12 Celebs Who Hated The Characters They Portrayed

Most actors long to get “that role” that will make them well known in Hollywood for years to come. After all, one of the reasons why so many people want to be celebrities is so that they can be, well, celebrated. If all of the acting classes, waiting tables and taking minor roles pays off, an actor can finally land a role that will make them part of Hollywood royalty. Some celebrities are fortunate enough to get more than one iconic role in a movie or television show, which helps to validate their careers even more.

However, there are some celebs who enjoy their fame—they’re just not happy with the way they achieved their celebrity status. For example, if a celebrity is well-known for playing a silly or embarrassing character, and then tries to change the public’s perception by starring in a dramatic film, there’s a good chance entertainment blogs are still going to refer to the actor’s “other character” while reporting on his/her new role. That’s why it’s so important for actors to choose the right roles, because movies and TV shows live forever these days. Then again, refusing too many roles could cause some actors to stop thriving in Hollywood. Being famous is so hard. Here are 12 celebrities who hated the characters they portrayed.


12 Alec Guinness

The actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi resents the fact that this is the role that made him famous with so many of his fans. Although, Alec Guinness starred in several other films before getting the Star Wars role, such as Great Expectations and Lawrence of Arabia. It has been reported that Guinness regretted accepting the role, because he felt that the Star Wars script wasn’t written well. At the end of the first movie, Alec actually volunteered to have his character killed off—that’s how much he hated being Obi-Wan Kenobi. There was even an instance in which a young fan asked for Guinness’ autograph, and told Alec that he’s watched the film more than 100 times. Guinness only agreed to give the boy his autograph if he promised to never watch Star Wars again. And we haven’t heard much from Alec Guinness since then.

11 Christian Bale


Actor Christian Bale has had his share of questionable movie roles (and questionable behavior) over the years. However, he states that he resents the fact that he starred in the musical Newsies, in 1992. Bale was only 17 when he took the role, and he states that when you’re a teenager you want to be “taken very seriously. You don’t want to be doing a musical.” There’s a few Disney kids who would beg to differ, but hey, what do they know? They’re just teenagers. Most people think Christian Bale should be more concerned with his performances in American Psycho or Batman and Robin.

10 Mark Wahlberg

Most people will probably always associate actor Mark Wahlberg with the character Dirk Diggler. But before that, Wahlberg played another role in the music world. He was the frontman for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. After his brother Donnie achieved worldwide fame as part of New Kids On The Block, Mark decided to start his own music group. The group was only a “thing” from 1991 to 1993, and had a hit single (“Good Vibrations”). Mark states that at the time, he thought that being a pop star was cool, but when he looks back on the footage, he realizes that he was “such an a*s.” Well, he’s not wrong. But hey, we all have a past.

9 Thomas F. Wilson

Thomas F. Wilson starred in the Back to The Future movie franchise as Biff Tannen, who was pretty much the jerk/bully in the movie. It’s not so much that Wilson hated his role, but he was pretty annoyed with the fact that he was always approached by fans who asked him dumb questions about the movie and his overall fame, when he was just trying to be “normal” and have dinner with friends. Wilson even printed out a list of FAQs to give to fans so that he wouldn’t have to keep answering the same questions. Thomas F. Wilson is now a musician and comedian, and has even written a song to address some of the questions that fans still ask him. Although, since we haven’t heard too much from him lately, we’re guessing he wouldn’t mind a few of those questions these days.

8 George Reeves

George Reeves is the actor who was chosen to play the first Superman. After the 1950s TV series ended, Reeves wasn’t able to get many more acting roles, which led him to resent being Superman. According to the Hollywood legend, when Reeves was cast in From Here to Eternity, he was heckled by the audience, because they still saw him as Superman. It seemed that there was very little George could do to prove himself as an actor after donning the Superman cape. Reeves passed away in 1959, in which some believe to be a suicide that may have been linked to his career-related distress.

