12 Celebs Known For The Most Dramatic Temper Tantrums

Being a celebrity is not an easy job; like us, they too have responsibilities like showing up to work on time, maintaining a professional demeanor and making sure they impress their boss. Then again, sometimes when a celeb's head gets inflated, the tables turn and they end up thinking the world owes them something and that includes complete and utter perfection. More and more in this age of social media, incidents are popping up of celebrities being filmed taking their anger out on innocent by-standers. Actors like Christian Bale, Rosie O’Donnell, and Nicki Minaj have all been caught on camera spewing words of hatred. This is a list comprised of 12 celebrities with outrageous anger issues, so read on to see who takes the number one spot on this list of celebrity rage.

12 Shannen Doherty


Imagine being informally kicked off the set of a show for being “difficult”? Well, actress Shannen Doherty has experienced this twice. Doherty who is rumored to have anger issues both on set and off, has supposedly jeopardized jobs in the past because of her anger. One of the main issues reported with Doherty on set was scuffles with her co-stars, including Alyssa Milano and Tori Spelling. In 2013, Milano did an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, where she stated that there were definitely rough days on set and it felt like high school.

11 Tyra Banks


Super models are allowed to have bad days too, right? Professional super model, Tyra Banks seemed to have had a bad day from hell, on the set of her hit show, America’s Next Top Model. Disappointed with how contestant Tiffany was emotionless when kicked off the show, Banks could no longer take her "poor, unappreciative attitude" and reportedly laced Tiffany with the biggest outburst ever seen on ANTM. In an interview, Tiffany clarified her feud with Banks and stated that since then, they have spoken and everything is fine between them.

10 Val Kilmer


The wild card on this list is Val Kilmer, who is apparently notorious for being difficult on set. Kilmer hasn't had a known outburst since the early 2000s, but was known to want creative control of every movie set he step foot on. Reportedly starting his tantrums at the tender age of 12, walking off a Joel Schumacher directed commercial for hamburgers, it was said that he was treating crew members badly. Now most people would chalk this up to being a bratty 12 year old; however, it only got worst. Screenwriter Kevin Jarre, stated in an interview that Kilmer had a darkness to him that he didn't feel comfortable speaking about.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio


Everyone’s favorite Oscar nominee (always a bridesmaid, never a bride), Leonardo DiCaprio has had his fair share of anger issues. Known to get really into character, DiCaprio has had his run-ins with directors and co-stars, a couple of times. The one that stands out the most happened on the set of the 2012 film, Django Unchained (The D is silent), when a stunt went wrong that landed DiCaprio with a bloody lip. He reportedly went into a fit of rage, having enough of the vintage set and the obstacles it provided.

8 Rosie O’ Donnell


She’s the talk show host everyone loves to hate; never one to back down from a fight and always so generously stating her opinion. Back in 2007, Rosie O’Donnell refused to back down and furthermore, challenged co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck in the cat fight to end all cat fights. The almost 6 minute rage went down on live television, and didn't end there. Apparently, behind the scenes, O’Donnell and Hasselbeck refused to hatch out their issues and in other interviews, made comments towards their on-going feud. As of this writing, Hasselbeck is currently with Fox News, while O’Donnell has returned to The View replacing Barbara Walters.

7 Russell Crowe

Apparently being of Irish background gives actor Russell Crowe permission to fly off the handle when he feels like it. More known now for his infinite bouts of rage than his acting, Crowe is not afraid to put his hands on anyone or lace them with threats that have about a 90% chance of actually happening. Back in 2000, while Crowe was filming the movie Gladiator, he thought it would be a good idea to call producer Branko Lustig at 3 am and threaten to kill him with his bare hands; all this because he didn't feel that the day rate pay for his assistants was enough. Author Nicole LaPorte’s book, The Men Who Would Be King: An Almost Epic Tale of Moguls, Movies, and a Company called DreamWorks, details the crazy encounter.

6 Nicki Minaj


When rapper Nicki Minaj joined the set of American Idol, she was reportedly excited to work along greats such as Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson; however, that soon turned sour when she realized what a diva Ms. Carey was. In 2012, TMZ posted a video of Minaj and Carey engaged in an all-out war, with Nicki threatening to knock diva Mariah out. Nicki has been known to lose her temper quite a bit, but states in an interview with Jay leno that she is on the road to recovery. No one is quite sure what caused the tension between Nicki and Mariah, but it’s safe to say who finished it.

5 Steven Seagal

According to actor John Leguizamo, martial artist and actor Steven Seagal is a bully; while filming Executive Decision, in 2010, Leguizamo stated that the “karate fatso” would let out his insecurities in a very schoolyard way. Apparently while rehearsing a scene, Segal “taekwondo’ed” him against a brick wall, elbowed him and knocked the wind out of him. Not only was he shocked and in pain, Seagal never gave an explanation nor an apology. There have been other reports that Seagal has bullied others on set, such as stuntmen and other actors; he is known for doing things like randomly kicking people in the nuts just because he can.

4 David O. Russell


Way back when director David O. Russell was directing films like I Heart Huckabees, he thought he was bigger than his britches. The behind-the-scenes of the 2004 film was said to be tumultuous and chaotic, feeling that actress Lily Tomlin was intentionally not taking direction from him, Russell butted heads with a few of the stars; supposedly knocked over a stack of papers and threw a lot of f*** bombs in Tomlin’s direction. Tomlin later said that she loves David and laughed off the fight, saying that there was just a lot of pressure while filming. Hmm passive aggressive much?

3 Kiefer Sutherland


On the set of 24, Kiefer Sutherland was said to be a terror to work with. Cooperated by several actors including Freddie Prinze Jr., who stated that he was the most unprofessional person to work with and he wanted to quit acting after having encountered Sutherland. However, the story that takes the cake is that of Shohreh Aghdashloo, Sutherland's co-star for 12 episodes on 24, who in her book The Alley of Love and Yellow Jasmines, stated that working with Sutherland was hard because he was such an angry man. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, she admitted that she believed that Sutherland had her character killed off and left her without a job.

2 Bill O’Reilly


One intern got the cussing of his life during his time at Inside Edition; anchor Bill O’Reilly blew up because of a teleprompter malfunction. Known for losing his temper quite a bit, O’Reilly aggressively questioned the intern, berating him with questions and not allowing him to answer. Because the intern was not answering the question, O’Reilly started swearing at him and insisting that he was going to “do it live”. Although quite entertaining to watch, you do feel quite bad for that poor intern. You have to see this video.

1 Christian Bale

It’s like American psycho coming to life. Actor Christian Bale, known for being a method actor, must have still been in character as Terminator when he freaked out on a crew member for walking into a shot BY ACCIDENT. In 2009, TMZ posted a video (of mostly audio) of Bale yelling and calling the crew member a prick and questioning his knowledge of being on a film set. The video is filled with swearing and degradation, and at one point, he actually lunges at the poor guy. It’s actually kind of awkward to listen to. Oh, and he goes on for almost 4 minutes non-stop. This is not the first time Bale has flipped his lid, but fortunately for him, it’s the only time he was actually recorded.

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