12 Celebs Who Miraculously Escaped Death

In life there are many events that occur or lessons that are learned which enable us to be more appreciative of what we have. One thing that generally makes one more appreciative is escaping a near death experience. Celebrities are no different when it comes to experiencing tragic events which effect their outlook on life and death. More importantly, when stories of near death experiences of celebs whom we identify with are told, it shows a more personal side to them. If their stories don't move us emotionally, they definitely get our attention, and in turn it becomes an eye opener to the world about how short life can be.

Additionally, every event that our favorite celebs have experienced in which they have miraculously escaped death displays their amazing work ethic, as they persevered and continued to bring us great music, movies, or entertaining us on television. Some of the celebs that we see on a regular basis have been through everything from surviving major car accidents, to surviving multiple gun shots, or even having multiple blood clots. All of which are usually instances that end in fatality, yet our celebs miraculously survived. Here is our list of the top 12 celebs who miraculously escaped death.


12 George Lucas

Famous film maker George Lucas has given us countless films that have entertained and sparked various emotions in its viewers. However, something that most may not know is that during his high school years, not long after receiving his license, George Lucas was involved in a very bad car accident. The accident took place when another vehicle came speeding at him and hit the side of the vehicle that he was driving at the time. Upon impact George Lucas’s vehicle flipped several times, which left him with several broken ribs that could have punctured his lungs and killed him. Miraculously he survived without any lung injury and lived to share his story with others.

11 Eric Roberts


Another serious car accident victim is one of America’s most well known actors. The sibling of Julia Roberts, and famous bad guy in movies, Eric Roberts. Eric’s car accident left him in a coma which lasted for several days. Additionally, the accident left him permanently scarred in his face and disfigured one of his fingers. Due to this, Eric Roberts was often cast in roles that portrayed a villain or bad guy following his accident because of the rough and rugged look that the facial scars left behind. Eric Roberts continues to be a working actor, having a variety of roles under his belt that he masters with ease.

10 Orlando Bloom

All Lord of the Rings fans can recognize our next celeb who miraculously escaped death. The famous Orlando Bloom had attempted to climb a drain pipe to reach a rooftop when suddenly it collapsed. Once it collapsed Orlando Bloom ended up falling three stories down. The fall resulted in him breaking several vertebrae in his back. Not only did he severely injure his back, but the fall left him temporarily paralyzed for several days. Following the accident, Orlando Bloom had to attend 18 months of rehab following numerous surgeries to reconstruct his vertebrae. After being paralyzed and enduring several surgeries, Orlando Bloom handled stunts and climbing tasks much differently.

9 Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore, who is known for her versatile acting ability and role in Firestarter at a very young age, was ironically subjected to a very similar near death experience. A few years ago, when Drew Barrymore was relaxing at home with boyfriend at the time, Tom Green, they were startled by their barking dog who was doing everything that he could to let them know that their home had caught on fire. Drew Barrymore, Tom Green, the helpful pooch all escaped the home unharmed. However the cost of damages from the fire totaled $700,000. Of course, that is a small amount of money compared to the priceless aspect of LIFE.

8 Gerard Butler

Famous actor Gerard Butler is known for his amazing work ethic in filming various scenes that may require different things of him. In this particular case of a celeb who miraculously escaped death, Gerard Butler was filming a scene of him surfing for the movie Chasing Mavericks, when an unexpected wave came through and almost drowned him while filming. Gerard Butler remained underwater for more than one large wave and then ultimately washed through an area in the ocean that was surrounded by rocks. Throughout the entire ordeal, Gerard Butler remained calm and held his ground the best he could to keep himself afloat for the rescue team.

7 Jackie Chan


We have all seen Jackie Chan perform the best stunts and daredevil acts on his own with no help from a stunt crew. However, even the best stunt man can sometimes make a mistake or have an unfortunate incident happen. Jackie Chan was filming the movie Armour of God, when he attempted to make a jump to a tree branch that instantly broke. When the tree branch broke Jackie Chan ended up falling and cracking his skull on a nearby rock. As well all know, head injuries are usually fatal. However, Jackie Chan walked away with a permanent scar on his head and slight hearing loss in one ear, but miraculously maintained his life.

6 Jane Seymour

The beautiful and talented Jane Seymour had a miraculous escape from death in a different manner than some of our other celebs on the list. Jane Seymour was actually undergoing a procedure when the nurse that was caring for her accidentally injected antibiotics into her vein opposed to the muscle tissue where it was supposed to be injected. The mistake took Jane Seymour into an instant state of shock which could have ultimately killed her. She was only being treated for bronchitis, but almost lost her life due to a careless mistake of hospital personnel. Jane Seymour relayed to fans following the incident that she did undergo an out of body experience while she was in shock, and was able to see the staff attempting to resuscitate her.


5 Kanye West


Talented producer, rapper, Jay-Z protégé, and husband of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West had his miraculous escape from death when he fell asleep behind the wheel of a car. Kanye spent several days in the hospital following his accident and had to have multiple surgeries to reconstruct his broken jaw. Although the extent of his injuries were limited to his face, he endured more pain and had the longest recovery time than most would with bodily injuries. Kanye West refused to allow his accident to stop him from working, however. With his jaw wired shut to maintain the placement of his jaw following one of his last surgeries, he released a single rapping through a wired shut jaw, called “Through the Wire”.

4 Rachel Bilson

The innocent faced Rachel Bilson, had her miraculous escape from death at the tender age of 16 years old. Rachel Bilson and friends were driving together when they were hit head on by a truck. The accident resulted in the teens being removed from the car with the jaws of life and the vehicle that they were riding in being completely totaled. All of Rachel’s friends survived the horrific crash. However, Rachel Bilson now suffers from memory loss, as well as severe migraines as a result of the crash several years ago on the Pacific Coast Highway in southern California.

3 Travis Barker


Rock star drummer Travis Barker miraculously escaped death in one of the most horrifying plane crashes ever reported. The Blink 182 band member was on a charter plane with five other people when the plane crashed during its initial take off. The plane immediately caught on fire and unfortunately, other passengers on the plane were not as lucky and lost their lives in the crash. Travis Barker and DJ AM were the only two survivors of the crash. Travis Barker has since made a full recovery from the second and third degree burns that he endured from the crash, and DJ AM has made a full recovery since as well.

2 50 Cent

Rapper, actor and business man Curtis Jackson, or better known as 50 Cent, was shot by a crazed gun man in Queens, New York in the year 2000. The gun man happened to hit him at close range nine different times. 50 Cent was shot in the face, chest, arm, hip, both legs, and his hand by the gun man in the streets of Queens. 50 Cent’s miraculous escape from death lead him to feel that he must have a greater purpose in life and that he had to make the most of the days that were ahead by working as hard as possible to accomplish all of his goals and aspirations in life.

1 Tamar Braxton


Our most recent celeb to have miraculously escaped death is the famous diva, Tamar Braxton. Tamar Braxton, who recently appeared on Dancing With the Stars, The Real and Braxton Family Values, discovered during a performance that she was not feeling well. Tamar went to the hospital and was diagnosed with multiple pulmonary embolisms in her lungs. Tamar had been coughing and experiencing extreme fatigue prior to hospitalization but continued to work through the issues that she thought were a cold. Tamar has since undergone surgery and has fully recovered and returned to appearing on her daytime television show The Real, and addressing her fans via social media.


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