12 Awesome Christmas Movies Children Shouldn't Watch

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Not only because of the time spent with loved ones and family, but mainly because of presents. Everyone enjoys Christmas but children love it the most. Probably because they don't have to go Christmas shopping in hectic malls. There is another exciting aspect that comes along with the holiday season and it's usually geared towards kids. Christmas movies are a very important staple of the holiday season. When one thinks of Christmas movies, images of a jolly Santa Claus, Snowmen and Reindeers with red noses spring to mind. Every holiday season, new Christmas films are released and thousands of little kids drag their parents to the movies. It's also customary for some classic Christmas movies to pop up on TV, such as, Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. However, not all Christmas movies feature love, snowmen and reindeers. Some feature terrorists, explosions, pot smoking stoners and creepy little monsters. There are some Christmas movies children should not watch, although they will certainly love them when they grow older. Here is a look at 12 Awesome Christmas Movies Children Shouldn't Watch.

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12 Batman Returns  June 19, 1992


Batman Returns is the sequel to the cultural phenomenon, Tim Burton's Batman. The sequel followed the cape crusader as he did battle with the Penguin and Catwoman during the Christmas/holiday season. The film did very well at the box office, but nowhere near the brilliant success of the first film, even though Tim Burton himself has admitted that he prefers the sequel. The sequel received criticism for being too dark, violent and featured too many sexual references. It might be a little unsuitable for very young children and okay for kids a little older.

11 P2  November 9, 2007


P2 is a horror film that revolves around a young women being trapped in an underground parking garage on, you guessed it, Christmas Eve. She is being stalked by a psychopath security guard who has a sick obsession with her. The film features brutal violence, profanity and horrifying moments. The film received mostly mixed reviews. As you have probably realized already, it is certainly not a movie that the whole family can sit and watch together during the most wonderful time of the year, on Christmas Eve.

10 Friday After Next  November 22, 2002


Friday After Next was the third film in the funny Friday Series. It followed Craig (played by Ice Cube) and his cousin Day-Day (played by Mike Epps), after they get robbed of Christmas presents and rent money on Christmas Eve by Santa. They must figure out a way to pay their rent or they will get evicted. The film features drug use, profanity, crude humor and sexuality. Many consider the series to be a stoner cult classic comedy. However, the third film received mostly negative reviews. We're guessing a stoner cult classic, combined with the festivities of the holidays, don't mix very well.

9 The Ref  March 9, 1994


The Ref is a comedy that revolves around a petty thief, who takes a bickering married couple (who are going through a lot of marital problems) as his hostages on Christmas Eve. It stars Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis. The movie didn't do well at the box office and received fairly mixed reviews. The cast and the writing was highly praised. However, the tone of the film was considered to be a little too dark, especially for a Christmas-time movie. It also features a great amount of profanity.

8 Lethal Weapon  March 6, 1987


Lethal Weapon is a buddy/action film that revolves around two police officers who are unlikely partners. They chase down a sadistic criminal during the jolly Christmas season. It stars big name actors, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The film was very successful at the box office (it received a 7.6 rating on imdb) and this led to three other films. As you might have guessed, Lethal Weapon features graphic violence, profanity and sexuality. However, it is a great film to watch for adults for anytime of the year, even during the Christmas holidays.

7 A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas  November 4, 2011


A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas followed two estranged stoner best friends, in search of a Christmas tree after the original is destroyed in a fire. It is the third film in the series. The film stars, Kal Penn, John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris. The film is known for the characters' excessive use of marijuana, crude humor, profanity and nudity. Although the series is a cult classic, it might be (probably is) unsuitable for children. As noted, although it is noted for its humor, there is a lot of pot smoking. Regardless, the film is very popular amongst its fan base.

6 Black Christmas  December 20, 1974


Black Christmas certainly fits its title well. The film is a cult classic horror film that revolves around a group of sorority sisters being murdered during the Christmas season. The film is highly influential on future slasher films such as the popular, Friday The 13th and Halloween films. It features extremely horrifying moments, sexuality and brutal and gruesome violence. In other words, it is probably very uncomfortable to watch at any point in the year. The film has received positive reviews and has gained a decent cult following. A remake was also released later in 2006.

5 Go April 9, 1999


Go follows employees of a supermarket, as their separate stories intertwine with each other and an intense drug dealer, during the Christmas season. The film stars actors such as Katie Holmes, Timothy Olyphant and Jay Mohr, and received universal critical acclaim. The cast, writing and humor were all praised and it received a 7.3 rating on imdb. Although the stories in the film take place during the Holiday season, it still features rather high levels of profanity, drug use and sexuality.

4 Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder  July 15, 1988 and July 4, 1990


Die Hard revolved around a New York cop battling against highly skilled terrorists on Christmas Eve, in Los Angles. The film starred Bruce Willis as the iconic action hero, John McClane. The film is remembered best for taking place in a L.A skyscraper. The film was highly successful and turned Willis into a movie star, at the time he was best known for his role on the hit TV series, Moonlighting.

The sequel, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, also takes place on Christmas Eve. One year after the events in L.A, John McClane battles terrorists at a Washington airport, while waiting to pick up his wife on a snowy day. The sequel also did very well. Despite both films being based around Christmas, they were actually released in the summer. Both films feature violence, profanity and some brutal murder scenes. Both films are not very suitable for children, however, once they get older they will love both movies.

3 Silent Night, Deadly Night  November 9, 1984


Silent Night, Deadly Night is cult classic horror film that is one of the most controversial Christmas movies ever made. The plot revolves around Billy, who as a young boy, saw his parents brutally murdered by a man in a Santa Claus outfit. When Billy becomes an adult, he turns into a sick, sadistic killer and wears a Santa suit while he goes on a killing rampage. The film caused an enormous amount of controversy at the time of its release. The film features terrifying moments, gruesome violence and sexuality. Most of the controversy revolved around the ad campaigns and the fact that it was marketed as a Christmas movie. Eventually, large groups of people began to protest the movie. The film was eventually pulled from theaters. However, since then, it's been re-released and is considered a cult classic horror/Christmas movie.

2 Bad Santa  November 21, 2003


Bad Santa follows two thieves who get a thrill out of robbing shopping malls disguised as Santa Claus and an elf. It stars Billy Bob Thornton as a sex addicted, alcoholic, cranky shopping mall Santa. The film features crude humor, sexuality, profanity and Santa throwing up after getting drunk (certainly not what you want to see the jolly fellow do while bringing Christmas presents). This film might be (probably is) unsuitable for young children. However, the film is very popular amongst older crowds of teenagers and adults.

1 Gremlins  June 8, 1984


Gremlins is a horror/comedy that revolves around a father giving a little creature as a Christmas present to his son. The adorable, little creature, Gizmo, then spawns off creepy little monsters that terrorize the town. The film was a box office success and was followed by a sequel. Despite having a Christmas setting, the film was actually released during the summer. The film received positive reviews but might be unsuitable for young children. The film features horror violence, brutality and some really scary moments. However, the film is perfectly balanced with humor, slapstick violence and a cuddly, little creature.

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