12 Celebs Who Really Don't Care How They Look

In Hollywood, looks are pretty much everything. Celebrities are constantly judged on how great their skin looks, the designer clothes they wear, and the type of hairstyles they choose. Those in the beauty industry know that it’s lucrative to make sure that famous people look their best. After all, if a celeb can make a certain hairstyle or fashion trend popular, fans all over the world will try to emulate the look.

Even though image is the real boss in Hollywood, there are a few celebrities who aren’t overly concerned with their looks. Some of these famous people are even more well-known for the fact that they don’t spend hours primping before getting on the red carpet. Sure, we all have days when we don’t have the time or energy to put on fancy clothes or try an elaborate hairstyle. However, some celebrities live in a constant state of nonchalance when it comes to their physical appearance. Some people look down on these celebs for not being as presentable as they could be, while others find it inspiring and relatable. Here are 12 celebrities who really don’t care how they look.


12 Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has been getting lots of attention in Hollywood these days. Sure, she’s reached her “it girl” status due to the success of The Hunger Games, but the media has also been obsessed with her beauty and fashion choices. We’re pretty sure there are just a few more girls wearing wavy bobs these days because of Lawrence. However, Jennifer makes it clear that she just sees herself as a regular girl. She doesn’t put much focus on her appearance, and is even self-deprecating at times. Lawrence has even been seen wearing wrinkled, grungy shirts and tights for her workout, even though she knows there’s a good chance she will be photographed. We’d say that’s pretty nonchalant of her.

11 Kesha


Kesha doesn’t care about how she looks, in that she doesn’t care what other people have to say about her outfits. The pop singer has been known to wear leather jackets and leotards on the red carpet, and is often dying her hair in an array of unnatural colors. Kesha wears temporary tattoos pretty often, and likes to perform with no shoes on. Her “hungover chic” look is part of what makes her stand out as an artist, and she apparently takes this carefree attitude into her personal style of dress as well. Kesha has pretty much mastered the art of putting on the first thing she finds in her closet and making it work.

10 Britney Spears

Sometimes Britney Spears doesn’t care how she looks on casual days, like when she wears workout clothing pieces that don’t match at all. Other times, she doesn’t care how she looks in formal or party clothing, because she sometimes chooses dresses that don’t compliment her curves well. Spears has also been known to put little to no thought in her outfits when she’s running errands or going shopping. Maybe Spears just doesn’t have a great sense of style, and has been relying on a glam squad for quite some time. Or, maybe the divorced mother of two has been through a lot in her life, is finally in a good place, and is too busy performing in Vegas to worry about how she looks when she’s not on stage.

9 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has worn a dress made out of bubbles, glasses made from cigarettes, and has donned the infamous “meat dress.” She’s also spoken out about the way that women are judged by their appearances, and shares that she didn’t feel beautiful as a child. This likely has a lot to do with why she dresses in such outlandish outfits, and doesn’t care what people have to say about it. Her fiance, Taylor Kinney, has stated that Gaga is much more understated at home. She loves sweatpants, and doesn’t always walk around with all that eye-catching makeup on. Overall, Lady Gaga doesn’t use the expectations of her fans (or critics) to determine her look—which is probably why she’s still so popular.

8 Miley Cyrus

In the past few years, there hasn’t been much that Miley hasn’t worn. She’s had nothing but metallic straps covering her breasts, worn shorts that barely cover her rear end, and has shown girls at least a dozen ways to wear pasties. So, it’s clear that Cyrus really doesn’t care how she looks—even if she looks ridiculous. Yes, she knows how to clean up well for the red carpet, but these days, she’s a lot bolder and her opinionated nature shows in the way she dresses. Miley also showed that she wasn’t obsessed with her looks when she made that drastic hair change and went to a pixie from long, flowing tresses. But, just when we started getting used to her new look, she changed it up again. Why, you ask? Because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

7 Lorde

Lorde is famous for her song “Royals,” but in real life, she reveals that she really doesn’t care about being pampered. The wavy-haired singer from New Zealand states that she usually wears her tresses in a bun, and doesn’t really care for the process of putting makeup on. Lorde says that she “can’t be bothered” with primping, and leaves it to her glam squad to keep her looking her best. She says that if it were left up to her she would have no time for makeup in her daily life. These days, her big, flowing hair, minimal makeup and dark lipstick are a favorite look among several of her fans. Perhaps her nonchalant attitude about her looks makes it easier for fans to focus on the content of her music.

