12 Celebs Who Got Their A$$es Kicked

Celebs aren't always put on a pedestal, sometimes they are hated, mistreated and beaten up. When someone, other than a celebrity gets into a fight, it's usually not in the news for more than 30 seconds, but if celebrities are involved, then they get a full hour of in depth analysis complete with celebrity psychologists putting their 2 cents worth of opinions in. Everyone just wants to weigh in on the incident and facts get distorted or omitted altogether making way for biased opinions that are just made for the entertainment value.

A celebrity incident that involves someone getting their a$$ kicked usually has lots of booze and possibly other substances involved. These incidents are clearly observed whenever there's a video of these celebrities circulating on the internet. Female and male celebrities alike are both in danger of being beaten up, especially if they hang out in the wrong places, are friends with the wrong crowd or are just in the wrong line of work. Some celebrities are even attacked for the heck of it. Well as the saying goes: "Haters gonna hate."

12 Axl Rose got Whipped by the Guy who Made a Fortune Selling Underwear

11 Chevy Chase vs Bill Murray

10 Ronda Rousey's Humiliating Defeat After Smack Talking at the Weigh-in

9 Chris Brown is a Woman Beater

8 Katt Williams Gets His Butt Handed to Him by a Middle School Kid

7 Tiger Woods vs a Cellphone, a 9 Iron, Hedges, a Curb, A Fire Hydrant and a Tree

6 Former President Bill Clinton Gets Face Scratched by Wife, Hillary

We all remember Former President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. A lovely brunette who was interning at the White House at the time. In a very public scandal, Monica Lewinsky was forced to testify as to her sexual relationship with the Commander-in-chief. The acts included fellatio and a cigar. Seeing as Bill is so popular with the ladies, we can only sympathize with Hillary when we discovered that she has had a long history of violence toward the charmer. Bill has been reportedly hit with hard objects, as well as scratched on the face and neck.

5 OJ Simpson Almost gets Beaten to a Pulp in Prison

4 Jay-Z Trapped in an Elevator with a Wild Woman

3 Justin Bieber vs Orlando Bloom

2 Shia and the Vomiting London Women

1 Zac Efron Allegedly Runs Out of Gas On Skid Row

Zac Efron is probably one of the hottest young male actors of his generation. He started out as a relatively likable basketball star in the Disney hit High School Musical. He hung his singing chops when the movie franchise ended with the 3rd one. He then became a serious actor being cast in heavy roles as well as becoming a comedy actor. In 2014 when Efron was already a breakout movie hunk, he allegedly ran out of gas on skid row and ended up being in a brawl with vagrants. He described one punch to his face being the hardest one he's ever received. Drug speculations floated around the incident seeing that the area where the fight broke out is a known hotspot for drugs.


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12 Celebs Who Got Their A$$es Kicked