12 Celebrities Who Are Definitely @$$ Men

If you're a guy there aren't many things in the world that are on par with beautiful women. There are a few that get close. Beer, sports, fast cars, big machines, and a few other things are up there, but if you ask most hetero guys what their favorite thing in the world is, most will say a beautiful woman who wants to fool around. But in spite of this, there is an ongoing cold war between two entrenched camps of men. These are the boob guys and the @$$ men. We have to write it that way because of the internet fun police. They're everywhere.

In other words, the gents who prefer the knockers on the front and those who are partial to the back deck. The sweater-meat or the posterior. The derriere or the ta-ta's. The colloquial terms go on and on for days, but you get the idea. Some men like breasts, some like butts and there is seemingly no end in sight to the discussions in bars detailing the pros and cons of each.

In the world of show business, the luckiest men out there are those who have bagged themselves a female star who is the fantasy of us normal lads. While some go for the full package, and try to find a famous woman with a full set of stacked assets and a pretty face, there are some out there who clearly prefer a woman's backside. Here are twelve such men.

21 Joe Manganiello


19 Ryan Gosling


17 Justin Timberlake


15 Marc Anthony


13 Sir Mix-a-Lot


12 Pitbull


11 Nick Young


9 Ice-T


7 Meek Mill


5 Jay-Z


3 Eminem


2 Kanye West


Among the ranks of men who love women with ample junk in the trunk, there is nobody quite like Kanye West. He's currently married to Kim Kardashian, one of the biggest and most notorious butts in the business, and prior to their relationship, he dated professional large-bum-show-off Amber Rose. What many people forget is that Kanye was engaged to model Alexis Pfifer about ten years ago. She, like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, also has a great posterior, thus solidifying West's place atop this list.


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12 Celebrities Who Are Definitely @$$ Men