12 Celebrity Couples Everyone Is Fed Up Of Seeing

Everyone loves romance, but there are just some celeb couples that we are so sick of seeing and hearing about. You know that couple that is always front row at every event trying to out due everyone else with their bling, or the couple who just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut, especially about things they know absolutely nothing about.

There are celebrity couples that we just want to scream enough is enough at. You know the couple, who make you roll your eyes and say “oh please!” The couples who literally make you sick to your stomach with their arrogant and all about us attitudes. You know the couples that you hope break up asap so you never have to see again.

Some of the couples are just annoying, some are straight up crazy and others you are not quite sure why you dislike them, but you are certain that you do. You know those couples that prevent you from buying your favorite magazine because they are on the cover. Or the couple who you turn the channel on every time they show up on your TV screen. Whether they are A-listers or D- listers, here is a look at 12 celebrity couples we are fed up of seeing.


12 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Why do people dislike Blake and Ryan? Is it because they come across as so perfect that they seem plastic? Do we hate the fact that they always look so put together? Does it drive us crazy that they look like a Disney couple that should have animated birds tweeting love songs as they circle around and around their heads?

Maybe we hate them because we believe it is impossible for anyone to be as happy as they always look and many feel like they are giving us false hope that true love is out there. Whatever the reason, Lively and Reynolds have made the 'we don’t like you one bit' list.

11 Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross


The main issue people have with this couple is the fact that their claim to fame is being related to someone famous. Everyone hates a person who rides on coattails. To be on the red carpet, shouldn’t you have done something to deserve to be there? Having a famous relative should not give you a free pass to fame.

Ashlee and Evan continue to show up on the red carpet, and we continue to wonder why they are there. Also, Evan loves to wear those deep V-neck t-shirts and that alone is annoying, but the main reason people hate this couple is because they have done nothing to deserve the attention that they receive.

10 David and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham isn’t difficult to look at and Victoria has fashion model looks, but there is something about these two that just irritates the heck out of some people. They always look perfect and why does David feel the need to wear pants so tight his butt looks as though it could break free at any moment?

Honestly though, it appears that David is more disliked than his wife. It feels like David Beckham is always around like the house guest you just can’t seem to get rid of. He is always looking down at us from billboards larger than life. He is on almost every TV station and his cologne ads pollute our favorite magazines.

9 Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag


Now, here is a couple that we love to hate, and they seem to love that we hate them. Controversy has followed this reality TV couple since they starred on Celebrity Big Brother. This couple is pompous, rude and under handed. They will do whatever it takes to keep themselves in the spotlight.

It’s difficult to tell which of them should be classified as the ditzy blonde. If ever there was a couple whose motto was “all about me”, it is Pratt and Montag. We are all hoping they will make the decision to stay across the pond permanently and off of our TV screens.

8 Ice-T and Coco

The problem with Ice-T and Coco is that their relationship often seems more like an adult movie than a marriage. It looked like the “happy” couple was going to go their separate ways after Las Vegas rapper AP.9 claimed that he had his way with Coco in bed.

When his claims were ignored he then released a series of photos that made Coco appear to have been a very bad girl. Coco apologized publicly for the photos, but continued to deny the fact that she had been intimate with AP 9. Despite the proof in front of him, Ice-T stayed at Coco’s side and the two are now expecting a baby. The incident had Ice-T taking major hits to his pride as he became the butt of jokes about his poor judgement.

7 Bill and Beverly Cosby

Okay, this one is a given. Does anyone really need an explanation to why this couple is so disliked? Everyone knows that wives stick by their men, but in this case the fact that Beverly is still with him and even worse defending him, is pure offensive.

The Cosby Molest-o-Meter is tipping higher and higher and the question on everyone’s mind is why hasn’t Beverly left Bill and taken a fortune with her? It’s understandable for a wife who has been with someone for so long to forgive them if they cheated once, but this goes far deeper than cheating.

6 Josh and Anna Duggar

Josh Duggar is a cheat. He has reportedly been in treatment for his sex addiction. To make a bad situation even worse, he has been accused of molesting his sisters. Duggar has shown no remorse for all of the pain that he has caused. He even made jokes about the molestation charges.

Anna Duggar is either desperate or stupid and standing by her man without even questioning his actions. Josh Duggar admitted to using the website Ashley Madison to find woman to have affairs with. Despite the fact that he has publicly humiliated her, Anna will not leave him and even stated that she blames herself. When it comes to these two, people hate cheaters and they hate that Anna doesn’t have enough self-respect to get out of the relationship.


5 Jay Z and Beyonce


Beyonce and Jay Z are that couple you see in the front row of all the big events. They are the couple that works to portray that they are perfect as individuals and as a couple.

Recently they squashed rumors that their marriage was on the rocks by appearing arm in arm at a music festival. No couple is that perfect, and Beyonce and Jay Z give off an impression that says that not everything is as it seems. They make many suspect that there is a deep, dark secret locked in a closet and the world is waiting for the skeletons to break free.

4 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

One of the reasons many people dislike Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is the fact that their relationship broke the heart of America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. The world watched as Aniston struggled to put the pieces of her life back together again as Pitt divorced her so he could move in with Jolie.

A man that cheats can never truly be trusted and you have to wonder if Jolie loses sleep wondering when Brad will step out on her and with whom. All the good deeds they do will never erase the fact that their union came to be at the sacrifice of another person’s heart.

3 LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian


This is another case of "DUH", we know why the world doesn’t like you. Now there is nothing wrong in finding love at the work place, but if you’re already married you should not be looking.

While on set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights, Rimes, who was married at the time, became smitten with Cibrian who was a married man. The duo received major backlash after cameras caught them sharing a touchy feely romantic dinner. Both Rimes and Cibrian divorced their spouses and tied the knot. Since marrying Cibrian, Rimes has been in a very public Twitter feud with Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville. Many feel that Rimes should be ashamed of her actions and keep her mouth shut.

2 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith are the king and queen of weird. Both are highly respected actors, but that is often overshadowed by their strange behavior, which includes their deep roots in Scientology.

The couple has been repeatedly ridiculed for the way that they have brought up their children. Now it is important to support your children and inspire them to follow their dreams, but when your children believe they are capable of things they are not, parents usually step in and explain reality to them.

Welcome to Planet Smith, where life is far weirder than any sci-fi film Will ever starred in.

1 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


If there is a more annoying couple on the planet than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, let’s all hope we never run into them. This pompous, annoying couple with their ridiculous gimmicks, PR stunts and big mouths have us clenching our teeth.

One of the reasons the world dislikes Kim Kardashian so much is that she was born famous because her family is rich. Many believe she hasn’t earned her fame, as it was handed to her along with a silver spoon. Mix in loud mouthed, egotistical Kanye West and you have yourself a couple that people really hate and hope will decide one day to go into hiding for good.



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