12 Celebs Who Let Sizzurp Ruin Their Lives

It’s not a big secret that drugs and alcohol are a huge part of Hollywood culture. We have, unfortunately, lost a number of great actors and musicians due to their addictions. One of the newest drugs of choice in the Hollywood community, especially among hip hop artists, is “sizzurp,” or promethazine codeine. This purple drink is a concoction of heavy cough syrup or painkillers and liquor, and is sometimes spiked with other drugs. Of course, sizzurp is often used as a gateway drug at parties, and makes it particularly difficult for some celebrities to get rid of their other addictions.

There have been songs written about this dangerous concoction, and even though an overdose can be deadly, it seems that there are some stars who just can’t get enough. Young fans of these celebrities are also trying sizzurp at parties and casual get-togethers, and the results have often been devastating. Like all drugs, sizzurp has the tendency to potentially ruin a person’s entire life. Some celebrities have been unable to function at work, and it’s likely that many of these famous people will never be completely the same again. Here are 12 celebrities whose lives have gone downhill—all because of sizzurp.

12 Jamarcus Russell

11 Lil Boosie

10 Johnny Jolly

9 Chief Keef

8 Beanie Sigel

7 Gucci Mane

6 T.I.

5 Justin Bieber

4 Big Moe

3 Lil Wayne

2 Chris Penn

1 Terrence Kiel

Terrence Kiel was a football player that was tragically killed on the 4th of July in 2008 in a car accident. He was speeding when his car hit a wall, where he was ejected from the vehicle. Kiel played for Texas A&M and was a safety for four seasons with the San Diego Chargers. Two years before his death, Kiel was arrested on drug-related charges, when it was discovered that he was having promethazine codeine delivered to his home in Texas. He pled guilty to both misdemeanor and felony drug charges in 2007, and was sentenced to three years probation. Kiel’s story is one of the tragic accounts of what can happen when “lean” controls your life.


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12 Celebs Who Let Sizzurp Ruin Their Lives