12 Of The Best Kept Hollywood Secrets Of All Time

Being a celebrity makes it incredibly hard to try to keep secrets away from fans, especially the media. But for some reason, these famous faces have managed to keep their private matters out of the limelight, despite them being super shocking and scandalous. While most of the secrets that are listed below have already been somewhat exposed by the public, others have been acknowledged but not confirmed by the celebrity themselves. From the likes of Lady Gaga being sexually assaulted when she first started her career as a musician, to the Bill Cosby scandal, which not only ruined his career, but also his infamous reputation. With the Cosby situation at hand, it is quite shocking to know that the actor managed to keep this big of a secret under wraps more almost thirty years, considering how many women ended up coming forward, claiming the ageing Hollywood star had allegedly sexually assaulted them. Below are the 12 celebs who have managed to keep some of the best Hollywood secrets of all time.

12 Tom Cruise And Scientology

People are eager to know what and why Scientology has such a huge effect on those who are part of the so-called Religion. In recent years, it has been claimed that actor, Tom Cruise, had neglected his daughter Suri, following Katie Holmes’ decision to divorce the Hollywood star, fearing that Scientology was trying to control her relationship and her child. While Holmes has never explained in detail what bothers her so much about the Religion, it has been noted that members of the church are to distance and disgrace anybody who puts Scientology to shame. Several news outlets have claimed that Tom has not seen his daughter in over a year, having supposedly abandoned his child for the sake of the Religion that he is so devoted to. I guess we’ll never know the true ins and outs of Scientology unless we join ourselves.

11 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child


Having been married to Maria Shriver for more than twenty years, a shocking revelation was made to the couple that Arnold Schwarzenegger was already aware of. He had secretly fathered the maid that had been taking care of the duo’s family home, and their son Joseph, lived just minutes away. Arnold and Mildred had a brief affair in the ‘90s. It is unclear how long their relationship went on for, but Mildred ended up having the actor’s child, and managed to keep it a secret for fifteen years, when the twosome were finally outed on their affair, and the fact that Arnold had another child that was conceived during his marriage to Maria. The secret was kept quiet for quite a long time, don’t you think?

10 Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father

It has been an ongoing topic of discussion for the last four years. Khloe Kardashian isn’t actually the biological daughter to the deceased Robert Kardashian Sr., at least according the lawyer’s ex-wife, Ellen Pearson. According to reports, Ellen has publicly stressed in recent years that Kardashian was aware of the supposed fact that Khloe wasn’t his daughter, but still treated her as if she was his own. Furthermore, in an episode on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe refused to take a DNA test in fear that what Ellen had said was the truth.

9 Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer Scare

Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer scare runs in the family. Her mother, Marcheline, dreadfully died from the disease, which had made the actress make sure she has monthly checkups, just in case she was to develop the symptoms, too. Fortunately for the actress, she was diagnosed with early signs of breast cancer, and quickly opted to undergo a double mastectomy — not only was she quiet on her cancer scare, she also stayed silent on the brave surgery. She eventually came forward and made the announcement in a New York Times article.

8 Janet Jackson Marrying Wissam Al Mana


Janet Jackson's engagement to Wissam Al Mana may have come as a surprise, but she most certainly topped it when she secretly married the billionaire in a relatively quiet ceremony with only a handful of family members. The wedding -- that took place in 2012 — was so private, Janet was said to have only invited two siblings. That same year, when asked on how engagement life was treating her, Janet went on to confess in an interview that she was already married.

7 Kristen Stewart’s Sexuality — Lesbian?

With Kristen Stewart’s mother supposedly having come forward and hinted at her daughter’s attraction for women, the actress went on to subliminally hint that she is a lesbian. Following a four-year relationship with teenage heartthrob Robert Pattinson, news would eventually break that Stewart had allegedly been seeing her assistant, Alicia Cargile, to which Kristen's mom, Jules, would go on to say, "What's not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend?” Twilight fans have since questioned if her romance to Robert was even genuine.

6 Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Scandal

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault scandal first came to light last year when multiple celeb women came forward, claiming that the former beloved actor had drugged them. Most of the incidents, which took place in the ‘80s and ’90s, were supposedly taken to the police, but according to the 40+ females who have come forward, there was never enough evidence to prove Bill was guilty — until now, of course. Cosby’s scandal was hidden from the public for almost three decades.

5 Chris Brown’s Secret Love Child


R&B singer Chris Brown, shocked fans when TMZ confirmed the news that the 26-year-old had a fathered a one-year-old baby girl named, Royalty. Brown, who had hoped to keep the news quiet, in fear of losing his then-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, went on to admit that the story was true, adding that he would hope to be the best father Royalty could ever wish for. Considering Chris Brown is a party animal, who is often linked to so many women, the secret of having a love child was pretty well kept.

4 Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl Lip-Sync


Whitney Houston singing the national anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl became a controversy in its own right. Why? Because almost a decade after Houston’s performance, it was finally revealed that the 27-year-old at the time had lip-synced her entire set, causing quite the outrage. Fans were mesmerized by Whitney’s flawless rendition of the anthem — her fans were praising her, even musical critics claimed it was one of the best versions they had ever heard during a live performance. Everybody knows that the songstress could sing like no other, but lip-syncing at the Super Bowl, especially the national anthem, just came off as distasteful.

3 Kesha’s Bulimia Struggle

Kesha had been battling bulimia and anorexia ever since she was a teenager. Nobody knew this until the singer filed a lawsuit against music producer, Dr. Luke, claiming that he had often shamed her for not looking as great as her fellow musicians. Kesha claims that Luke often mocked her body image, infamously comparing her physique to a fridge. The Die Young artist shed light on her struggling past in the court documents, admitting that Luke’s hurtful comments sent her back into her teenage self.

2 Lady Gaga’s Sexually Abusive Past

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Lady Gaga was sexually abused as a young adult, having often supported those who have been in similar situations. The Bad Romance hitmaker talked about the incidents (yes, this happened more than once) in a 2014 interview she did with radio legend, Howard Stern. Gaga says that when she first decided to become a singer, certain men in the industry took advantage of her, and before she could grasp her head around it, she was being sexually assaulted on multiple occasions. Considering that she has been a household name since 2009, it is shocking to think that the secret hadn’t been talked about earlier in her career.

1 Caitlyn Jenner Transitioning Into A Woman


Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, shocked the world when he confirmed in a Diane Sawyer interview that his longtime desire was to become a woman. The former Olympic champ revealed that he had been trying to come out for as long as he could remember, but his children “became a distraction” of who he really wanted to be. His words, not mine. Pretty rude, right? At 65, Caitlyn says she’s finally the happiest she has ever been in her life, having recently become a spokesperson for the LGBT community.

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