12 Celebs Who Are Constantly Being Accused Of Something

Being famous definitely has its perks (and lots of them), but it’s easy to see how it can sometimes be annoying to be in the public eye. After all, fans and critics aren’t exactly kind all the time. It’s easy for one mistake or unfavorable moment in a celebrity’s life or career to stand out in the public. For years after the incident, the celeb could be known for that one “situation,” even if he/she has done some great personal or professional work since the mistake. Of course, there are also some celebs who are always getting into trouble, which makes it easier for the public to accuse these famous people of their wrongdoings, even when the celebrities aren’t guilty.

Having a certain reputation in Hollywood can also be profitable, if a celebrity knows how to play his/her cards right. Famous guys with a “bad boy” image are often considered for roles that help to perpetuate this notion, and women who are known for being brash or overtly alluring sometimes land movies and reality shows that allow them to “be themselves.” However, there is a downside to this. If the celebrity has relationship issues, starts to have financial trouble, or gets into any type of disagreement with anyone (which are all normal things that happen in life), the public is quick to put the blame on the celebrity, even without all the facts. Here are 12 celebs who are constantly being accused of something.


12 Wendy Williams

Talk show host (and part-time comedienne) Wendy Williams is often accused of a lot of things. Some celebrities blame her for making unflattering stories about them even more sensational. There was even a time when rapper Method Man, blamed her for exposing personal information about his family to the public and causing emotional distress in his family. Williams has most recently been accused of being born a man and trying to keep it a secret. There have long been rumors that she is transgender, which she vehemently denies. She’s even shown pictures of herself as a child on her talk show to prove that she was born female. Williams says that “there’s no worse way to insult a woman” than to assume that she’s actually a man. Perhaps the gossip about her would stop if she were a little kinder to other celebrities.

11 Beyonce


Award-winning singer and successful businesswoman Beyonce, can easily be “accused” of being one of the greatest vocalists of our time, and we’re sure her die-hard fans would agree. However, she’s also often accused of stealing other people’s songs in order to contribute to her success. There has been a constant rumor that Beyonce often credits herself for writing songs that she didn’t actually pen. In the summer of 2015, she was accused of stealing her XO, from a background singer. The singer, whose name is Ahmad Lane, sued Beyonce for $7 million in damages. Beyonce has also been accused of stealing other people’s fashion choices and calling them her own. While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by others, it’s important to give credit where it’s due.

10 Jamie Lee Curtis

Sure, veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis can be accused for acting in a not-so-great movie once in a while (think Freaky Friday), but for the most part, the Scream Queen actress has been out of the tabloids in terms of negative news. She has, however, been accused of being born a man or being a hermaphrodite for the duration of her career. Whenever she has a major project coming up and has to be in the press often, the rumors resurface. When she was interviewed by Howard Stern, he asked her about her gender in his tactless way. She responded with “How dare you say that! I have children!” Looks like she’s pretty tired of the accusations.

9 Katherine Heigl


Ever since she left Grey's Anatomy and criticized the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes in saying that the script left a lot to be desired, Heigl has been accused of being difficult to work with. When she starred with Seth Rogen in the movie Knocked Up, he said that she was pretty uptight and judgmental on set. Fellow actors and Hollywood executives have even accused her of not being “worth it,” indicating that she’s not even talented enough to be so demanding. Recently, her North of Hell co-star Patrick Wilson, said that Katherine was gracious on set, and was punctual and hard-working. Either she’s trying to clean up her image, or she and Wilson have become great friends.

8 Sean Young

You may remember actress Sean Young from the movies Stripes and No Way Out. She’s been off the radar for a while, because she was constantly being accused of being a diva on set. Her alcohol addiction made it very difficult to work with her, and she was even fired from the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street, because of it. With her reputation already in question, Young was sued for harassment to the tune of $6 million by James Wood, the rapper she had an affair with. Looks like she was a “delight” on and off set. During an interview in 2008, Young stated that she was a “comeback waiting to happen” and that “no one deserved it more” than her. Interesting indeed.

