12 Actors Who Hate The Role That Made Them Famous

Every so often, a role comes along that makes an actor well-known for generations to come. To most people, this would seem like a dream come true. After all, it should be easy to walk into auditions, remind casting directors of your previous work, and get the job with no problem, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Some actors hate the fact that they’re famous for certain roles. They resent the fact that no matter which other projects they become a part of, most people will always associate them with “that one role.” This can actually reduce an actor’s chances of being able to display their true talent, which can lead to frustration and poor life choices. If you need proof, you can just take a look at a few child actors who have gone off the deep end in recent years.

On the other hand, many of the actors who are still well-known for their iconic roles years later, still benefit financially from the roles they hate. This, among other things, is part of the reason why many “regular” people think celebrities are spoiled and entitled. Here are 12 actors who can’t stand the roles that made them famous.

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12 Ally Sheedy

11 Mark Wahlberg

10 Angus T. Jones


Remember the actor that made up the “half” of the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men? His name is Angus T. Jones, and he’s not too happy that this is the role he’s famous for. You’d think that making $350,000 a week for appearing on the sitcom would be some consolation for Jones, but that’s not the case. Angus found religion, and as a result, he wanted to leave the show which he starred on for 10 years. He said publicly that he didn’t want to be a part of the cast anymore, and even told people to stop watching the sitcom and “filling their minds with filth.” Angus also stated that the media in general is “deceptive” and refers to it as “the enemy.”

9 Carrie Fisher

8 Thomas F. Wilson


7 Kate Winslet

6 Crispin Glover

If you know who Crispin Glover is, you probably remember him as Marty McFly’s father in the Back To The Future movies. Glover’s character in the movies was named Robert Zemeckis, and he claimed that he ‘had a talk’ with his character to discuss the way that the movie ended. The conclusion of Back to the Future showed an alternate future, in which the McFly family was rich and Glover’s character got a new truck. Glover stated that he didn’t feel comfortable with this, and thought it sent a bad message for the characters to be rewarded with money. Crispin stated that he didn’t “dislike the entire film” and the movie included good writing, so at least he had something nice to say about the role he’s best known for.

5 Megan Fox

Hot actress Megan Fox starred in a number of films and television shows, including Holiday In the Sun and Hope & Faith. Fox also starred in the first Transformers movie, produced by Michael Bay, and wasn’t afraid to express her distaste for the movie, even though it served as the vehicle that got her lots more attention in Hollywood. Fox stated that she didn’t want to completely badmouth the movie series because she’s aware of what it did for her career. However, she also said that the movie “isn’t really about acting” and she knew that when the director yelled “action,” she’d be “running, or screaming, or both.” Fox also stated that Michael Bay was a madman, and that working for him was “a nightmare.”

4 Christian Bale

3 Jake Lloyd


When Jake Lloyd was just eight years old, he got the role as the young Anakin Skywalker, in the Star Wars prequel. When Lloyd got older, he stated in an interview that he didn’t think director George Lucas met the public’s expectations with the movie. He also stated that a lot of angry fans, some of whom were his classmates, weren’t satisfied with the film and criticized him. Lloyd shared that the other children in the movie were very mean to him, and would make the noise of the light saber each time they saw him. How terrible. Eventually, things got too overwhelming for Lloyd, and he quit the movie, but it’s still the project he’s best known for.

2 Alec Guinness

1 Sean Connery

That’s right. The guy who played the first James Bond wishes he could kill off the character for good. Sean Connery was a babysitter, coffin polisher and footballer before he made it big in Hollywood, and even though Connery is well into his 80s, he’s still known all over the world as James Bond. After all, 007 has been an icon for quite some time, and you’d think Connery would be honored by the association. Sean Connery states that he was grateful for the way that the role of James Bond changed his life. However, he wasn’t thrilled about actually playing the character. He has stated “I have always hated…James Bond. I’d like to kill him.” Wow.

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