12 Actors In Desperate Need Of A Box Office Hit

Movie stars can come and go really quickly. For an actor to stay on top of their game they need to star in hit movies. When an actor is in a hit they find themselves fielding offers for their next roles left and right. However, when actor has a movie that flops on the big screen or hasn’t done a movie in some time, their career can be in desperate need of an overhaul.

When an actor has a couple of movies that fail to be the hits they were predicted to be, it can be a difficult climb back to the top. A lot of top movie stars find themselves playing supporting roles after they have had a movie or two flop at the box office.

Actors need movie successes to keep their career's momentum headed in the right direction. A hit movie proves to their peers and fans that they deserve to be where they are. Right now some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters are in desperate need of a box office hit. Let’s look at some of Hollywood’s best and brightest who are in great need of a hit movie.


12 Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is still a big star, and people love his goofy personality. However, Carrey hasn’t had a real hit in quite some time. His recent films have cost a fortune to produce and took far too much out of the profit in the end.

Carrey did have a supporting role in the big screen blockbuster Anchorman 2, but his last appearance as the lead on the big screen was alongside Steve Crrell and Olivia Wilde in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which was a big flop. Though he hasn’t had great success recently, many believe there is still hope for Carrey to shine brightly again. His latest project, The Bad Bitch (which will be released in 2016) could be just the role Carrey needs.

11 Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman hasn’t really had a red hot career for a while now. Ten years ago she was the 'go to' girl with a line of blockbusters that included Moulin Rouge, The Others, The Hours and Cold Mountain. Her more recent movies, The Stepford Wives, Bewitched, Invasion and Trespass, were not the hits they were predicted to be.

Kidman’s career may get a needed boost from her lead in Queen of the Desert with James Franco and Robert Pattinson. She also has a shot at a hit with this year’s The Family Fang, which also stars Christopher Walken and Jason Bateman.

10 Colin Farrell

In spite of his boyish good looks, Colin Farrell’s career never really took off the way it was expected too. His film Crazy Heart received a lot of accolades, but in the end it was Jeff Bridges that made the movie a hit. He starred in the remake of Fright Night, but the film just didn’t seem to have any real direction and his film Seven Psychopaths, just failed to get off the ground.

Farrell may, however, get the opportunity to shine, not on the big screen, but in the TV series True Detective, which also stars Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

9 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s acting career had new life breathed into by her role on American Idol. Her singing career has always been reliable, but on the big screen she has flopped several times.

Lopez had two flops in a row with Jersey Girl and Gigli. Her 2005 film Monster-in-Law was her last big screen hit. The Back-Up Plan was slightly profitable and her film An Unfinished Life flopped. Her film Bordertown went right-to-DVD. The B horror flick The Boy Next Door had its success, but failed to meet the star buzz Lopez received in the beginning of her acting career.

Lopez could get a big break with her upcoming TV show Shades of Blue. Lopez plays a Brooklyn detective that finds herself forced to spy on her own precinct. The show is set to debut on January 14, 2016.

8 Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody won an Oscar in 2003 for his work in the film The Pianist. The film showed that Brody had what it took to be a real superstar, but after winning the Oscar, Brody seemed to falter. He split his time between small films and big budget films that misfired. He did a series of films including Cadillac, Splice, High School, The Experiment, Giallo and Wrecked, that were little seen.

Brody, however, was one of the shining moments in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. He also starred in Grand Budapest Hotel, which had good success in 2015Brody has an opportunity to truly shine beside Salma Hayek in the highly anticipated adaption of The Septembers of Shiraz.

7 Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford has starred in some of the biggest films to ever be produced. His big screen appeal lately however, has been anything but hot. His film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was reviled by fans and Ford himself said he disliked the film. Over the last ten years, his films K-19: The Widowmaker, Hollywood Homicide, Firewall, Crossing Over, Extraordinary Measures, Morning Glory and even last year’s film Cowboys & Aliens, barely even registered at the box office.

Despite his lack of success recently, Ford’s blockbuster films Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Blade Runner are still loved today. Harrison’s best shot at another blockbuster is in the soon to be released Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

6 David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green’s big hits came with Pineapple Express and All the Real Girls. So far his low point came with the release of The Sitter.

Green is mega-talented and all he seems to need is the right film to put him back on top, but lately he has confounded both film critics and his fans with his choices. Instead of choosing strong films, he appears satisfied to star in dirty comedies. Green has the ability to do so much more, and one good film could easily put him back in the critic’s good graces.


5 Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom starred in two of the biggest films in the 2000s, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Since those two blockbusters, Bloom’s career has seemed to be in a downward spiral. His films Kingdom of Heaven and Elizabethtown failed to make Bloom stand out as a star on his own. The film The Three Musketeers was a flop and The Hobbit trilogy did not bring in the box office numbers.

Bloom may get another shot at a blockbuster when he stars in the Pirates of the Caribbean’s 2017 release Dead Men Tell No Tales, along with Johnny Depp.

4 Jack Black

Jack Black has had more success as a supporting actor than a lead. He shined in Margot at the Wedding, Tropic Thunder and High Fidelity. His last starring role was in 2006 in the action hit, Nacho Libre.

Black's films Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, Be Kind Rewind, Year One, The Big Year and Gulliver's Travels were all flops. Black however, has had great success with the animated Kung Fu Panda.

The film Bernie gave fans a taste of the Jack Black they fell in love with. Clearly Black could see a blockbuster in The D Train, which made its premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and he has a new Kung Fu Panda coming out in 2016.

3 Halle Berry


Halle Berry is far more than a beautiful face. The actress shined in Monster’s Ball, Die Another Day and X2. However, she has had her share of flops such as Dark Tide and Catwoman.

A decade ago Berry was a megastar, but after she had two failed Oscar bait roles Things We Lost in the Fire and Frankie & Alice, Berry took three years off. After returning from her hiatus, her film New Year’s Eve did not do well and her next film Dark Tide, went right to Video on Demand. Berry needs a big hit to get her career back on the right track.

2 Nicolas Cage

When it comes to Nicolas Cage, fans either love him or hate him, there is no in between. Cage’s career high came with Leaving Las Vegas and his career low came along with the film Let’s Just Go With Now.

The majority of film makers and fans seem to believe that Cage is a great actor, who has taken any bad movie role that is offered to him to help him pay off his highly publicized debts. To pay those debts, Cage has seemingly done a far too long string of hammy performances. To get back to the top, Cage clearly needs a real career turnaround, which means taking real, credible movie roles.

1 Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson at one time was not only a huge movie star, but the king of heartthrobs. Girls and women across the globe fell head over heels for Gibson in Mad Max and the Lethal Weapon Movies. Back then Gibson was a highly respected star.

Today, many experts say that Gibson’s career is irreparable. He has had public meltdowns and shown that he is a racist and is homophobic. Gibson has also been charged with domestic violence. Even if Gibson would land an Oscar type role, there is a good chance many will not pay the ticket price to see the film because of his bizarre behavior.

Can Gibson’s career be saved? Only time will tell.


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