TV Couples That Should Actually Be Together

Not all relationships last, be it on-screen or off, but some of those on-screen couples just mesh so well, we can’t help but want to see the actors date in real life. Some of us even become disappointed and sad when we find out that they aren’t together. But when those couples do manage to bring to life their characters’ love, those who were rooting for them, become overjoyed. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who stared in That 70’s Show, took their on-screen romance off the stage and are now engaged. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas from Once Upon a Time are also giving their romance some time off set. As we watch these TV shows, we feed off of the chemistry that the actors’ characters are giving off, and as we fall in love with the actors characters, we can’t help but want that chemistry to funnel down into the celebrities’ everyday lives. So, without further or due, here is our list of the top 11 celebrity couples that should/should’ve been together in real life.


11 Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis: One Tree Hill

 A couple that had a dynamic broody and cheery type of relationship. They were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but for whatever reason, they managed to work incredibly well together. Lucas and Brooke started off pretty rocky, with them not completely understanding each other, after caring for a sick friend, something clicked. With every break up and get-back-together episode, we were entranced by their amazing chemistry that seemed to explode off the screen. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were indeed a couple, and even got married. The marriage, however, lasted less than a year.

10 Nick Andopolis and Lindsay Weir: Freaks and Geeks


Though the relationship between Lily Aldrin and Nick Andopolis who also plays Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother is truly something for the record books, the odd and awkward relationship that the couple created was also quite something. The smart and slightly standoffish Lindsey (played by Linda Cardellini) worked well with the loveable, drummer Nick (played by Jason Segal). Even though Lindsey made Nick’s love of drumming into more work than play, and Nick quite often suffocated Lindsey, you couldn’t help but want the couple to thrive during all those good moments and take that chemistry off set.

9 Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts: The O.C.

Things started a little rocky with the long-standing unrequited love and difference in social status, but when they really started falling, they just couldn’t stop. Often seen as one of those ideal couples, they stood out from many others with the intense chemistry they had together. As Seth and Summer’s relationship grew more loving and adorable, viewers could quite easily see Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson acting the same way as their characters out in the real world. The two celebrities did, in fact, date for two years, but have since gone their separate ways.

8 Castle and Beckett: Castle


We followed their budding romance through a full 6 seasons before Castle dared to pop the big question, giving Kate Beckett that she definitely had to think about. Thankfully it wasn’t an ultimatum, and Castle gave her the chance to work where she wanted while still being able to be with him. Everyone wants a relationship that has that kind of love and dedication, and with those kind of characters that capture our hearts, who wouldn’t secretly want the actors to be a couple as well.

7 Nick and Jess: New Girl

They started off as strange roommates who could really drive each other crazy and then laugh about it. However, that strange beginning worked its way up to emotions strong enough for Nick and Jess to officially get together. Everyone could see the two dancing around, desperately trying to avoid their feelings, but with encouragement from their equally as ridiculous friends, the undeniable chemistry erupted into a hilarious new beginning.

6 Ted and Robin: How I Met Your Mother


With a Blue French Horn, multiple “I am always here for you”, and their strong chemistry, Ted and Robin truly do make a pretty outrageous couple. Getting together, breaking up, remaining friends, and then trying all over again, they never really gave up on being together. The series really seemed to be based on their on-and-off again relationship, a large portion of HIMYM fans begging for Ted and Robin to finally end up together.

5 Jim and Pam: The Office

A couple known for their adorable will-they-or-won’t-they moments, they were often the topic of many jokes around the office. Considered a fairy tale couple, these two didn’t really have to deal with problems until around the last season, but they worked through all of it, and managed to maintain their awkward, Disney prince and princess-like relationship.


4 Ross and Rachel: Friends


These two maneuvered through ridiculous stories and thoroughly captivated TV’s number 1 couple for almost a full decade. The two fit perfectly into what the other needed, and it wasn’t until much later in the series that the chemistry that radiated from them became a little quieter. But even with the change, they still managed to overcome it and have many hilariously touching reunions.

3 Eric and Tammy Taylor: Friday Night Lights

Definitely one of the most realistic couples in TV history, they courageously maintained their loving relationship even with all the problems that arose. There was rarely any fairytale magic around this couple, just pure, heartwarming love. Eric and Tammy disagreed, talked it out, and always managed to have each other’s backs.

2 Derek and Meredith: Grey’s Anatomy


Although this couple didn’t really start out in the best way, once they got together, they really meant it. After having to give up their wedding to their friends, they actually end up writing their vows on a few post-it-notes. They accepted the change so easily, and just worked with something else without making a huge fuss. Derek and Meredith’s relationship was definitely refreshing and incredibly touching.

1 Dawson and Joey: Dawson’s Creek

All of these TV couples, as well as many others, have warmed our hearts, and captured our attention. Their ability to make us cry after a hard, unbelievable breakup, and then jump for joy after the very next episode is truly something special. These couples, with their realism, hilarity, and quirkiness, make us want to root for them not only in the show, but also in real life. Who wouldn’t want some of these adorable couples to be together off of the set and in the real world?

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