12 Actors You Won't Believe Almost Played James Bond

James Bond is big, really big, business. Domestic box office grosses for the twenty-four Bond films are reportedly around $2 billion. And, over the years, a number of Bonds have cashed in big time. Reportedly, Daniel Craig was paid some $48 million for his last two Bond films, Skyfall and Spectre. And now he is making noises that enough is enough. CBS News reports that he wants to get his life back. He swears that he is not being coy and holding out for more money, but who knows. Whatever happens, there will have to be a new Bond at some point. Revenues have continued to swell. Whereas box office for Dr. No, the first Bond movie in 1963 was in the millions, the box office for later films such as Skyfall and Spectre, was in the hundreds of millions.

10 Mel Gibson - 1987

9 Dick Van Dyke - 1967

8 Liam Neeson - 1994

7 Sean Bean - 1994

6 Michael Caine - 1967

5 Clint Eastwood - 1970

4 Michael Gambon - 1960s

3 Cary Grant - 1961

2 Richard Burton

1 Ralph Fiennes - 1994

Fiennes played Gareth Mallory ("M") in both Skyfall and Spectre. But before Pierce Brosnan got the role, Fiennes was also approached to play Bond. According to a 2014 article in The Telegraph, Fiennes met with Cubby Broccoli. He said the meeting was "terrific". But things just didn't move forward, in part because Fiennes didn't think he was right for the role and, in part, because Broccoli was probably already favoring Brosnan.  He has no regrets and says that Daniel Craig is a fantastic bond. We love Fiennes and think he and Craig are great together. But still miss Judi Dench.


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12 Actors You Won't Believe Almost Played James Bond