7 Marlon Brando

Late actor Marlon Brando will perhaps always be known to his fans as Stanley Kowalski from A Street Car Named Desire, and for his timeless role in The Godfather. Many people have considered him the greatest actor of all time. The role made him into a sex symbol, and is credited for making the A-shirt a popular thing with guys. Surprisingly, Brando didn’t like the fact that he was getting the attention of female fans everywhere, and that his stellar performance brought so much attention to him and helped his acting career to progress. Maybe being in the spotlight was just too uncomfortable for him at the time. Perhaps that’s why he decided to become more…portly in his older age.

6 Carrie Fisher

Actress Carrie Fisher will always be known as Princess Leia from Star Wars. While this is an iconic role, Fisher states in her memoir that director George Lucas “ruined her life” by giving her the role. Carrie says that she means that “in the nicest way,” but we have to admit that she really hasn’t been able to get a lot of major roles since being Princess Leia. Fisher also shared that she hated that Lucas sold Star Wars merchandise featuring her likeness, which made her a sex symbol for decades to come. She also mentioned that because of her role, she will likely have fan mail and stalkers for years to come. As you can see, the price of fame can be pretty conflicting for some celebrities.


5 Jake Lloyd

Remember the adorable little boy who played the young Anakin Skywalker? Jake Lloyd appeared in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, which was the prequel to Star Wars. When Lloyd did a 2012 interview with The Telegraph, he stated that he didn’t think director George Lucas met the expectations of the fans with the movie. Lloyd also shared that he got a lot of criticism for starring in the movie, even though he was just a kid. After starring in the move, he reprised his role in five Star Wars video games. Jake Lloyd retired from acting in 2001, and stated that the constant bullying helped him to make his decision. He also shared that he destroyed all his memorabilia from Star Wars out of frustration about the fact that he was involved in the franchise.

4 Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover played the role of George, Marty McFly’s nerdy dad in Back to The Future. This is the role he is most famous for, and lots of people still admire his portrayal. However, Glover wishes he wouldn’t have taken the role. He was unhappy with the way the film ended initially, when McFly became rich. Glover thought this sent the wrong message to viewers, and spoke to the director about it. Robert Zemeckis (the film’s director) was pretty angry with Glover, and decided not to use him in the next movie in the franchise. Instead, they got an actor to put on prosthetics to look like Crispin. Glover was able to eventually settle the issue out of court, but there’s no doubt that this had a huge impact on his career.

3 Megan Fox


Admittedly, the movie interpretation of Transformers (directed by Michael Bay) was a little adolescent at best, and was filled with a lot of unnecessary explosions. Megan Fox, who starred in the movies, wasn’t shy about her criticism of Bay or his directing style. Megan did say, however, that she couldn’t be too negative about the movie franchise, because she did acquire more fame as a result of starring in the first two films. But she did say that the movies weren’t really about “acting.” Fox also compared Bay to Hitler and said that the director was a “nightmare to work for.” Obviously, she won’t be asked to work on any more Michael Bay films, but she may have compromised her chances of being in other movies as well.

2 Kate Winslet

For many of her fans, actress Kate Winslet will always be known as Rose from the ever-popular movie Titanic. Winslet has stated that she hates the fact that this role is the one that catapulted her fame. She can’t stand to watch the movie because she thinks her acting was terrible, and cringes at the fact that her American accent was so bad (in her opinion). Aside from wishing she could perform the role over again in an attempt to make it better, Kate also stated in an interview with MTV that she’s annoyed with the fact that people always expect her to sing “My Heart Will Go On” (the theme song from the movie) during interviews. We’re pretty sure that can probably get irritating after a while.

1 Angus T. Jones


Remember the little “half man” from Two and a Half Men? The young actor’s name is Angus T. Jones, and now that he’s a little older and understands more about the premise of the show, he hates that fact that this is the platform that made him famous. Jones was on the show for nearly a decade, and made $350,000 a week. However, after having a religious awakening, Angus has come to the conclusion that Two and a Half Men is “filth,” and encouraged people to stop watching the show. He even referred to all television as “the enemy.” Not surprisingly, we haven’t heard much from Jones in terms of getting new TV or movie opportunities, and there’s a good chance he’ll admit that he was “brainwashed” once the checks stop coming in. Perhaps a better plan would have been to transition from the show and opt to star in shows or movies with a deliberately positive message.


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