12 Celebs Who Don't Know How To Mind Their Own Business

You’d think that celebrities would be the last people to stick their noses in other people’s business. After all, famous people are constantly complaining that they never have any privacy. Celebrities

You’d think that celebrities would be the last people to stick their noses in other people’s business. After all, famous people are constantly complaining that they never have any privacy. Celebrities often talk about the fact that the public wants to know every detail of their lives, and that they can’t even do “normal” things, like go to the grocery store or play in the park with their children without having their picture taken.

Obviously, there are also some celebrities who don’t mind being followed by the paparazzi, or having their private lives be the talk of dinner parties around the world. One indicator that they don’t mind is that these famous people have a hard time minding their own business. They give their unsolicited opinions (often at inopportune times), and seem to always have advice and feedback for situations that don’t concern them. Some of these celebrities even get a lot of criticism for being so brash and opinionated, and that doesn’t seem to stop them. Maybe their nosiness is a tactic from their publicity teams to keep them relevant. Or, maybe it’s just annoying. Here are 12 celebrities who haven’t learned how to mind their own business.

12 Sinead O’Connor

The Irish folk singer has never been shy about speaking her mind. She’s been known to tear up pictures of political figures on live television, and has been pretty vocal about the evils of the world during her concerts. To be fair, O’Connor does lots of charity work, so in a way, she puts her money where her mouth is. However, there are times when the short-haired singer could stand to keep her mouth shut. One of the most recent examples is when she complained about the fact that Kim Kardashian is on the July 2015 cover of Rolling Stone. Obviously she’s trying to create a stir, but it’s time we all accepted the fact that Kim Kardashian is here to stay (for a while, at least).

11 Amber Rose

The model, dancer and aspiring actress is famous for a few things. Amber Rose used to date Kanye West, and got a little more of his attention when he stated that he had to take several showers to get rid of any trace of her. Amber Rose is also famous for dating, having a child with and marrying rapper Wiz Khalifa (the two are now divorced). These things should prompt Rose to stay out of the public eye as much as possible, but she just can’t seem to get enough publicity. She recently got into a social media feud with Khloe Kardashian, and has been Tweeting about Kylie Jenner. Her Tweets probably have a lot to do with the fact that Jenner is dating Tyga, who is Blac Chyna’s ex-fiance. Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are good friends, so maybe Rose is trying to defend her friend while staying relevant. Either way, she should probably find a way to be famous that involves minding her own business.

10 Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash disappointed many of her fans when she supported Republican ideals that weren’t in the best interest of women of people of color. Dash also got into some trouble with her fans when she posted a series of Tweets about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s trip to Cuba. She even went as far as to say that the couple was funding a “communist oppressive regime” simply for visiting the country. We’re hoping that the actress’ ridiculous statements over the past few years are just attempts to get back in the spotlight. Perhaps going on a few more auditions could help to remedy this problem.

9 Ernie Hudson

Remember Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters? He was also the cop in The Crow. So basically, he hasn’t had a major role in years. That’s probably why he jumped at the chance to give an unsolicited opinion when it was announced that Ghostbusters would be remade, with an all-female cast. Hudson stated that this was a “bad idea.” Now, people who watched him in movies and television when they were kids see him as a chauvinist jerk, and all because he didn’t mind his own business. This recent media attention probably isn’t going to help revive his career in the way he probably hoped.

8 Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson is a three-time Superbowl champion, so it’s hard to believe that he’s still starving for attention. However, he stated in a radio interview that Vince Wilfork, a former teammate of his, had the ugliest spouse in the NFL. Not only was that really mean, but it was completely unnecessary. Sure, the radio host asked the question, but that didn’t mean Johnson had to take the bait. Ted also stated that Vince was such as “big man” and was probably too busy making power moves to even hear the interview. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Johnson’s attempt to get more media attention was pretty tasteless.

7 La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson should know better than anyone how ruthless the media can be. As part of the Jackson family, La Toya has witnessed the insatiable hunger for scandal that the media (and the general public) possesses. So, why would the singer and former reality show star speak so negatively about another celebrity? Some people think she had good reason. La Toya stated that The Apprentice alum Omarosa, was the “most evil” person she’s ever met. Jackson also said that Omarosa caused her then-fiance Michael Clarke Duncan, to have a heart attack, which was pretty harsh. Yes, the two women had their share of disagreements, but Jackson shouldn’t have brought Omarosa’s personal life into the dispute.

