12 Celebrities Who Are Definitely @$$ Men

If you're a guy there aren't many things in the world that are on par with beautiful women. There are a few that get close. Beer, sports, fast cars, big machines, and a few other things are up there, but if you ask most hetero guys what their favorite thing in the world is, most will say a beautiful woman who wants to fool around. But in spite of this, there is an ongoing cold war between two entrenched camps of men. These are the boob guys and the @$$ men. We have to write it that way because of the internet fun police. They're everywhere.

In other words, the gents who prefer the knockers on the front and those who are partial to the back deck. The sweater-meat or the posterior. The derriere or the ta-ta's. The colloquial terms go on and on for days, but you get the idea. Some men like breasts, some like butts and there is seemingly no end in sight to the discussions in bars detailing the pros and cons of each.

In the world of show business, the luckiest men out there are those who have bagged themselves a female star who is the fantasy of us normal lads. While some go for the full package, and try to find a famous woman with a full set of stacked assets and a pretty face, there are some out there who clearly prefer a woman's backside. Here are twelve such men.


21 Joe Manganiello



Our list starts off with probably its least renowned member. Joe Manganiello is an actor, producer, director, etc, who is probably best known for being Brad, the wacky friend of Ted and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. His other roles include One Tree Hill and True Blood. Just a couple of months ago, he married Sofia Vergara, and unless you live in a cave, you probably know her as the sexy Latina mom from Modern Family. If Manganiello isn't a butt man, he married the wrong woman, because Sofia Vergara's derriere is among the best in show business.

19 Ryan Gosling



While many dudes out there may be less than fond of Ryan Gosling for his pretty boy reputation, anyone who has seen his performance in Drive knows he's a versatile actor who plays a tough guy more than proficiently. Aside from his film career however, one has to respect a list of ex's like he has. Ryan Gosling has dated a few women with great posteriors, but in all honesty, he's dated women with all kinds of unbelievable assets. He is rumored to have briefly had a fling with Kat Dennings, whose front is almost as ample as her back, and has also dated Blake Lively, whose butt is out of this world, much like the rest of her. Finally, if you still don't think he has a thing for nice @$$es, he has a kid with Eva Mendes; need I say more?

17 Justin Timberlake



Much like a few members of this list, Justin Timberlake has dated women of different shapes, but seems to have a habit of dating women with great butts. He dated Alyssa Milano over ten years ago, when she was stunning, along with of course Britney Spears in the early 2000's, when her body was unbelievable. But for the most proof of his love of phenomenally shaped derrieres, he's married to Jessica Biel. She has one of the best bodies in the business, and while she's good looking with perky breasts, her back end is about as perfect as they come.

15 Marc Anthony




Two time Grammy winner Marc Anthony helps us break into the single digits for our list, having married three women with great backsides. His current wife, Shannon De Lima, is a model and has a near flawless body, including a great butt. His first wife, Puerto Rican Dayanara Torres is a former beauty queen with the kind of behind that dreams are made of. Really though, you only need to see one of his exes to notice he is an obvious @$$ man. He was married to Jennifer Lopez for about a decade and she is in the possession of possibly the finest bum of the 90's and early 2000's.

13 Sir Mix-a-Lot


How can one write about celebrities who like enormous behinds and are unable to utter falsehoods about that fact, without mentioning Sir Mix-a-Lot? When one so much as thinks about big booty, what is the first song that comes to mind? Baby Got Back is among the most famous songs about beauty in the history of popular music. Some can call it misogynistic or objectifying, but in interviews, Anthony Ray (Sir Mix-a-Lot) has indicated that he wrote the song to describe how the emaciated, scrawny look isn't attractive to all men, and it's not a crime for a woman to have some meat on her bones.

12 Pitbull


Much like Sir Mix-a-Lot, Pitbull is one of those figures in the rap community (a group already synonymous with a love for butts) who may well like booty just a tad more than the rest. Pitbull and Lil' Jon performed a song way back in 2004 entitled Culo (a** in Spanish). While this alone does not qualify him for a spot on our list of rump-loving famous guys, the urban legend that he used to roll around Miami shouting the words at beautiful women does. Classy dude.

11 Nick Young



It would be difficult to call the Los Angeles Lakers' guard/small forward an incredible star, but Nick Young has made a career off of consistent play, versatility and being a great locker room presence. Off the court however, he is known for being engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea. In case you are unfamiliar, she has one of the most notable new butts of the women in that genre of music. He's either addicted to her talent or her butt because there really isn't much else to her. Is that harsh or honest? Maybe that's just me.

9 Ice-T



One of the greatest rappers in the history of the genre, and more recently, actor Ice-T is another man who cannot get enough of a large derriere. His wife, Coco Austin, is an actress, model and television personality whose rear has been subject of significant public scrutiny. People just can't believe that it is real. Real or not however, Ice-T digs the big booty and makes no secret about it.

7 Meek Mill



Probably the most flaunted set of cheeks in show business belongs to Nicki Minaj. Her song Anaconda is about her butt and she was featured in Big Sean's song Dance (@$$). Meek Mill, who has been seeing Minaj since earlier this year, has been spotted grabbing at her more than once in public, essentially proving that he is fond of the booty and is one of the luckiest @$$-men in all of show business.

5 Jay-Z



If we wanted to be crass, we would say that Jay-Z is married to the most outstanding, powerful of all the show business butts. That would be Beyonce's. While she obviously has a great posterior, of which her husband is quite obviously a fan, we have to say that Beyonce is the whole package. She's a pretty face, talented, with a great overall body, besides what decorates the back of her pants, and of course, knows how to make money. Isn't this what every man looks for? But back to the issue at hand, she has a great tush and Jay-Z is the envy of most of the butt-loving men in the world.

3 Eminem


We've listed a couple of rappers on here because of legendary songs about magnificent booty, but Slim Shady, Eminem, Marshall Mathers, the white dude who rhymes quickly, whatever you want to call him, has written two. "A** Like That" is by no means one of those tunes that earned Eminem his name among the Gods of hip hop, but the song had a dual purpose: a response to puppet-celebrity Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and an ode to great tail. The other song that got Slim Shady here is "Shake that", in which he and Nate Dogg worked together to create a great tune, with great rhymes and demonstrated true admiration for derrieres in motion.

2 Kanye West



Among the ranks of men who love women with ample junk in the trunk, there is nobody quite like Kanye West. He's currently married to Kim Kardashian, one of the biggest and most notorious butts in the business, and prior to their relationship, he dated professional large-bum-show-off Amber Rose. What many people forget is that Kanye was engaged to model Alexis Pfifer about ten years ago. She, like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, also has a great posterior, thus solidifying West's place atop this list.


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