12 Cartoon Characters That You Secretly Find Sexy

Cartoons and animations have long been associated with children. All the best kids’ shows are animated and, in recent years, some of the most anticipated family blockbusters are descended from the humble cartoon. However, cartoonists are only human, so, when tasked with creating a female character, most are powerless at resisting the temptation to bring their wildest fantasies to life. The result – this list. From the sexy sketches of the golden age of cartoons to more modern masterpieces created with CGI and computers, all of these fictional stunners are in contention for the title “Miss Cartoon Universe” for sure. You can deny it all you like, but every man has secretly lusted after one or more of these fictitious women and have spent long, sleepless nights silently cursing the fact that they only exist on TV or in the movies. Whilst some of these women were no doubt created with the sole intention of being sexy, others just come across sexy anyway; whether it’s the way they’re drawn, the way in which they act or other abilities they possess, all these lovely ladies are incredibly alluring. Here is our list of 12 very attractive female cartoons, see if you agree.


12 Helen Parr

Otherwise know as Elastigirl, Helen is the matriarch of the super-powered Parr family in the 2004 Pixar classic The Incredibles. Whilst Bob (Mr. Incredible) lets himself go after being forced into hiding, Helen manages to retain her superhero-like figure, despite no hero work and three kids. A devoted mother and wife, Helen originally rejects a return to heroism but eventually gets back in the game to save her husband and eventually the world – and in doing so dons a very tight, red spandex outfit that I’m sure convinced plenty of dads to buy their kids the film on DVD. Helen is kind-hearted, super sexy and isn’t afraid to kick some bad guy butt in order to keep her family safe. All these positive qualities makes you a little jealous of Mr. Incredible.

11 Wilma Flintstone

Taking a trip back to the stone age, we find yet another matriarch in the leading lady of the Flintstone family, Wilma. First broadcast in 1960, The Flintstones was a pioneer in the world of cartoons. A product of the legendary Hanna-Barbera studios, the show was immensely popular and ran for six years, during which we got a glimpse at the lives of Fred, Wilma, their daughter, Pebbles, and their best friends and neighbours, The Rubbles. Although it seems like a children’s show, the show was originally aimed at adult audiences and was the first American animated program to depict a man and a woman in the same bed. Perhaps this is why Wilma comes across so well with the male audience. Her characteristic short, white dress and pearl earrings betray an element of class and her fiery red hair is very attractive by caveman standards. Wilma’s physical appearance is very pleasant indeed, leaving men with an uncontrollable desire to yell one thing – Yabba Dabba Doo!

10 Turanga Leela

From the Stone Age to the Space Age, our next lovely animated lady graces our screens in the Matt Groening-penned Futurama. The show centres on the crew of the Planet Express delivery ship and their various intergalactic escapades. Whilst the other prominent female cast member, Amy Wong, may be more traditionally sexy, Leela’s rugged attitude and attire, complete with low-cut tank top and black boots, purple ponytail and martial art skills. Leela has caught the attention of most of her audience, as well as many of the male characters in the Futurama universe; she was most notably involved in perhaps the biggest will they, won’t they in cartoon history with fellow Planet Express crew member, Phillip J. Fry. Fry eventually got the girl though, a move that undoubtedly left many a Futurama fans just a little bit jealous.

9 Erin Esurance

Away from the world of TV shows and films now to a cartoon lady who featured most notably in a commercial. Erin Esurance was the TV mascot for auto-insurance firm Esurance and featured in many of their commercials as a secret agent posing as a motor industry official, with the idea of pairing something boring with something exciting. However, all it appeared to do was excite members of the public in a very different way, as the commercials featured Erin in a body-tight black cat suit and even showed her taking a shower. You can now see why, in 2010, Erin was cancelled. However, she still lives on as the perfect example of Rule 34 (see Rules of the Internet) as her “fans” took the time to depict her in fan art that leaves very little to the imagination. Whilst she was very appealing indeed, perhaps a sexy, leather-clad, pink-haired secret agent was not the best choice for an insurance advertisement.

8 Francine Smith

It's back to TV for out next entrant; devoted mother and wife Francine Smith of Seth McFarlane's CIA-based comedy American Dad. The show revolves arounds Stan Smith, a bumbling CIA agent and all-round good American, and the rest of his less-than-ordinary family, including a talking, German fish and a space alien named Rodger. His wife, Francine, is the traditional housewife; she enjoys her busy life around the home and is a compassionate, albeit sometimes overprotective, mother to her two children. Usually clad in her modest-length pink dress, red heels and red lipstick, again, there is an air of class about Mrs. Smith. Also, when you admire her skill set, which includes riding motorcycles, acting and singing and performing surgery, Francine is a badass housewife who can be very, very sexy. Stan is a lucky man indeed.

7 Daphne Blake


We're taking another trip back to the classic age of kids TV with Mystery Inc. member, Daphne Blake. Daphne is one of the famous Scooby-Goo group members, a group of mystery solvers who made their TV debut in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! in 1969 and still graces our screens today. With only the geeky Velma for female company, you can see why the male eye would be more inclined to roam towards Ms. Blake. Her hourglass figure, short dresses and shoulder-length red hair are very appealing qualities, however, she is a bit of a trouble-magnet, as it is often her that the monsters kidnap, prompting a rescue. Whilst romance may be hard to come by in Scooby-Doo, Daphne is yet another cartoon female who has tension with another cast member. There have been hints at Daphne and fellow Mystery Inc. member, Fred Jones, getting together since the show began and, finally, in the newer series the two do eventually hook up. Daphne has been a female cartoon idol for over forty-five years, which just goes to prove that beauty really is timeless.

