12 Celebs Who Really Need A Break From Hollywood

Television and music are two main sources to reach large audiences all over the world. This is no secret, of course. So, aside from that being a fact, these two platforms are what helps get the most attention from people around the world. Also, it can become routine for television watchers and music lovers to follow Hollywood’s favorite actresses and musicians lives and careers. However, just like people over do things in a normal, non-Hollywood life, at times celebrities over do things as well. At times, they try too hard to fit in and be cool. Other times, they over exert themselves to the point of illness and exhaustion. It is understood that long periods of time on the road touring, performing, and recording music and movies can take a toll on the healthiest of bodies. All in all, at times, celebrities just need to take a break. Everyone whether famous or not deserves time off and also time to have the world miss your persona so that you can come back refreshed and blow the world away with reinventing yourself. Not all celebrities know when to take a break, when it comes to the spotlight. Therefore, here are 12 celebrities who really need to take a break from Hollywood.


12 Kim Zolciak

Reality television definitely took a turn for the worst with more and more reality television shows being created following this one. The Real Housewives of Atlanta was one of the highest rated reality shows for several seasons. One of the stars of the first several seasons was Kim Zolciak. Since her debut on the reality television scene with the premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim has evolved a lot in her life. She is now a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. Her days of being “Tardy for the Party” and smoking packs of cigarettes are over. It’s time for her to be the nurturer and voice of reason.

11 Johnny Knoxville


Next in our list of celebs who need to take a break from Hollywood is Johnny Knoxville. In the event you are not familiar with Mr. Knoxville, he is the star of the hit reality show Jackass and producer of the very comical movie Bad Grandpa. It is no secret that Johnny Knoxville has made a great life for himself and his family by his crazy off the wall antics and pranks. However, with the very brutal (and also at times a little gut-wrenching) pranks, the world would love to see another side of Johnny Knoxville. The more calm and family man aspect has yet to be seen. So if he was to give Hollywood a break from the gut punching Johnny Knoxville that we know, it would be well respected.

10 Howard Stern

If you are not familiar with this next celeb from his very outspoken and sometimes slightly raunchy radio personality, you will definitely remember that he's a judge on America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern has been a radio or television entity since 2006. However he still exercises his freedom of speech as if he is just starting out. The world either loves Howard Stern or dislikes him, based solely on his verbal delivery of course. So now at the ripe age of 61, Howard should be enjoying the fruits of his labor over the past almost decade and take a break from Hollywood.

9 Simon Cowell


Another reality show that was well known and watched faithfully across the country was American Idol. Season after season the world laughed, cried and sang along with the voted favorites. With all these amazing things associated with the show, as well as many amazing people on staff and on camera, no one can forget Simon Cowell. His very brutally honest, and blatant approach turned viewers off and warranted crowd booing after some of his on air comments. But overall he was memorable. Since his last season on the show Simon has welcomed a new baby and is enjoying his new family. So no more brash delivery from him is needed, the world embraced Simon as a dad and husband much better.

8 Bill O’Reilly

The world was in tears of laughter when a YouTube video of veteran news anchor Bill O’Reilly, surfaced with him extremely irate and excessively using profanity towards his camera and queue card team behind the scenes of live news feed. This was not the first outburst for Bill O’Reilly and was not the last. His also brash delivery and sometimes debatable topics made him very well known. Now, with over a decade in the industry Bill has built quite a nice life for him and his family, and should spend these years in his life enjoying them.

7 Suge Knight

When west coast rappers are mentioned, the first thing to come to mind is Death Row Records, owned by none other than Suge Knight. Suge Knight has been known for his tall, thick, and intimidating stature and his connection to Tupac and Snoop Dogg. However, recently, he has been in the media for all the wrong reasons which is shedding the same negative light on himself he once had but dissipated over time. Between his known gang affiliation, to his tumultuous relationships with artists signed to his label, this may be a good time for him to separate himself from the industry lifestyle and become more distant from the public eye.

6 Donald Trump

If anyone was to name the top 5 wealthiest people in America, Donald Trump would definitely be on that list. From his many investments and business endeavors, his wealth is astounding. There is no doubt that he has a very high business acumen. However, Mr. Trump has never really taken a break from the Hollywood and public scene to spend extended time with his family. Now, with him emerging himself in politics he still may not get that break any time soon. But even if Donald Trump took 5-years off, his returns on his investments would maintain him and his family’s lifestyle with ease.


5 Chris Brown


With several multi-platinum albums it is not a surprise that this young man wants to ride this train of success until the wheels fall off. However, as much as fans love Chris Brown and adore and support his music, because of the previous issues in his personal life, seclusion at these times can be beneficial. Chris Brown recently took on parenting in finding out that he is the father of the absolutely adorable baby, Royalty. Also, with his previous run-ins with the law and now most recently him being robbed, the life he leads along with his career warrants him some 'me' time away from Hollywood and music.

4 Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner

This man should get an award for most shocking news of the year. Bruce Jenner recently revealed he wants to become a woman, and also shared his story about being a transgender woman, and his struggle throughout his life with who he was and who he appeared to be. Definitely an act of courage to convey such a personal story with the world watching and judging. However, now that he has laid it all out, and is happy with his “true” self, it would likely be best for his family if he embraced his new life privately, free of less judgement and opinion.

3 Justin Bieber


The media and the world follow child stars and in a sense, grow with them. However, with your entire life under a microscope, no one would be able to mature without mentally having a hard time hearing all the judgement and opinions of the world. With this pop star and amazingly talented singer, we definitely watched him grow up. Justin went from the sweet kid with hair to die for, to a handsome and hunky singer with tattoos that has a slight edge. That edge can often take a negative turn when one is going through growing pains. But with Justin we have seen it all. Therefore, time out of the lime light would not hurt his career due to his fanbase and their loyalty to his music.

2 Kylie Jenner

This beautiful young lady has had her entire life on camera. From reality television shows with her family to her once private but now very public relationship with rapper Tyga. Kylie has had a “media childhood”. With that being said, a lot of the normal things that a young girl at 18 years old would experience or make a mistake doing will definitely be scrutinized differently if done by Kylie Jenner. So, time out of the Hollywood spotlight would only free her to be her without the judgement of the world and enable her to live a normal 18 year old's life. Well, as normal as an 18 year old worth $5 million can get, that is.

1 Miley Cyrus


Last but certainly not least, our once innocent and cute little Miley Cyrus. Miley definitely has let the world know that she has a voice, and that she has a very animated and free spirited persona. However, it is overdone quite often. From Miley Cyrus attempting to hump Robin Thicke at a previous awards show, to wearing basically nothing but bubbles at the most recent MTV Awards, it is safe to say that Miley can afford to take some days off and it would not tarnish her persona at all. Everyone that we see in the media has a presence. However, sometimes that presence is overdone, and other times people just have to learn when to take a break from Hollywood and enjoy the life that Hollywood has given them.



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