12 Celebrities Who Used To Be Cheerleaders

The presence and support of cheerleaders is an integral part to the success of many sports team. It has become tradition that schools and sports teams have their own cheerleaders to fire up the fans. One of the main reasons for this is that the team feeds off the energy coming from the bleachers. With an intensely powerful cheer coming from the cheerleaders, the attending crowd will surely react and give off a resounding roar that will no doubt energize the team to go for one more goal, to get that winning point or to just play harder and better. This is the essence of cheerleading and those who are chosen and bestowed this honor are respected by their peers and relied upon. Cheerleading then holds a big responsibility to the team playing and the fans who cheer them on.

If you want to become a cheerleader, you need to have the charisma of a movie star, the moves of a pop star, the voice of a leader and the congeniality of a politician running for office. You need all these to work up the crowd. Maybe it comes as no surprise that many of our favorite movie stars, performers and even one powerful politician, were once cheerleaders in their younger years.

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12 Sandra Bullock


11 Cameron Diaz


10 Lindsay Lohan


9 Madonna


8 Eva Longoria


7 Megan Fox


6 Halle Berry


5 Paula Abdul


4 Fergie


3 Mandy Moore


2 Alicia Silverstone


1 George W. Bush


People love to rag on George W Bush. One of the criticisms that actually sticks and is evident in many of his interviews is that he is dumb, though this is challenged somewhat by what David Brooks, NY Times columnist, has said about the former president's smarts. Brooks told Playboy that the President is only putting on a "Texas act" and that he really is "60 IQ points smarter" when not in the critical eye of the public. Since being dumb is now off the table, maybe his haters will dig a little deeper into his history and latch on to when he was the head cheerleader back when he was a senior at Phillips Academy.

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