6 Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect star often looks like a princess on the red carpet, but she reveals that she’d often rather be in sweatpants. There have been a few pictures of Kendrick floating around of her eating lunch or grabbing a coffee with no makeup on, which indicates that she’s obsessive about getting dolled up every time she leaves the house. Anna says she looks forward to her days off, so she can spend the whole day in sweats. After all, those are the best pants for staying warm on the couch during a movie marathon or binge eating on an abundance of sweet and salty snacks. Kendrick has also been named one of the celebrities who looks flawless without makeup, so that’s probably one of the reasons why she doesn’t care too much about her looks.


5 Emma Stone

Emma Stone is adorable. However, she was quick to let a paparazzi know that looks aren’t the only thing that mattered when she was told how hot she looked at an event. Even though Stone often makes great fashion choices on the red carpet, she’s also been seen in extremely casual wear going out for coffee or walking the streets of Los Angeles. It’s just as easy to find a picture of Emma Stone with no makeup as it is to find one of her all dolled up, which suggests that she’s probably pretty level-headed when it comes to her looks. Stone also downplayed the hotness of La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling during interviews, in order to humorously make the point that people shouldn't focus so much on a person’s looks.

4 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner stars in the upcoming movies Nine Lives and Miracles from Heaven, and she gets to be pretty casual in both films. It seems like a laid-back sense of style is pretty close to who Garner is in real life. She often wears jeans, t-shirts and wet hair during her morning coffee runs, and she’s often included on the ‘stars without makeup lists.’ It seems that Garner saves her classy and effortless sense of style for the red carpet, and even then, she’s not extremely flashy. When Garner is on set, she seems to be more concerned with getting the work done than being a sex symbol, and that has likely contributed to her success.

3 Kelly Clarkson

When original American Idol Kelly Clarkson gave birth to her daughter, the media was waiting for her to quickly shed the post-baby weight. However, she took her time, and got a lot of criticism for it. Various news outlets talked about the ways that her weight might affect her career, and some commentators even told her to “lay off the pizza.” Clarkson spoke up about the negative comments, and said that is was annoying that people were so focused on her looks, and stated that she was very happy at this point in her life. After all, Kelly’s weight gain didn’t affect her beautiful voice, and she’s got an adorable little girl. Clarkson is now pregnant with her second child, a little boy, and doesn’t care about her looks during this pregnancy, either. Good for her.

2 Whoopi Goldberg

Comedian, actress and The View host Whoopi Goldberg has long been nonchalant about her appearance. It’s part of what has shaped her image for decades. Goldberg is known for wearing comfortable shoes when every other woman is wearing heels and wearing minimal makeup. On the rare occasion that she does wear a dress to an awards show, the news makes the headlines. Whoopi also doesn’t focus too much on other’s looks, either. In a business where everyone’s appearance is scrutinized, she’d rather find out about a person’s character. Even though Goldberg doesn’t care about being prissy, she is known for wearing creative shoes and socks, which is a way for her to express her artistic personality.

1 Mark Wahlberg


Actor Mark Wahlberg got his start as the frontman of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Back then, he was pretty self-absorbed, and part of his charm was being unafraid to remove his shirt at any time. These days, however, Wahlberg has made it clear that he really doesn’t care about people's opinion. The 42-year-old father of four even joked that he “hasn’t looked in the mirror in ten years.” Mark did state that he’ll work to make the necessary changes to his body for a role, but in his real life, he’s not obsessed with his looks. Although, from the looks of things, we can’t imagine that he’d be particularly dissatisfied with his appearance, anyway.


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