6 Betty & Veronica

Going back even further, we find a pair of cartoon darlings when we examine Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge from the classic comic book series, Archie. First published in 1941, Betty and Veronica are portrayed as the two rival love interests of the titular character, Archie Andrews, with their attempts to win him over often being the main plot of the issue. Betty is Caucasian, with blonde hair and favours a more subtle fashion, wearing a t-shirt, jacket and skinny jeans, whilst Veronica is tanned, has long black hair and favours shorter dresses that show off her legs. Betty is the humble girl-next-door sweetheart to rival Veronica’s entitled, rich princess character, both of which have their flaws and appeals to the millions of Archie readers. Archie sure was a lucky guy; two beautiful girls were fighting over him, most guys would be lucky to get one. Whilst these two girls have had other relationships over the comic’s long history, they always seem to drift back towards Archie. As to who they end up with, well, that is still a mystery.


5 Lola Bunny

Admit it, even though she’s an animal, you still found Lola hot, didn’t you? From her first appearance in the 1996 live action movie (and one of my favourite films ever) Space Jam, Lola has turned more than a few heads. Designed to be Bugs Bunny’s female equivalent, Lola immediately wins the admiration of the other resident rabbit. Tall with tanned fur, a ponytail and no stranger to a seductive pose, Bugs didn’t stand a chance, so you can imagine his pain when the striking Lola originally turns him down. Boo. However, when the floppy-eared hero saves the Looney Tunes gang from a group of evil aliens, Lola changes her tune and plants Bugs with a big kiss. Hooray. This romance continued over to the new The Looney Tunes, however, she is portrayed as ditzy, clumsy and somewhat obsessive, which severely reduces her sexiness, however, for the impact she made in Space Jam, Lola more than deserves a place on this list.

4 Betty Boop

Another example of why a good woman can withstand the test of time, it’s one of the longest endearing cartoon characters of all time – Betty Boop. Making her first appearance in 1930, readers have been admiring Ms. Boop’s curvacious figure for longer than they’ve been taking Polaroid pictures (1932), playing Monopoly (1934), going to drive-in movies (1933) and drinking beer from a can (1935). Betty’s good looks, combined with slender body and short outfits, have made her instantly recognisable as a sex symbol, even today as she continues to rank highly in Sexiest Cartoon Characters polls, and whilst her show didn’t last too long, plans are in the works for a Betty Boop movie some time soon. Keep your eyes out guys.

3 Lois Griffin

Perhaps the sexiest mum on this list, Family Guy’s Lois Griffin is often mentioned alongside sexy cartoon women. The show often revolves around Lois’ husband Peter and his harebrained and often controversial adventures, with Lois originally being played as the sensible housewife to counter Peter’s zaniness. With her tight green top, red lips and red hair, it’s hard to see just how Peter managed to keep a hold of Lois and tie her down with three kids. However, Lois is far from perfect, having been involved in numerous affairs, with both sexes, and even featured in an adult film in her younger years – all of which add a little spice to her character. Lois is just a little bit crazy and guys are certainly attracted to a little bit crazy. Whether you’d want to marry and have three kids with a little bit crazy I’m not so sure, but even that doesn’t make Lois completely unavailable.

2 Princess Jasmine

Our first and only Disney princess (we resisted the temptation) and we think we’re certainly on to a winner with Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine. Whilst maybe Snow White has the innocent good looks, Ariel the beach body and Belle the farm girl charm, none quite match up to Jasmine when it comes to overall sexiness. In the 1992 film Aladdin, Jasmine is the daughter of the wealthy and powerful Sultan of Agrabah, a position that makes her the prime target for eligible bachelors such as the eponymous hero. Jasmine's outfit is very revealing and shows off her tanned, toned body. As well as being physically appealing, Jasmine is also strong-willed, she refuses to let her father choose her suitor and even manages to change the law of her kingdom to allow her to marry Aladdin at the end of the film.

Her sexy figure, combined with her uncompromising morals and good heart, make her the perfect Disney princess and so beats out all others to earn the mandatory “Disney princess” place on this list.

1 Jessica Rabbit

You just knew she’d be here, didn’t you? Without a doubt the ultimate cartoon sex symbol, Jessica Rabbit made her on-screen debut in the 1988 classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as the wife of the eponymous character. The film revolves around the murder of Marvin Acme, an act for which Roger is framed for, and the attempts of human detective Eddie Valiant, assisted by Mrs. Rabbit, to clear his name. Jessica is tall, with long legs that are clearly visible through her trademark red dress, open at the side. She is glammed up to the point of goddess which, combined with her immaculate singing voice, makes her the object of every man’s, toon or human, desires in the film. It is clear that Jessica could easily have any man she chose, so, why did she settle for a cartoon rabbit? The answer, because she loves him. Jessica cites the main reason for her infatuation with Roger as that he’s funny, which proves there’s hope for everyone I guess. Just as long as they can take an anvil to the face. Jessica goes to any lengths to help prove her husband innocent, even facing the wrath of the evil Judge Doom. Jessica’s love for Roger against all adversities is inspiring and heart-warming and just goes to show that you really can’t judge a book by its cover, or indeed a girl by the way she dresses. Jessica is incredibly sexy, but, with rigid morals, strong wills and a heart bigger than perhaps any other character in the movie, she is also so, so much more. What a woman eh?


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