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11 Reality Stars Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Topless

11 Reality Stars Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Topless

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Whether they’re going topless at the beach or taking it all off for the cameras, some celebrities just love to let “the girls breathe.” