12 Actors Who Could Be The Next Wolverine

It's hard to imagine anyone else other than Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. Since 2000, he's been the ripped superhero in 7 X-Men movies. Currently filming the third Wolverine movie (his 8th in the series), Jackman has gone public in saying that once that movie is done, he is saying goodbye to Wolverine. It's hard to believe that we've been watching Jackman as the man for over 15 years. Now 47 years old, Jackman thinks it's time to allow a younger actor a chance at the iconic anti-hero role.

Jackman has publicly credited Russell Crowe with helping him to get the role. Apparently, just after he made Gladiator in 2000, Crowe was offered the role and turned it down, saying he had just done a Gladiator thing. But, he told the production team they should take a look at Jackman, and the rest is history. So, who are the hot actors who might replace Jackman? Jackman himself has done a sort of Russell Crowe type of move and indicated one or two favorites. Some of the names that keep appearing on lists are well known, and some are up and coming. And some are the talented sons of major Hollywood hunks. Here's a list of 12 actors who could take on the role of Wolverine.

12 Liam Hemsworth

11 Scott Eastwood

10 Joel Edgerton

9 Dwayne Johnson

8 Scott Caan

7 Jake Gyllenhaal

6 Shia LaBeouf

5 Penn Badgley

4 Kit Harrington

3 Henry Cavill

2 Kevin Hart

1 Tom Hardy

Currently just about everybody's favorite for the role ( has done a mock up of a cigar smoking Hardy sporting Wolverine's menacing claws), English actor Tom Hardy seems to have it all. None other than Hugh Jackman has said Hardy would be great in the role. He's got a quirky, menacing side and a kick a** no nonsense side that would be perfect for the part of Wolverine. And he's got the muscle, in every sense of the word. The Mad Max: Fury Road and Revenant star is currently being seen on British television playing a charismatic thug who rules the roost in BBC's Peaky Blinders.


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12 Actors Who Could Be The Next Wolverine