6 Courtney Love

Courtney Love has been giving her opinion where it’s not wanted for years now. She’s even been seen in fast food restaurants, barefoot and wearing next to nothing, which is pretty embarrassing once you’re sober. That’s why we can’t understand why Love can’t seem to keep her comments to herself sometimes. She’s been in long-standing feuds with celebrities like Marilyn Manson and Dave Grohl, and her arguments with Grohl even include lawsuits. In recent years, Love has made the news for her efforts to protect Nirvana's empire, and that seems like a time-consuming job, so we think she should focus on that.

5 Ryan Seacrest

American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest is usually pretty good about minding his own business, but it looks like he needs more publicity, so he’s making a stir online. This won’t be the first time he did something for media attention to boost his career (his “relationship” with Dancing With The Stars alum Julianne Hough comes to mind). Recently, Seacrest decided to get in on the action when Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to express her disappointment for not being nominated in any category for MTV’s Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift stepped in to defend MTV (and music in general). Ryan Seacrest thought it was a good idea to re-Tweet the conversation between the two artists, and include some attention-getting headlines to throw some flame onto the argument. It’s probably better for Ryan to just stick to what he does best—hosting television and radio shows.

4 Drake

Drake is known as a “sensitive” rapper who isn’t afraid to talk about his feelings in his music. It’s also been said that he’s a pleasant guy to be around, and behaves like a gentleman for the most part. However, Drake, who has been in the spotlight since his younger years when he starred in the teen drama Degrassi, is also known for getting in feuds with other celebrities. He’s gotten into feuds with the likes of Chris Brown and Meek Mill, and there was even a physical altercation between Drake and Brown. The two have since reconciled, and even performed a skit together at the 2014 ESPYs. When rapper Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, the two starting releasing diss tracks about each other, and Meek Mill revealed some embarrassing things about Drake in one of his songs. If Drake would just mind his own business, he could stay out of trouble. Then again, he’s a rapper, and all of these “feuds” help to boost his popularity.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a talented actress, but these days she’s more well known for giving people advice they didn’t necessarily ask for. Paltrow has become the unofficial guru of all things health in the celebrity world, and has promoted everything from strenuous workouts to juice cleanses that gave her “hallucinations after 10 days.” However, people still listen to her because she’s a celebrity, so maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for her to mind her own business. Paltrow also tried a social experiment to see what it would be like to live off $29 worth of groceries a week. She did it as a way to raise awareness about the fact that families on food stamps need more assistance, but her approach was pompous and out of touch. Author and professor Timothy Caulfield, even penned a book entitled Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?, which indicates that people often prefer celebrity opinion over scientifically proven facts. This is clearly a sign that things have gotten out of hand.

2 Wendy Williams

Former radio personality and talk show host, Wendy Williams has made it clear that it’s her business…to get in other people’s business. However, she often crosses the line in her quest to keep viewers interested in all things pop culture. For instance, she discussed the fact that Chris Brown’s aunt was being held captive in her home and had recently been robbed, which could have put Brown’s aunt in even more danger. She also got into hot water with GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis, when she stated that she was happy that Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner waited until his children were older before undergoing his sex change, since he would have embarrassed them if he did it when they were younger. All of these strong opinions come from a woman who cries in protest when anyone says anything negative about her family or personal life. Interesting.

1 Donald Trump

It’s not a big surprise that Donald Trump tops this list. He’s known for giving his opinions where they are not wanted, and lately, he’s been making sure that his comments are more offensive than usual. A few years ago, Trump took it upon himself to give actor Robert Pattinson some dating advice. He stated that Pattinson’s ex Kristen Stewart, cheated on him “like a dog” and would do it again if he took her back. Nice. The businessman and creator of shows The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, also stated that since President Obama has done “such a poor job” while in office, the country won’t see another Black president for decades. Most recently, Donald Trump has made derogatory remarks towards Mexicans.

We’re pretty sure it’s a good idea for Trump to be quiet for a while, and stick to only answering questions when people actually ask for his input.


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