12 Celebs Who Completely Lost It After Being Dumped

Love and relationships are messy affairs that need to be nourished privately and celebrated publicly. The thing is, when relationships don't work, things get a little chaotic. The guy goes out to get a few drinks with friends and the girl commiserates with hers, over ice cream and wine (or it could be the other way around).

The fact of the matter is, being dumped by someone hurts. The pain felt during a breakup is on par with the pain felt with other life changing events such as losing a job or even death in a family. The pain is so real that the person experiencing it will feel overwhelmed by sorrow. This is where the coping mechanisms come in.

With a loss of any kind, you will go through a natural response of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Going through these phases is not that clean and clear cut. You will sometimes get stuck in a phase, unable to move on. This could be a personal choice or it may be imposed on the individual by external forces. If you don't move on and accept the truth, maladaptive coping mechanisms start to develop. These are the destructive habits and life choices that form when an individual doesn't want to move on, or it may just very well be a sign that he or she has lost it.


12 Lamar Odom

The former NBA star and husband of Khloe Kardashian was found in a drug induced coma on October 13, 2015, in a famous Nevada brothel. This was after Lamar reportedly engaged in a three day drug binge. Because he is in the public spotlight as an NBA player and an accidental reality TV star, it became public knowledge that Khloe filed for divorce late in 2014, and that their relationship has been strained because of drug abuse on his part. Aside from drug abuse, his fidelity has also been in question as there have been reports of him being physically intimate with girls who were not Khloe. The October drug binging incident was probably the culmination of all his personal and relationship problems coming to a head.

11 Eva Longoria

This beautiful desperate housewife has apparently had a real life desperate experience of her own thanks to her ex-husband, Tony Parker. The French NBA player met the TV star in 2004, and they wed in 2007. The marriage was however short-lived since in 2010, Eva filed for divorce citing infidelity on the part of Tony. In the aftermath of the bitter breakup, Eva Longoria fell into depression. During this time she didn't take care of herself all too well. She lost a lot of weight, making her look really thin really fast. There were those who complimented her but she soon realized that her weight loss was the result of her unknowingly starving herself.

10 Ryan Philippe

Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon were young, beautiful, famous and blonde when they were an item back in the 90s and 2000s. They were married for seven years before things went sour. The couple divorced in 2008. Because of the divorce, Ryan fell into what he recalls as the "darkest and saddest place" he had ever been. This is expected when you lose something but being unable to get out of bed for five months says something else. It says that you no longer have any control over your life, and while he was wallowing in self-pity, Reese was hitting the gym hard, which gave her her tight rockin' body.

9 Nicole Kidman


The Aussie bombshell became the subject of fantasy for men all around the world when she appeared fully naked in Stanley Kubrick's controversial movie, Eyes Wide Shut. She appeared opposite her then husband, Tom Cruise. According to her, she and Tom were happily married for 10 years. They even celebrated their tenth anniversary together with close family and friends. Shortly after that however, as if out of the blue, Tom filed for divorce. Nicole begged Tom to stay but he told her that his decision was final. This pushed Nicole into a depression, especially because everything was so sudden and her dreams of having a family with Tom were crushed when she had a miscarriage. For a long time after that, she doubted her ability to ever conceive.

8 Justin Timberlake

This former Mouseketeer became famous as 1/5th of the band N'Sync. While still making his way to the top, his girlfriend at the time, Britney Spears, was already given the title of being a "Pop Princess." Instead of living in her shadow, they both found emotional strength and even cross publicity opportunities in their relationship. They would always be seen together. The most famous thing that the couple is known for is their public declaration to remain celibate before marriage. Both of them vowed to remaining virgins and chaste. This added a juicy twist in their relationship which the media and their fans couldn't get enough of. When they split up after a 3 year relationship, Justin couldn't help himself, and he made the "Cry Me a River" music video which implied Britney's infidelity.

7 Britney Spears

This young siren was the "It" girl in the late 90s and early 2000s. She was given the appropriate title of being the "Pop Princess." With her signature raspy voice, she became successful in the U.S. and abroad. After her much publicized break up with Justin Timberlake, she became involved with a backup dancer, Kevin Federline. After a very surprising three month whirlwind romance, the two announced their engagement in 2004. They stayed together for only two years and had a messy custody battle over their children. It was during these times that Britney had a very public breakdown seen as constant out of control partying and drinking, reported substance abuse and violence against the paparazzi.

