12 Actors Who Admit To Being Aroused During Filming

Most actors will tell you that shooting sex scenes can be pretty awkward. We’ve all heard the stories about how camera crews and directors can make a love scene especially uncomfortable by being close to the actors while they are nearly naked and pretending to be deeply in love. There are also stories about actors who had to pretend to make love to each other on screen, when they actually hated each other in real life.

However, there are some actors who admit that they like filming sex scenes. It’s a chance to get to know another actor intimately without cheating on one’s significant other. Of course, it’s also a chance for actors to show their range and depth, but we can bet not too many of them are thinking about that when they’re “in the moment”. Some actors even admit that they get a little “excited” when shooting these scenes. Yes, there are usually covers for actors’ private parts during love scenes, but that’s not always enough for actors to keep things “professional”. And hey, sometimes your body betrays you and displays your true feelings before you have a chance to regain control. Here are 12 actors who admit to being aroused during filming.

12 Mindy Kaling

11 Laura Prepon

10 Zac Efron

9 Yael Stone

8 Anna Paquin

7 Natalie Portman

6 Ryan Reynolds

5 Anne Hathaway

4 Jake Gyllenhaal

3 Julianne Moore

2 Bradley Cooper

1 Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe will always be known as the hot gardener that Garbrielle Solis fell for on Desperate Housewives. Jesse says in the first scene that he and Eva Longoria shot together, they were rehearsing before they were interrupted by the director. The set had to be readjusted, but Metcalfe says that he “needed a minute” before he was able to move again. That had to be at least a little bit embarrassing, but there are plenty of women who are just as turned on by him. That’s probably part of what helped Metcalfe to get over it and become an integral part of the show.


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12 Actors Who Admit To Being Aroused During Filming