12 Celebs Who Don't Mind If Their Friends Date Their Ex

Relationships can be tricky sometimes. This is especially true if you’re a celebrity. After all, it’s no secret that some famous people form pretty close bonds, and many of these celebrities have mutual friends. So, it’s only a matter of time before someone becomes romantically interested in a friend who used to date another friend. Sure, this can happen with “regular” people as well. However, celebrities often have to keep in mind that their relationships can help to make or break their careers. In some cases, the person who can take a celeb’s career to the next level may be the ex of a friend.

At first glance, it’s pretty safe to say that dating someone that your friend used to date can be weird. That hasn’t stopped some celebrities from giving it a go, and surprisingly, this trend hasn’t ruined too many friendships (that we know of). It’s also important to keep in mind that going on a few dates may not be as serious to celebrities as it might be to someone who isn’t famous. Maybe that’s why celebrities can be exes, yet still be friends, and even encourage their friends to date each other’ exes—if that makes any sense. Here are 12 celebrities that are cool with their friends dating their exes.

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12 Kate Hudson

The beautiful and talented Kate Hudson has had her share of Hollywood relationships. After all, she’s charming and adorable, so what man wouldn’t want to date her? She and her friend Cameron Diaz, clearly have similar taste in men, since they both dated baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Kate and Alex were a pair in 2009, and dated for less than a year. The following year, Cameron Diaz was seen leaving Rodriguez’s home with an overnight bag. Even though she and Cameron dated the same guy, Kate doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

11 Miley Cyrus

10 Drew Barrymore

9 Nikki Reed

8 Emma Roberts

7 Taylor Lautner

6 Hilary Duff

5 Kanye West

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has stated that he wants his children to go on playdates with Kanye West’s kids. That can serve as a great way to network and bounce ideas off each other. Not to mention, Kanye’s daughter North and Wiz’s son Sebastian, are both pretty adorable. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. Wiz was married to model and actress Amber Rose, who happens to be Kanye West’s ex. Rose and Khalifa are no longer husband and wife, but that doesn’t mean their kids can’t be friends. Looks like Wiz realizes that he could make some serious moves in the music industry with a guy like Kanye for an ally.

4 Nina Dobrev

3 Heather Locklear

2 Jennifer Aniston

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for using her relationships as material for writing songs. Swift has also stated that she doesn’t see a problem in dating a friend’s ex. Taylor and Joe Jonas were an item, even after Jonas dated Selena Gomez, a good friend of Taylor’s. Swift is also friends with Demi Lovato, who also dated Joe Jonas. The song “Forever and Always” is supposedly Taylor’s musical tribute to the relationship, but we don’t hear any lyrics about dating a friend’s ex, so we can’t say for sure. Lovato states that she understands Taylor’s heartbreak and confessed that she and Swift were still friends, even though neither of them is with Jonas anymore.

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