12 Celebs Who Hated The Characters They Portrayed

Most actors long to get “that role” that will make them well known in Hollywood for years to come. After all, one of the reasons why so many people want to be celebrities is so that they can be, well, celebrated. If all of the acting classes, waiting tables and taking minor roles pays off, an actor can finally land a role that will make them part of Hollywood royalty. Some celebrities are fortunate enough to get more than one iconic role in a movie or television show, which helps to validate their careers even more.

However, there are some celebs who enjoy their fame—they’re just not happy with the way they achieved their celebrity status. For example, if a celebrity is well-known for playing a silly or embarrassing character, and then tries to change the public’s perception by starring in a dramatic film, there’s a good chance entertainment blogs are still going to refer to the actor’s “other character” while reporting on his/her new role. That’s why it’s so important for actors to choose the right roles, because movies and TV shows live forever these days. Then again, refusing too many roles could cause some actors to stop thriving in Hollywood. Being famous is so hard. Here are 12 celebrities who hated the characters they portrayed.

12 Alec Guinness

11 Christian Bale

10 Mark Wahlberg

9 Thomas F. Wilson

8 George Reeves

7 Marlon Brando

6 Carrie Fisher

5 Jake Lloyd

4 Crispin Glover

3 Megan Fox

2 Kate Winslet

1 Angus T. Jones

Remember the little “half man” from Two and a Half Men? The young actor’s name is Angus T. Jones, and now that he’s a little older and understands more about the premise of the show, he hates that fact that this is the platform that made him famous. Jones was on the show for nearly a decade, and made $350,000 a week. However, after having a religious awakening, Angus has come to the conclusion that Two and a Half Men is “filth,” and encouraged people to stop watching the show. He even referred to all television as “the enemy.” Not surprisingly, we haven’t heard much from Jones in terms of getting new TV or movie opportunities, and there’s a good chance he’ll admit that he was “brainwashed” once the checks stop coming in. Perhaps a better plan would have been to transition from the show and opt to star in shows or movies with a deliberately positive message.


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12 Celebs Who Hated The Characters They Portrayed