She even went as far as to turn on herself by shaving off her hair. Though there are now speculations that she did this to hide evidence of her drug use.

6 Selena Gomez

This beautiful young Latina became the envy of millions of young girls around the world when she held the heart of one Mr. Justin Bieber. Selena, who was a year older than Bieber, had been very close friends with the breakout YouTube star before they even started dating. This made their foundation of love strong but it wasn't enough to make it rock solid. Right from the start, Selena and Justin had always had a sort of on and off relationship. After their latest breakup, Selena admitted to feeling crazy for a bit, even to the point of voluntarily shutting herself off from the world by only staying in her house. She soon got over her recluse phase and got into a heavy drinking and partying phase which forced her to check herself briefly into rehab.


5 Owen Wilson

This crooked-nosed, shaggy-haired, slow-talking actor always plays light-hearted characters on screen – from the ever so hot Hansel in Zoolander, to the gun slinging Roy O'Bannon in Shanghai Noon. This makes what he did, or almost did in his case, really shocking. In 2007, Owen was rushed to St. John's Hospital to save his life after he attempted to end it by overdosing on pills and cutting his wrists. Owen and Kate Hudson met on the set of You, Me and Dupree and started a 6 month long relationship that ended Kate's marriage with her then husband, actor Chris Robinson. Before the suicide attempt, Owen had been a regular at the infamous parties at the Playboy mansion.

4 Kate Moss

Kate Moss became the poster child for the heroin chic aesthetic back in the 90s after her super sexy Calvin Klein ads with Marky Mark. This ultra svelte model met her soulmate in the rugged bad boy that is Johnny Depp. The two painted every town they were in red. They partied like there was no tomorrow and for how dangerously they lived, that was probably always almost the case. The two wild souls made their relationship official when they soon married, still continuing their supposed drug-filled romance. She was dependent on him for advice and guidance and when he left, she became lost. Kate cried her heart out for years after their break up and even allegedly turned to drugs and booze for relief.

3 Demi Moore


Back in the 90s, Demi Moore was considered as one of the hottest and sexiest stars around, and rightfully so. She wowed everyone with her performance in movies such as the romantic fantasy Ghost, the action-thriller A Few Good Men, and of course the sexy-action film, Striptease. Her career was skyrocketing up and up, but her love life wasn't. Before meeting Ashton Kutcher, she had already divorced twice and broken off two serious relationships. Ashton Kutcher is proving to be the love of her life because she can't seem to let go. Even after his constant womanizing, she still accepted him. She even remained hopeful of a reconciliation just before Ashton started dating fellow '70s Show alum, Mila Kunis.

2 Miley Cyrus

The former Hanna Montana star drastically altered her image and persona as soon as she got off her contract with Disney. First she became a little more adult-like by clearly shunning her former child star image. Miley began to frequently shock her fans and critics every time she would stick out her tongue, expose her breasts, twerk or posts pictures of herself smoking a blunt on Instagram. But, when did all these changes come about? Tracing her antics back, you can see that they started when Liam split with her in 2013. Sure, she's been a little sexy and rowdy when they were together, but he was always the one seemingly holding her back. It was after their break that her shock value antics were really over the top. She even confessed that with Liam, she just couldn't be herself.

1 Taylor Swift


When it comes to breaking up with a boy, no one does it better than Taylor Swift. It would seem that whenever she experiences a failed relationship, she would turn to writing the next big hit. In the course of her career, she's had many high profile relationships with equally famous boys. Basing on her songs, it's easy to see that this girl knows the pain of love. And, a girl with that kind of pain needs to do something to cope. With her breakup from Conor Kennedy she fell into the trap of self-pity and self doubt, stating herself that she wasn't normal and she doesn't know how to love normally. Her breakup with Harry Styles however, reportedly drove her to drinking more than usual. But, everything's all well and good because her close friend Selena Gomez is always there for her... Oh, wait.



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