12 Best 'Coming Out Of Water' Movie Scenes Of All Time

Wild, wind-blown, semi wet to completely drenched hair; toned, tanned bodies; dripping water droplets and beautiful actresses that capture everyone’s fancy, both genders alike! Most beach or pool movie scenes are meant to captivate our attention using one, two or all of the above. Yet, some ‘coming out of water’ scenes are historic, ground-breaking and truly memorable if you must. I mean, who can forget the gorgeous Ursula Andress in the film that launched the popular Bond films, Dr. No? She is basically the beauty that put 'coming out of water' scenes on the map.

Just something to note here. Though it is not just the women who provide great 'out of water' drama on screen, it is the women who've made it on this list. Maybe we can compile another featuring just the men, what say?


12 Denise Richards in Wild Things

One of the last good films from the sex-thriller genre of movies, Wild Things had it all going for it. A barrage of great stars (a casting coup if you must), a twisted, really twisted plot that had numerous, unexpected and clever twists, and of course, lots of water, babes and swimsuits, made this film a long lasting success. One of the most memorable ‘coming out of water’ scenes in this movie (and there definitely are quite a few) is when Denise climbs out of her pool, wearing her totally wet blue maillot, with sleek wet hair and with a scorching look in her eyes. It’s as if she just knows, all eyes are on her!

11 Halle Berry in James Bond: Die Another Day

James Bond movie babes are always the sirens we expect them to be, but when Halle Berry sliced through the blue ocean waters wearing an orange two-piece swim suit, a broad white belt and the unexpected accessory of a knife in Die Another Day, she really did take it away from all the rest of the Bond girls. The orange complemented her skin tone fabulously and her flat, well-worked abs got all the attention they deserved; but what worked best for her was her nonchalant ‘here I am and I know you’re looking at me’ demeanor. This is probably the only short haired female on this list and yet, the lack of long wet tresses hardly does her any disservice.

10 Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

When Kate Bosworth swapped her skinny, fair looks for the slightly muscular, toned, sun tanned persona, she fit right in as a talented surfer in the movie Blue Crush. There are multiple scenes in this movie where Kate is showcasing her skills on the surfboard that simply take our breath away. This is one girl who would have looked great on the board and the waves, even without the skimpy bikinis she sports in this movie. One scene in particular is clearly more memorable than the rest. The one where Kate, carrying her surfboard, comes out of the water sporting a red and blue mismatched two piece that was meant to be functional, yet turned out to be sexy and quite the rage with the youth.

9 Heather Graham in Austin Powers

In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Heather Graham created quite a stir when she showcased a hot bikini bod in a white-ish two piece wetsuit against the backdrop of some spectacular beach rocks. Not only was her two piece fabulous, what with the knotted top and the belted bottom (like the one Ursula Andress wore in the first James Bond movie), but her own moves while shaking off the water from her wet hair were enough to hold the audience’s attention, as well as memories. Now if you are going to do a beach scene, you might as well do it as effortlessly as Heather did here!

8 Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle

When Demi Moore starred as the devious rogue angel in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, the fact that the then 41 year old actress would rock a skimpy bikini was not even in anyone’s imagination. Yet, the long haired beauty emerged from the waters carrying her surfboard and looking toned and ageless in a tiny, dark colored triangle top bikini with perfect aplomb. The color of her swim suit really complemented her dark hair and fair skin. This was probably the best way for her to make a splashing comeback from her self-imposed sabbatical at her Idaho ranch.

7 Phoebe Cates in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

When you look back at the very original ‘coming out of water scenes’ that left the most impact, not just on the audience, but also on the film industry as a whole, you can only come up with the name of Phoebe Cates in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The scene was beautifully written and equally wonderfully enacted when Phoebe came out of her friend’s backyard pool, clad in a bright red bikini with her wet hair sleek down her back and just some equally red lipstick as her only accessory. There was an extra bit of wetness added to the scene when it was filmed during a pouring shower.

6 Kelly Brook in Three: Survival Island

What is better than a skinny, yet toned actress showing some skin in sexy swimwear? A well-toned but busty actress, of course? In the movie Three: Survival Island, the gorgeous actress Kelly Brook was seen swimming towards the shore and then slicing through the water in a white two piece bikini. Oh, the curves on display were to die for. Though the scene didn’t last long in terms of video time, the scene was classic enough to leave a lasting impression.


5 Bo Derek in 10

Long before people noticed the potential of ‘coming out of water’ scenes, way back in 1979, Bo Derek created the very first mental image that every actress thereafter has either tried to emulate or beat, without much success. In the movie 10, Bo Derek wore a simple nude maillot that complemented her skin tone, brown hair and braided hairdo. Lots of people believe that she’s actually the reason behind the lasting success of the somewhat demure one-piece, which can still be seen at most beaches world over.

4 Jessica Alba in Into The Blue

When Jessica Alba grabbed the spotlight by being on the poster for the movie Into The Blue, everyone knew that the movie would have some sizzling hot ‘coming out of water scenes’. Yet, audiences worldwide weren’t so much in love with the 'out of water' scenes, as they were with the underwater ones. Jessica looked as glorious as a mermaid in her underwater adventures with Paul Walker, and her mismatched two-piece swimsuits caught everyone’s fancy. One can only imagine how hard she worked out to look that great while doing all her underwater antics.

3 Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It

Who can forget Brooklyn Decker’s water catwalk as she strolled down the watery runway and onto the beach in a sexy yellow two-piece swimsuit that consisted of a string bikini and deep plunge necked top, in Just Go With It? Her water glistened body, toned physique, glorious semi-wet hair and the un-self-conscious strut really deserved the applause, as well as attention. If only we could all pull it off like she did? I mean most of us can't even dream of pulling off that color, let alone look like an ocean goddess coming out for her daily land outing.

2 Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon

In the 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon, 14 year old Brooke Shields created quite the sensation when she donned primitive bathing suits and showcased her wild wind blown hair and sun-tanned skin. The most memorable of all was the underwater shot that showed her exploring the reefs with her island companion played by Christopher Atkins. The underwater antics capture the actress’ charm, playfulness and grace, making them memorable in their own unique way. Considering that the beauty was just a teenage actor then, her great looks and water scenes made her an instant celebrity after this movie.

1 Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

If anyone can pull off a water drenched, pristine white bikini, we can all hazard a guess and say that it has got to be Cameron Diaz. One of the best coming out of water scenes can be attributed to Cameron. I mean this angel, truly looks the angel, the angel of pure, unadulterated temptation! In Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, the actress can be seen exiting the water looking like a sea nymph. The white surfboard tucked under her super toned arm is truly the only accessory she needs. We doubt anyone else can pull it all off quite the same way again.


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