12 Celeb Wannabes That No One Cares About

Hollywood is extremely glamorous and exciting, but it can also be a pretty cold place—and we’re not talking about the weather. People can be “famous” one day and forgotten the next. Once a “celebrity’s” story becomes uninteresting, or he/she does something the public doesn’t approve of, and it’s like the person never existed. That’s pretty harsh, but most people are aware of the risk they’re taking when they strive to become famous. Perhaps that’s why Hollywood veterans encourage up and coming stars to perfect their art and always strive to improve on their creativity. However, some people are only interested in fame, and that usually doesn’t get them very far.

There are a few celebrities of years (or days) past whose names we can still remember. For the most part though, these former famous people don’t really have the support of the public anymore. It may be because they were unfaithful to their significant others. Or, maybe they had a little too much to drink and did or said some things that were pretty disturbing. There’s also the possibility that they were just way too hungry for fame, and started doing ridiculous things just to get attention. Whatever the case, the public wants nothing else to do with them, for the most part. Here are 12 celebrity hopefuls that “no longer matter” by Hollywood standards.

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12 William Hung

Remember when William Hung auditioned for American Idol in 2004. He wowed the judges with his rendition of “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin. You know you remember, even if you’ve tried to erase it from your memory. Now, every time "She Bangs" is playing, you’re probably reminded of Hung. After the audition, merchandise that featured William Hung inundated the market. For about a month or so in 2004, Hung was huge. The cast of Saturday Night Live even did a William Hung-inspired sketch. These days, William Hung is a technical crime analyst for the sheriff’s department of LA County. That’s probably best, since he really can’t sing that well.

11 Antoine Dodson

Remember the guy who was interviewed by the news, wearing a red bandana and warning you to “hide your kids, hide your wife?” Well, “That guy” was Antoine Dodson, and he immediately became an online sensation after that interview. Dodson was an eyewitness to a potential sexual assault on his sister in 2010, which was the reason for his news appearance. The video was viewed more than 16 million times, which indicates that the public was pretty entertained, even though the circumstances behind his fame were very serious. Dodson’s interview was even remixed into a song, which made it to the Billboard Hot 100. Because of his fame, he was able to earn enough money to move out of the projects with his family, and he even appeared in a Tyler Perry movie. Dodson has also declared that he is no longer homosexual, got married, and had a son in 2014.

10 Ted Williams


Ted Williams is the former homeless man with the golden voice who became an online sensation after a video of him talking to a journalist in Ohio was released. Williams went on a press tour, but unfortunately started drinking again shortly after becoming famous. He agreed to go to rehab, and reportedly has remained sober. Ted Williams’ voice has appeared in Kraft Mac and Cheese commercials, and he was also in a documentary called Houseless, to talk about his struggles with homelessness. Headline News reported in 2014 that Ted Williams now has a home, where he lives with his longtime girlfriend. In June 2015, Williams announced that he’s running for president as an independent candidate. Clearly, this is an attempt to renew his fame.

9 Patricia Krentcil


After taking just one look at Patricia Krentcil, it was easy to see that something wasn’t quite right. Krentcil was known as Tan Mom, because her skin was noticeably orange and leathery after spending way too much time in tanning beds. Patricia even took her six-year-old daughter to a stand-up tanning booth, and the tanning process caused burns on the child’s skin, which led to Krentcil’s “fame.” She was charged with child endangerment, and after lying about not taking her daughter tanning, the young girl admitted that “tanning with mommy” was something she did often. While the charges were dropped, all the tanning salons near her home banned her. Then, Krentcil, a mother of five, divorced her husband and started making adult films and even released a pop song. Krentcil also got caught drunk in public several times. Looks like her attempts to stay relevant didn’t go so well.

8 Alex (from Target)


Alex from Target was just a sweet-faced high school boy, trying to get accustomed to the work force. He made his way to Twitter when several shoppers thought he was pretty dreamy. From there, he ended up on The Ellen Show because he’d become so popular online. It all happened so fast, but it ended even faster. Just 10 days after Alex went viral online, he talked about the negative side of being famous. He told The New York Times that he’d been in his house “the entire time” and that he was “ kind of scared to go in public.” We’re guessing the public heard his cries to be left alone, since we haven’t heard much about Alex since late 2014.