7 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston will always be known as Rachel from Friends, which is probably why most people expect her to be, well, friendly. However, according to Radar Online, when Aniston was working on Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, it was reported that she was pretty anti-social. While everyone else went to the cafeteria to socialize and grab lunch, she took her lunch to go. This isn’t the first time Aniston has been accused of not being as bubbly and congenial as her Friends character, but she may just be tired of everyone expecting her to be happy all the time. Only in recent years has her personal life started changing for the better, so maybe fans should cut her a little slack.

6 Shannen Doherty

Everyone’s favorite bad girl from the iconic show Beverly Hills, 90210, was fired from the show because of her inability to get along with the producers. Since then, Doherty has constantly been accused of having a fiery temper and being a pain to work with. Former castmate Ian Ziering, even stated after Shannen was fired that he was glad she was gone, and that she was unprofessional. The late Aaron Spelling, who was the creator of the show, stated that the producers had enough of Shannen showing up at 10 or 11 when she was supposed to be on the set at 6. Doherty later joined the cast of Charmed, but her co-stars there also said that she hadn’t learned much from her previous firing. The accusations of Shannen being difficult to work with have followed her, and they’ve definitely taken a toll on her career.


5 Taylor Swift


It’s pretty much a Hollywood legend that singer Taylor Swift comes up with the material for her hit songs by dating celebrity guys, breaking up with them, and using her “heartbreak” as inspiration. These rumors will not likely stop any time soon, since there always seems to be a song or album that corresponds with one of Swift’s relationships. In addition to being accused of using her love life as a way to stay relevant as an artist, Swift has also been accused of being a mean girl. Even though Taylor seems to promote sisterhood, she doesn’t take too kindly to anyone doing better than her, and feels she should be the queen of all music. Good luck with that.

4 Justin Bieber

When isn’t Justin Bieber being accused of something? Sure, some of the things he’s guilty of, like not knowing how to behave in front of government officials and being unfaithful to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. However, Bieber has also been accused of fathering children (sometimes with women he’s never met or slept with), and for throwing tantrums on stage when fans don’t meet his demands (he recently left the stage when his fans weren’t clapping in correct rhythm to his song). Then there’s the naked pictures he took recently, which most believe was just for attention. We’re not sure what to say, except that Bieber should probably just stick to singing for a while.

3 Lea Michele


The former Glee star, who is now starring on Scream Queens, has long been accused of being pretty mean and impatient. Waiters have reported that she and her family are among the worst famous people to serve at restaurants, and have been known to harass and talk down to the wait staff while dining. When Kate Hudson appeared on Glee, she stated that she wasn’t impressed with Michele’s attitude at all. During a technical delay on the show, Lea reportedly snapped her fingers and declared that she “had plans,” which was supposedly a way to get the crew to hurry up. Michele should probably get her act together, or Fox is the only network where she’ll get any roles.

2 Nicki Minaj

Even though rapper Nicki Minaj constantly talks about how women should be treated fairly in business and how much she loves children, she is constantly accused of appearing mean and entitled. When she was a judge on American Idol, it was reported that she wouldn’t talk to any of the contestants, and refused to take pictures with fans who asked for a photo. She is also accused of blowing fans off after concerts and appearances, although sometimes she feels friendly enough to interact with people. Recently, Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, had a few serious accusations of his own to deal with. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old, and his sister Nicki quickly came to his rescue to pay the bond for his release. We’re hoping there isn’t any truth to this tragic story, but it is also a testament to the fact that Nicki is often “accused” of being loyal to those she loves as well.

1 Kim Kardashian


There’s no doubt that the most famous member of the Kardashian family is constantly in the news for one thing or another. When her sex tape was released back in the day, she was accused of being a wh*re. When she married basketball player Kris Humphries, aired a special on TV that chronicled the wedding, then ended the marriage after just 72 days, she was accused of using the situation for media attention and profits (again, the jury is still out). Most recently, she was accused of stealing her platinum blonde look from a Serbian pop star named Jelena Karleusa, and for photoshopping the pictures from her latest nude photoshoot. Of course, she got lots of criticism from social media, but what else is new? We’re pretty sure people won’t stop accusing Kim of things any time soon, and since that has become part of her brand, she probably doesn’t mind as much as we think.


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