12 Celebs Who Don't Care That They Married Criminals

Love can “strike” when you least expect it, and being in a committed relationship comes with its own unique set of complications. This is especially true when you’re a celebrity and you fall in love with someone who has a criminal past. The media is already obsessed with the love lives of famous people, and when one person in a celebrity relationship has done jail time, it can mean big news for most entertainment websites and broadcasts.

However, when it comes to love, there are times when you have to live boldly with the fact that you’ve chosen a person with a “past”. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, and some of these famous criminals have made a conscious effort to turn their lives around. Of course, there are also times when these relationships don’t work out, but then again, sometimes marriages end in divorce even when neither party has been arrested.

No matter what, it’s always important to use caution when choosing a mate, even if there’s nothing on your spouse’s criminal record. Here are 12 of your favorite celebrities who married their wives or husbands, even though they were criminals.

12 Papoose

11 Esther Schmucker

10 Sandra Bullock

9 Matthew Rutler

8 Robin Givens

7 Dennis Rodman

6 Melinda Gates

5 Sarah Jessica Parker

4 Jada Pinkett-Smith

3 Lana Turner

2 Charlie Sheen

1 Whitney Houston

There has long been a debate about whether late singer Whitney Houston was attracted to bad boys, or if she was actually the “bad” one in the relationship. When she was married to Bobby Brown, he was arrested several times for drugs and domestic violence, but she continued to stick by his side. It was also reported that Whitney’s friends and family members advised her against being in a relationship with Brown, and many people, including her mother, didn’t want her to marry Bobby. The two divorced a few years before Houston passed away from a drug overdose, and apparently remained close. Unfortunately, Bobby and Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died in a similar way to her mother, and was allegedly involved with a man who also had a drug problem and abused her.


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12 Celebs Who Don't Care That They Married Criminals