12 Celebs Caught With Their Pants Down

It’s not a big secret that infidelity is a huge problem in Hollywood (and also in the world in general). Even though celebrities are dating some of the “hottest” actors and singers in the business, some of these individuals still feel that the grass is greener on the other side.

Maybe celebrities cheat because they get bored too easily and are always looking for the next exciting relationship. Maybe famous people sometimes have a hard time being faithful to each other because, at the end of the day, all couples have issues, and money and fame don’t erase those issues. Of course, some people realize after getting into a long-term relationship that they’re just not connecting the way they want to. They may still have feelings for each other, and there may be children and major financial ties involved. So, some people feel that it’s more “logical” to have an affair—as long as they don’t get caught.

Whatever the reason for celebrity infidelity, one thing is true—the public never gets tired of hearing about it. Any time a celeb is caught being unfaithful, the story is sure to make the front page of a gossip blog, and may even be featured on major news channels. Perhaps the public likes to know that the rich and famous have some of the same problems as “civilians.” Here are 12 celebs who have been caught with their pants down.


12 Alex Rodriguez

Baseball player Alex Rodriguez (or A-Rod), is said to “spend time” with hookers from time to time. Sometimes he’s in a relationship when he has these trysts, and sometimes he’s not. It seems that being a New York Yankee isn’t enough to impress women these days—or maybe Alex just needs more sex than a “regular” woman can provide. Rodriguez has been romantically linked to Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz in the past. It has been rumored that infidelity was the reason both of these relationships ended. Both ladies have moved on, and seem to be doing pretty well in the romance department.

11 Hugh Grant


Remember when Hugh Grant was in a long-term relationship with the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Hurley? Yeah, so do we. Then he literally got caught with his pants down while “getting to know” prostitute Devine Brown. The scandal broke in the late 1990s, and made top news. If you Google Grant’s name today, you’ll still be able to see his mugshot from the incident. The Golden Globe and BAFTA award-winning actor hasn’t been in the spotlight much lately, but he’s made enough romantic comedies to last us a lifetime. Grant is currently dating Anna Elisabet Eberstein, a television producer from Sweden. The two have two children together, and Grant also has two children with Tinglan Hong, a Chinese restaurant receptionist. Apparently, Hugh Grant took turns having children with the two women, so perhaps his philandering days aren’t over.

10 Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is still regarded as one of the greatest comedians of our time, even though we haven’t heard much from him lately. There has been a long-standing rumor that Murphy is bisexual and/or secretly gay, and when he was caught with a male prostitute, it didn’t exactly make people less suspicious. Eddie maintains that he was just giving the guy “a ride home”, so take that however you want. Since Murphy split from his wife Nicole Mitchell-Murphy, in 2006 (the two have five children together), he’s been romantically linked to Mel B and Tracey Edmonds. Murphy had a child with Mel B, was unfaithful to her, and denied paternity of the child until a DNA test proved that he was the father. He is currently dating Paige Butcher, and the two are expecting a child together.

9 Jason Biggs


Jason Biggs is best known for his role in the American Pie movies. Rumor has it that Biggs likes to hire a prostitute from time to time. However, there’s also a rumor that he and his wife enjoy spending time with prostitutes as well. Some say that Biggs’ wife, actress Jenny Mollen, actually started the rumor. Perhaps the couple, who met on the set of My Best Friend’s Girl, likes attention. According to US Magazine, Biggs had sex with a prostitute while his wife watched and had a snack. So, maybe Jason Biggs has a problem being faithful. Then again, maybe Mollen is cool with that and the couple is just attention-hungry. After all, we haven’t seen many movies from either actor lately.

8 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is…an interesting individual. She’s also (further) proof that men aren’t the only ones who get caught with their pants down while entertaining prostitutes. A call-girl claims to have slept with Lohan, but Lindsay denies this. However, when you really think about it, who would lie about having sex with Lohan if it actually happened? It has long been rumored that Lohan’s relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson ended because of infidelity, and Lindsay goes back and forth between dating men and women. It has also been rumored that Lohan serves as a non-sexual escort herself sometimes, accompanying rich men to events.

