12 Celebrities Who Admit To Watching Dirty Videos

The "entertainment" has always been an infamous subject matter that many shy away from discussing. Even with today’s generation easily exposed to adult content, it is still believed to be something that should be left in the shadows and only talked about in the constraints of close friends or spouses. The numbers are staggering when it comes to this type of content. Researchers say that 30% of web traffic is adult related. Furthermore, nearly 64% of young adult males and 18% of females use adult entertainment each week. With numbers this high one would think p**nography would be acceptable to discuss and be labeled as a normal thing to watch. Nevertheless, many are opposed to watching adult entertainment and considered it an immoral act. For others, it is simply considered as human nature.

This brings us to the article at hand. The hushed subject matter is also not particularly mentioned in Hollywood. The wrong slip up could be problematic to one’s career, especially with the way mainstream media can turn a story around to deliberately damage a celebrity. Several stars are for the idea, much like any other non-famous individual they enjoy exploring their sexual fantasies. Though, there are stars who oppose the idea as well, citing that adult films give individuals unrealistic expectations and can be destructive to a relationship. Whether they are pro or oppose the idea, it is interesting to see how these celebs feel about the matter. Here at 12 celebrities who watch adult content.

12 Amanda Seyfried

11 Ryan Reynolds

10 10.Aubrey O'Day

9 Juliette Binoche

8 Lily Allen

7 Amy Poehler

6 Scarlett Johansson

5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

4 Miley Cyrus

3 John Mayer

2 Justin Timberlake

1 Cameron Diaz

Unlike some other Hollywood starlets who hide behind a neurotic fixation, Cameron Diaz isn’t one of them and is very open with her pleasure for adult content. Diaz has openly revealed her love for it on Jimmy Kimmel, saying: “I love p*rn. You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are. They always give you that little thing at the bottom - 'Your room will be charged the same as any other room. Titles will be used.” Diaz has taken a positive view on the matter, and her comments could have gotten her in hot water in Hollywood, though instead, it seems to have made her more desirable.


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12 Celebrities Who Admit To Watching Dirty Videos