7 Levi Johnston

6 Jon Gosselin


Remember when TLC was mostly famous because of a little reality show called Jon & Kate Plus 8? Jon Gosselin got a lot of notoriety because of the show, but when he and his wife Kate got a divorce, the public pretty much turned on him. After all, it seems pretty heartless to divorce someone you have eight children with. Rumors were swirling that there was infidelity in the marriage (who has time to cheat when you have eight kids?) and reportedly, the couple’s fame started to go to their heads. There’s been a busy custody battle after the divorce, and it’s been reported that Jon has had some money issues. As a matter of fact, in 2013, Jon was living in a cabin in the woods with no cable or Internet, waiting tables. He was reportedly fired for showing up late too often and missing too many shifts. Maybe he hasn’t realized that he’s not that famous anymore.

5 Jeremy Meeks


Jeremy Meeks, also known as Prison Bae, got a lot of people’s attention online when his mugshot was released. Some of the comments that women had about his looks were pretty alarming and were enough to make anyone blush. After all, you have to admit that Meeks is a pretty good-looking guy. He’s got high cheekbones, stunning blue eyes, and tattoos (which some people think are pretty sexy). He’s even got a teardrop tattoo underneath his eye, which in some circles, is a sign that he’s murdered someone. Now, it looks like Meeks may be in more trouble with the law. He should have used his online fame to earn a modeling contract and keep himself on the right path.

4 Jesse Helt


Jesse Helt caught the eyes of millions when he was called on stage when Miley Cyrus won the MTV Video of The Year. Helt was Cyrus’ date at the event, and Miley decided that if she won the award, she would bring attention to something other than herself. Helt was a homeless teenager, and when Cyrus brought him on stage, he asked people to make donations to a homeless shelter in Hollywood. When Oregon police saw Helt on TV, they realized that he’d violated probation. He was sentenced to six months in prison. This is definitely a case of fame gone wrong. Hopefully, Jesse can bring more awareness to homelessness after he’s handled his legal obligations.

3 V. Stiviano


V. Stiviano is the woman who claimed to be former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s “best friend.” Clearly, that was an attempt to become famous. She’s young and hot; he’s old and rich. Those are not the makings of a best friendship. When Sterling made racial slurs and V recorded them, Stiviano was all too happy to go on a press tour to discuss the scandal. As a result, Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA and had to sell his team to Steve Ballmer. V. Stiviano continued to try her luck with fame by wearing oversized visors and short shorts, but now, we’re pretty much over her.

2 Peter Nyong’o


If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Peter Nyong’o before, look a little closer. He looks a lot like his gorgeous sister, actress Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita is known for her remarkable performance in 12 Years a Slave, and often graces the covers of magazines for her stunning looks and impeccable fashion sense. Lupita took her little brother as her date to the Academy Awards. When Ellen DeGeneres decided to take a selfie with some of her celebrity friends, Peter got in at the last minute and pretty much photo-bombed a really famous picture. He also blocked Angelina Jolie’s face, which is enough to have him shunned in certain social circles. However, the college student doesn’t seem to regret his short-lived fame. We’re sure he’ll attend other award shows with his sister, and hey, you only live once, so why not photo-bomb a picture of A-list celebs while you can?

1 Cristina Scuccia


Italian nun Cristina Scuccia, wowed everyone when she auditioned for Italy’s version of the singing competition show, The Voice. Scuccia was only 26 at the time of her audition, which made it even more shocking that she’d decided to become a nun. Obviously, Cristina knows the meaning of consistency and devotion, and she applied these principles to the singing competition. She impressed the judges and viewers with her singing talent and chose songs like Livin’ On a Prayer and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to perform, which indicates that she’s still got a fun, youthful side. Scuccia went on to win the entire competition, and of course, became known as The Singing Nun. She even released a single, which was a cover of Like A Virgin. Even if we don’t hear much more from her, Cristina’s short-lived fame is pretty impressive.

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