7 Wiz Khalifa


Most people who are fans of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose thought that the couple had a real chance when they got married a few years ago. Rose and Khalifa also have a young son named Sebastian together, and fans were excited that they wanted to be a family. Things took a turn for the worst when Wiz got caught cheating. Rumor also has it that he was unfaithful to his wife with twins! Obviously, one woman at a time just wasn’t enough for him. Khalifa and Rose have since divorced, and Amber has even stated that Wiz turned into a different person and that she “didn’t know who he was” after finding out that he was unfaithful. These days, Wiz is diffusing his Twitter wars with Kanye West, and Amber Rose is speaking out for Women’s Rights in her own way.

6 Tiki Barber

Former football player and sports commentator Tiki Barber was known for his talent on the field. But apparently, he was also pretty popular with the ladies as well. Barber did the “unthinkable” when he cheated on his then-wife, Ginny Cha, who was pregnant with twins at the time, with the family's babysitter. The affair apparently went on for about two years. Cha and Barber got married in 1999, and divorced in 2012. That same year, he married his mistress, Traci Lynn Johnson, who was an NBC intern and much younger than him. In 2013, Barber and Johnson had their first child. In addition to having twin girls, Cha and Barber also have two sons together.


5 Eric Benet


Even though he has a beautiful voice and his acting isn’t terrible, Eric Benet will likely always be known to some as the idiot who cheated on Halle Berry. Berry and Benet were one of Hollywood’s best looking couples, and seemed to be really in love. That is, until Benet confessed to cheating on Halle with several different women. After the two divorced, Halle was so hurt that she said in an interview with Oprah that she’d never get married again. Olivier Martinez convinced her to try the marriage thing one more time, but their union ended in divorce as well.

4 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods made headlines a few years ago when it was revealed that he’d been cheating on his wife Elin Nordegren, with several different women. When Elin came after him with a golf club and destroyed his car, he was in the headlines once again. It was reported that Woods slept with several call girls, as well as “regular” women who were clearly looking for fame and money. Tiger’s unfaithful ways took a toll on his career, and he even lost endorsement deals after his image was tainted. He’s still a talented golfer, but most people can’t help but think about his sex addiction every time he steps on the green.

3 Justin Bieber


It is common knowledge that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up because he just couldn’t seem to stop sleeping with other people. Gomez tried to work with Bieber for a while, but eventually she got tired of being cheated on. It has also become common knowledge that Justin is a fan of brothels. This is pretty much a sign that Bieber has a problem. After all, he’s a heartthrob and it’s not like young women wouldn’t jump at the chance to be with him. There have also been rumors that Bieber has fathered a few children, so you’d think he’d slow down a bit in the sex department. In recent months, there have been rumors that he and Selena are discussing the possibility of getting back together. We’re not so sure that’s a good idea—for Selena’s sake.

2 Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce was once the adorable, freckle-faced redhead kid from The Partridge Family. Unfortunately, like many child stars, Danny became depressed and turned to drugs and alcohol when the acting jobs weren’t coming as quickly as they once were. Bonaduce was also known for his impulsive behavior, and married his second wife Gretchen, after only knowing her for one day. Surprisingly, the two were married for more than 16 years, and had two children together. Bonaduce was also caught fighting with a male prostitute that he mistook for a woman, which, unfortunately, made the news. He’s been in and out of rehab, but seems to be getting his life on track with his third wife, Amy Railsback, who is 23 years younger than him and serves as his manager.

1 Charlie Sheen


This is clearly not a shocker. Charlie Sheen has had more prostitutes than he probably even remembers. He even had a group of adult entertainers living with him and referred to them as “goddesses.” Charlie has also been known to be unfaithful in his relationships. When he was married to actress Denise Richards, he had an affair with his assistant. Sheen has had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, and messed up his great job as one of the stars of Two And A Half Men due to his personal issues. Sheen has also recently revealed that he has had HIV for some time due to his reckless lifestyle.


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