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12 Celebs Who Prove Having A Small Bust Is Extremely Hot

12 Celebs Who Prove Having A Small Bust Is Extremely Hot

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of big jugs? That’s a rhetorical question. We all do. The real question would be, are big hooters necessary to make a girl sexy? Good news, flat chested ladies; the answer is definitely NO.

Since the 1980’s and onward, we have seen increasing rates in the popularity of plastic surgery. With more and more surgeons opening up clinics, breast implants have become reasonably affordable, and as a result, fake boobs are now as common as bleach blond hair. The craze for massive jugs has seen its peak during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but lately, this trend is somewhat decreasing. And, while some might say that the breast implants have gotten exchanged for butt implants (and we agree), there is also a new trend storming our modern society – all natural beauty. Today we can see a high number of celebs who refuse to go under the knife, and proudly promote the attributes that “they got from their momma”, even if the size might not be “appropriate”. These girls are heroes and idols of the small to moderately breasted women all over the globe.

They claim that massive donkers are not the standard of hotness, and they have the bodies to prove it. No man or woman could deny the sex appeal of these ladies. Today we are giving you a list of these brave women, and salute their mission!

12. Maggie Q



If the flat is the new curvaceous, then Maggie is the poster girl for this kind of look. Most famous for her roles in CW’s TV series Nikita, as well as for mingling with the Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3, this lady caught the attention (and imagination) of the male crowd. Her mixed race genetic background (Hawaiian and European) gives her a certain sex appeal which is best expressed through her mysterious eyes. Yup, only one look could kill. She is also following a vegan diet, so maybe that’s how she keeps her slim figure.

11. Cameron Diaz


Do we need to elaborate further on this one? No, of course not. But, for those of you who aren’t convinced, we will say a few words. Ever since Cameron hit the big screen with The Mask in 1994, she became an instant sex symbol and remained in that position until this very day. Her almost nonexistent boobs have never been a problem in driving men crazy and making booms at the box office. She also made it into Maxim’s list of 100 hottest women, so that speaks for itself. Diaz even published a health book about loving your body, and we can see that she leads by example.

10. Kate Hudson


Kate can be the forefront of our “No chest, no problem” club without a doubt. She rose to fame as Penny Lane in Almost Famous and went on to do a couple more blockbusters, like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Her body has always been an object of admiration for many men and women, and she is a testament of an all natural sexy look. Like many other girls on our list, Hudson is a promoter of the healthy life. She is a practicing Buddhist and meditates regularly, so it seems that a calm mind and a hot body go hand in hand.

9. Natalie Portman


This beauty has been charming us with her perfect smile, for about two decades now. Since her first appearance as a teenager in Leon: The Professional, over her role in the Star Wars series, Natalie has been adored by many. Her natural looks were never an issue, and she even managed to convert her husband to Judaism using the power of small breasts. Portman’s attractiveness comes from her innocent looking face and maintains her slim figure with a vegan diet. It seems that small boobs and ethical minds go well together.

8. Charlize Theron


If you still need convincing that big boobs don’t matter, we have a proof, and it’s called Charlize. This South African beauty has been ruling the big screen since the 90’s, and starred in hits such as The Devil’s Advocate and The Italian Job. Before she decided to be an actress, Theron was a ballet dancer, and we suppose that’s how she sculpted her body so nicely. You can see an elegant presentation of her curves in the film Aeon Flux, where she is dressed in a tight black suit – a perfect opportunity for drooling.

7. Olivia Wilde


Olivia is best known for her roles in the TV series House, as well as a few big screen features, such as Tron: Legacy and Rush, to name a few. Her model-like body is always flawless, and the undesirable size of her knockers never raises any concern. Her eyes are the main feature in her attractiveness, and we guarantee that no man could resist the warm and striking look of this lady. She is married to actor Jason Sudeikis, with whom she has a child. Olivia also follows a vegetarian diet, because there is nothing hotter than compassion.

6. Reese Witherspoon


Legally blonde and “All natural” are the phrases that come to mind when we mention this lady. Reese is an acclaimed actress and very popular hottie. So far she has done a fair number of films, such as Walk the Line and Sweet Home Alabama, among others. Reese Witherspoon is without a doubt genetically gifted, and her good looks and charm are her birthright. Many magazines have noticed this; for example, she was listed in People magazine’s annual “100 Most Beautiful” issue, four times in total. All this with no cosmetic surgery!

5. Zoe Saldana



Zoe is perhaps the most vocal opponent of plastic surgery in celebrity circles of today. Easy for her with that all natural stunning body! But seriously, this girl earns her sexiness fair and square, by healthy eating and exercise. Born in New Jersey to Latin American parents, she grew into a real Hollywood hottie. Her first breakthrough came with Star Trek and Avatar, and she captured the attention of hunk Bradley Copper, whom she dated for two years. Right now Zoe is married to the Italian artist Marco Perego.

4. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock has been knocking down the “big boob myth” since the first day she appeared on screen. From her first film appearances up until now, she has maintained her godlike figure. She was even named “The Most Beautiful Woman” in 2015 by People magazine. Sandra’s charms come not only from her smoking hot body but her honest and non-pretentious public image as well. I mean, she was nicknamed “American sweetheart” – how can you not like that? She starred in too many good films to mention, and her performances never disappointed. She’s staying sexy even in her 50s!

3. Taylor Swift



There’s just something about this small town girl. Taylor started as a country singer and went on to become a pop megastar, with millions of girls screaming her songs all over the globe. As her career got bigger, her body got more attractive. Her breasts were never too intriguing, but with that kind of face and personality, no one cares. In 2015, Maxim magazine ranked her first in their “Hot 100 of the year” list. That says a lot about men’s opinion of her. Anyways, we love her because she is herself. Keep it up!

2. Cara Delevingne


Cara started out as a Victoria’s Secret model, so being hot is her job. Her classic “runway girl”, slim body and strikingly beautiful face, compensate for the lack of bosom that she is facing. Delevingne’s looks earned her roles in a few movies, such as Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. She is also openly bisexual and frequently talks about her relationships with women. We are sure that a lot of men would pay to see that on tape. Cara is also a musician and fashion designer and did two collections for DKNY.

1. Kate Moss


Kate doesn’t need much introduction. She has been called a breast-less man killer since the first time she has hit the spotlight. No, it’s not made up, it’s true. Moss is the ultimate proof that you don’t need big hooters to sweep a man off his feet. During the 1990’s when she was in her prime, she found her way onto Maxim’s “50 Sexiest Women of 1999,” as well as FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women of 1995.” Her sex appeal hides in her mysteriousness, and she’s probably the hottest skinny woman of all times. We salute that!

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