12 Celebs Who Are Still Too Difficult To Work With

Celebrities, in general, have a reputation for being too demanding and expecting people to fulfill their ridiculous requests. While this notion is often played up in movies and TV shows for comedic purposes, there are some famous people who truly think the world revolves around them. Granted, there are individuals around these celebrities, including some friends and family members, who have enabled this mentality. However, that doesn’t mean the behavior is any less immature and annoying.

As some celebrities spend more time in Hollywood and realize that they could be replaced at any given moment by someone who is younger and hotter, they start to become more humble and gracious. And, believe it or not, some famous people actually mature and learn that arrogance is unappealing, and is actually a form of insecurity. Still, there are some celebrities who are still prone to throwing tantrums and having breakdowns when they don’t have the right type of candy in their dressing rooms. These famous people are almost as well known for their entitled attitudes as they are for their actual work, and that’s really not a great reputation to have. Sure, Hollywood agents may argue that all press is good press, but no celebrity wants to have the reputation of being too hard to please. Here are 12 celebs who are still too difficult to work with.

12 Bruce Willis

11 Jennifer Lopez

10 Megan Fox

9 Gwyneth Paltrow

8 Charlie Sheen

7 Madonna

6 Lindsay Lohan

5 Lea Michele

4 Jennifer Aniston

3 Mike Myers

2 Katherine Heigl

1 Chevy Chase

Even though actor and comedian Chevy Chase got his start on Saturday Night Live, he is banned from ever working on the show again, and is the only cast member, present or former, to hold that “distinction.” Chase has a reputation for being verbally abusive on set, and during an SNL rehearsal, he slapped actress Cheri Oteri in the back of the head. Co-star Will Ferrell saw this, and complained to Lorne Michaels, the creator of SNL. Chase then went on to appear on the show Community, but was gradually written out of the show because of his constant racial slurs. He also continued to get in fights with the creator of Community, Dan Harmon. Chevy Chase may be a legend, but we’re not sure if anyone will be hiring him any time soon.


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12 Celebs Who Are Still Too Difficult To Work With