious that she’s had some work done. She probably doesn’t want to talk about it because the procedures turned out so terribly. The surgery left Boyle’s face plump in all the wrong places. She also got reconstructive procedures, and she looks like a totally different person—but not in a good way. Boyle hasn’t really been in the spotlight all that much since her days on Twin Peaks. Unless she follows in Mickey Rourke’s footsteps and finds a doctor who can undo the damage, she probably won’t be getting new roles any time soon.

4 Meg Ryan


3 Caitlyn Jenner


2 Lil’ Kim


Rapper Lil’ Kim is known for her lyrics about independence and empowerment. However, it seems that she doesn’t listen to her songs much. The amount of plastic surgery that she’s had over the years proves that she doesn’t feel that great about herself. Lil’ Kim has had a breast lift, nose job, fillers, and a host of other procedures that make her look totally different. The rapper has taken a hit in her career, largely because of her looks. She was once known for being sexy, but many of her fans have turned on her. Hopefully, she’ll stop getting procedures and working on a more positive self image.

1 Jennifer Gray


Jennifer Gray is known for her movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and of course, Dirty Dancing. She had a bigger nose than many of the other actresses in the 1980s, but she was still beautiful. Gray decided to get a nose job in 1987, and this changed her look drastically. She’s still beautiful, but many people say that the plastic surgery is the reason why she hasn’t really worked in Hollywood ever since. At least she won her season of Dancing With The Stars, which helped to put her back in the spotlight for a while. However, we’re not sure we’ll see her in any movies any time soon.

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