12 Celebrity Children Hidden From The Public Eye

With so many negative references to paparazzi, it is no surprise that celebrities with children choose to shield them from the public eye. It is instinctive as a parent to keep your children from harm and also ensure that they live a normal, happy life. However, we all know that fame comes with the price of loosing your privacy in most cases, which makes it very difficult for celebrities to hide their bundles of joy.

The million dollar homes in seclusion, the darkest window tint on cars, and blankets covering heads still are not enough to keep the eye of an eager photographer away! Paparazzi photographers make their living from the exclusive photos that the entire world is eager to see. Therefore, seeing your favorite singer, actor, actress, or reality star with their children is one of the things that make a television personality more personable.

From paparazzi hiding in trees to almost causing car accidents from attempting to get a good camera shot, their determination can be slightly extreme. So, it has become common for celebrity parents to try their best to shield their children from that inevitable aspect of their lives. Here are 12 celebrity children that are hidden from the public eye:

12 Kevin Durand and Sandra Cho Durand

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11 Lucy Liu


10 Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston


On July 4th, actor Jeff Goldblum and wife Emilie Livingston welcomed their first child into the world. A healthy baby boy whom the glowing couple affectionately named Charlie Ocean Goldblum. The couple has been married since 2014. The couple initially confirmed the pregnancy publicly on The David Letterman Show, but as any new parents would, they shielded the little guy from the media for as long as they could. However, cuteness on this level cannot be contained. The couple recently released a few photos of their pride and joy for the world to swoon over, and it definitely worked.

9 Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne


Since Jack and Lisa Osbourne’s unfortunate miscarriage in 2013, a celebration was definitely in order for the Osbourne family’s new addition, the beautiful Andy Rose. This is actually the happy couple's second child. Their oldest daughter Pearl, was elated to have a baby sister and the couple raves about her excitement and involvement in her little sister’s life. She has “big sister story time” and has been said by the couple in various interviews that she loves her role as a big sister. Pearl often includes herself in the daily routine of caring for and teaching her younger sister different things.

8 Royce and Dwight Howard


This hidden bundle of joy definitely comes as a surprise to a lot of reality TV fans! The sassy and energetic Basketball Wives star and former Orlando Magic and Miami Heat dancer, Royce managed to hide her handsome young man from the public eye for almost 10 years! The little guy recently celebrated his birthday with a huge adorable smile. And what better time to get some media time than when your handsome baby boy is indulging in birthday selfies. Royce and NBA player Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets, are very protective over this extremely handsome little guy, with good reason.

7 Keira Knightly and James Righton


New mother Keira Knightly, happily revealed the welcoming of her new baby girl Edie to the world. Her and husband James Righton, are ecstatic about their daughter but are definitely keeping little Edie’s media exposure to a minimum. The couple has been spotted out and about on several occasions with baby Edie still hidden from the media. However, the world has totally fallen in love with the images that the family has chosen to release to the media. Although both Keira Knightly and James Righton are in no rush to push Edie into the lime light just yet, she has star quality already when looking at her immensely adorable face.

6 Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling


Everyone is familiar with the well known actress Eva Mendez, and her dreamy actor boyfriend Ryan Gosling, but who knew they were so private?! The couple recently gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl they named Esmeralda Amadar. Esmeralda was six months old before mommy and daddy allowed the world to have a glimpse of her adorable face. Due to the couple being so private, few even knew of Eva Mendez's pregnancy, so seeing this addition to their blossoming family was one of the most pleasant surprises of this year.

5 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds


4 Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh


World renowned producer Pharrell Williams, must have been taking notes from some of his industry friends when it comes to maintaining a private life. Pharrell and wife Helen Lasichanh, have a very handsome son by the name of Rocket Ayer Williams. Few pictures are found of Rocket, simply because the family as a whole have been stated to be “home-bodies”, enjoying the simple home life for recreation. And do not think because of lack of exposure, Pharrell is any less in love with his son. Pharrell actually wrote the “Rocket Theme” for the Despicable Me soundtrack in honor of his son. Needless to say with two creative and unique artists such as this couple, there is no doubt Rocket has more than enough fun in life, which is what every child wants.

3 Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica


We may need binoculars to keep up with this celebrity child. Surprisingly, the very eccentric and soulful Erykah Badu and rapper Jay Electronica, welcomed their daughter Mars into the world with no publicity at all. Erykah Badu is known for her ability to keep her life extremely private, however it seems as if the paparazzi do not even know where she is when she is not placing herself in the spotlight to showcase her music. With that being said, it is definitely an honor to see the elated Mars smile as she enjoys time with her father.

2 Chris Rock


The world loves Chris Rock and his witty (or sometime political) comedy, but rarely do we get to see Chris Rock in an intimate setting with his family. Chris Rock is very family oriented but values his privacy. His two daughters Zahra Savannah Rock and Lola Simone Rock, are his pride and joy, therefore he takes pride in keeping free of the celeb life by limiting their exposure. Any great dad would protect his princesses, therefore Chris Rock is nothing short of a normal father for choosing to keep paparazzi and media from peering too deeply in his personal life. But these two little ladies can definitely light up a room.

1 Beyonce and Jay-Z


Number 1 on our list of celebrity children hidden from the public is the very famous, Blue Ivy, daughter of multi-platinum grammy award winning Jay-Z and Beyonce. Beyonce revealed her pregnancy publicly after her performance at the MTV VMAs, in 2011. Considering her and Jay-Z had kept their relationship private for several years, the world went crazy at the announcement of her pregnancy on live television in 2011. Since then, the couple has done a great job only allowing a few moments of Blue Ivy’s life to be seen by the world, while keeping the majority of their media releases strictly business and their personal life still very personal.

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