12 Celebrity Hotties You Completely Forgot Had Twins

Having a baby is a big deal. There’s an individual actually growing inside of you, and you’re filled with a myriad of emotions, which likely include excitement, nervousness and probably a little fear. Aside from pregnancy, you’ve got to prepare for bringing the baby home, clothing the baby, feeding the baby and making sure you don’t completely ruin this small person’s life. It’s a lot of pressure. If you find out that you’re having twins, the pressure can actually double.

Surprisingly, many celebrities have expressed these same sentiments when it comes to having a baby. Of course, many famous women are worried about the fact that their bodies won’t “bounce back” after delivering a baby, since looking hot is important for their images. However, we’re always fascinated when a new celebrity mom appears on the red carpet, looking as though she wasn’t in labor just a few months ago. It takes hard work for many women, but mothers everywhere can look at these famous mothers for inspiration. Of course, moms could be even more encouraged to reach their fitness goals after seeing some celebrity mothers who have given birth to twins. Here are 12 celebrity hotties who look so great, you forgot they’re mothers of twins.


12 Sarah Jessica Parker

Even though she was acting way before Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker’s fans will always affectionately know her as Carrie Bradshaw. She and her actor husband Matthew Broderick, welcomed twin girls Marion and Tabitha via a surrogate in 2009. While she didn’t deliver the babies herself, Parker still has to stay in great shape in order to keep up with her little ones. She’s often seen on the streets of New York taking her children for walks or playing in the park. Parker and Broderick also have a son named James, who was born in 2002. She delivered him naturally, so that definitely counts for something.

11 Rebecca Romijn


Model and actress Rebecca Romijn was certainly hot before she gave birth to twin girls, but now it seems that she’s even hotter! Her little bundles of joy, Dolly and Charlie, were born in 2008, and she and her husband, actor Jerry O’Connell, have been enjoying the adventure of parenthood ever since. While Romijn is often seen walking around town with her girls and speaks very fondly of being a mother, she makes it clear that she and her husband aren’t planning to have any more kids. In an interview with People, Rebecca stated that she and Jerry feel like “the world was made for pairs” and that “four feels like the perfect number” for their family.

10 Holly Robinson-Peete

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete has been acting for decades, but she’s made it clear that her greatest role is being a mom. Robinson is married to retired football player Rodney Peete, and the couple has four children together: Ryan, Rodney, Roman and Robinson. Ryan and Rodney are fraternal twins (Ryan is a girl), and the two are teenagers now, which brings about its own set of beautiful challenges. Holly has also become a spokesperson for autism, since her son Rodney was diagnosed with autism as a child. She has raised a significant amount of money for autism research, and seeks to promote education about the disease. Robinson can also be proud of the fact that after four children, she’s looking as great as ever.

9 Marcia Cross


The beautiful Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives actress always wanted to be a mother, but had a hard time conceiving. Cross was very open about the fact that she used IVF to conceive her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, who were born in 2007. She and her husband Tom Mahoney were thrilled to welcome their daughters, and Cross has been a spokesperson for a number of health conditions over the years as well. In addition to talking about fertility, Cross partnered with Stand Up to Cancer to raise awareness about the disease (her husband is in remission from throat cancer). Marcia Cross tends to keep her children out of the spotlight for the most part, which is likely an indication that she wants her girls to be well-adjusted.

8 Kate Gosselin

Most people immediately think of the eight children that Kate Gosselin has whenever her name comes up. However, there was a time when Kate and her ex-husband Jon, were only parents to a set of twins, Mady and Cara. The girls were born in 2000, and it took them a while to get used to their six new siblings, who came along a few years later. People tend to have very polarizing feelings about Kate (they either love or hate her), but there’s no denying that she’s come a long way in the looks department since her TLC reality show debuted. She had a tummy tuck, some facial procedures, and grew out that awful haircut to become a hot mom. The fact that she doesn’t wear pajamas every day with eight children to care for is deserving of some respect.

