12 Celebrity Hotties You Completely Forgot Had Twins

Having a baby is a big deal. There’s an individual actually growing inside of you, and you’re filled with a myriad of emotions, which likely include excitement, nervousness and probably a little fear. Aside from pregnancy, you’ve got to prepare for bringing the baby home, clothing the baby, feeding the baby and making sure you don’t completely ruin this small person’s life. It’s a lot of pressure. If you find out that you’re having twins, the pressure can actually double.

Surprisingly, many celebrities have expressed these same sentiments when it comes to having a baby. Of course, many famous women are worried about the fact that their bodies won’t “bounce back” after delivering a baby, since looking hot is important for their images. However, we’re always fascinated when a new celebrity mom appears on the red carpet, looking as though she wasn’t in labor just a few months ago. It takes hard work for many women, but mothers everywhere can look at these famous mothers for inspiration. Of course, moms could be even more encouraged to reach their fitness goals after seeing some celebrity mothers who have given birth to twins. Here are 12 celebrity hotties who look so great, you forgot they’re mothers of twins.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker

11 Rebecca Romijn

10 Holly Robinson-Peete

9 Marcia Cross

8 Kate Gosselin

7 Mia Hamm

6 Julia Roberts

5 Diana Krall

4 Zoe Saldana

3 Julie Bowen

2 Angelina Jolie

1 Jennifer Lopez

Singer, dancer, actor and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez is perhaps just as well known for her well-toned body as she is for her professional accomplishments. Lopez has also been in the news for being in and out of relationships, but her marriage to singer and actor Marc Anthony proved to be beneficial, because she got a beautiful set of twins from their union. While Max and Emmy aren’t in the spotlight very often, Jennifer always speaks about how lucky she is to be a mom, and how much she loves her kids. Since she’s always wearing short and form-fitting clothing, it’s easy to forget that she’s the mom of twins. She’s also performing in Vegas these days, which means she’ll be dancing and burning off even more calories in the near future.


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12 Celebrity Hotties You Completely Forgot Had Twins