11Kazaam, 1996

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Kazaam evokes nostalgia, at least. But a rewatching quickly shows that, in 1996, it seemed much more awesome than it actually is. The film stars Shaquille O'Neal firstly. That was a serious plus for the kids of 1996, but it's a point against the movie in 2015. He plays the role

of a genie.

Genie Shaq comes out of a boombox - it really couldn't get more dated - to grant three wishes to a youth named Max, and of course, things go awry. All of that was very exciting for 90s' kids, but none of that passion translates to an adult viewership.

This movie, like many others on this list, has very little objective merit as movies go. It has a low score on movie rating sites including the tomatometer and IMDB, but the film's awful cliches simply didn't matter when it was first released to a rapturous response from the 90s' youth.

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