7 Mia Hamm

Soccer star Mia Hamm is known for her physical strength and agility, and these qualities likely come in handy quite often when raising twins. She and husband Nomar Garciaparra (a former professional baseball player) were married in 2003, and welcomed their twin girls Grace and Ava, in 2007. The couple also have a son named Garrett, who was born in 2012. Hamm stated in an interview with People that caring for twins can be exhausting, and that there were times when she could “really use an extra half hour of sleep.” She also says that once she sees her babies in the morning and they smile at her, she knows that motherhood is completely worthwhile.

6 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a Hollywood fixture, and can draw millions to the movies to watch her latest film, even if it’s been years since she’s acted in a project. Roberts has a smile that can light up a room and is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she’s also the mother of twins. Her fraternal twins, a son named Phinnaeus and a daughter named Hazel, were born in 2004. Roberts is apparently a very hands-on mom, because she wore a streak of pink hair to a charity event in 2008, and was proud of the fact that her daughter Hazel did it for her. Roberts also has a son named Henry, born in 2007.


5 Diana Krall


Jazz singer Diana Krall had twin boys with her musician husband Elvis Costello, in 2006. The boys, Dexter and Frank, will likely have some type of musical talent as they get older. Krall is known for her sultry, smoky voice, but she’s also not bad-looking. After giving birth to her boys, she still maintains her hottie status, which is probably because she takes walks with her boys (she probably spends a considerable amount of time in the gym as well). Krall stated in an interview with People that twins run in her family, which may be why she wants the boys to have their own identities and doesn’t dress them in matching outfits.

4 Zoe Saldana

Model and actress Zoe Saldana has twin boys (Cy and Bowie) with her husband Marco Perego. While it’s true that she did gain a considerable amount of weight during her pregnancy (she was carrying two babies, after all), she has gotten her body back in shape quite nicely. The actress, known for her work in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, has made it clear that exercising is hard work when you’ve got twins, but she’s also included her boys in her workouts by doing push-ups or sit-ups and getting “snuggles” from her little ones as rewards for her workouts. Saldana has made the Most Beautiful People list several times, and it’s definitely not hard to see why.

3 Julie Bowen


Julie Bowen’s hilarious character on Modern Family keeps families laughing every week. She’s also a mom in real life, and has a set of twin boys, Gus and John. Before having the twins, Bowen also had a son named Oliver with her husband Scott Phillips, a real estate developer. She’s a huge supporter of breastfeeding, and even mastered the art of nursing her twins simultaneously. Now that’s talent. In addition to keeping up with three young sons and starring on a hit show, Bowen is also a spokesperson for Neutrogena. She’s bounced back from having babies so well that most people wouldn’t even be able to tell she’s given birth.

2 Angelina Jolie

While it’s definitely not hard to remember that actress and activist Angelina Jolie has a lot of children (the head count is up to 8 so far), most people don’t readily remember that she and husband Brad Pitt, also have a set of twins. Fraternal twins Knox and Vivienne were born in 2008, and are easily some of the most adorable children in Hollywood. While Jolie adopted many of her children, she actually carried Vivienne and Knox. From the looks of it, the twins are well-loved by their siblings, and of course, their parents are enthralled with them. Since Pitt and Jolie obviously enjoy having a big family, they may adopt more children at some point.

1 Jennifer Lopez


Singer, dancer, actor and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez is perhaps just as well known for her well-toned body as she is for her professional accomplishments. Lopez has also been in the news for being in and out of relationships, but her marriage to singer and actor Marc Anthony proved to be beneficial, because she got a beautiful set of twins from their union. While Max and Emmy aren’t in the spotlight very often, Jennifer always speaks about how lucky she is to be a mom, and how much she loves her kids. Since she’s always wearing short and form-fitting clothing, it’s easy to forget that she’s the mom of twins. She’s also performing in Vegas these days, which means she’ll be dancing and burning off even more calories in the near future.


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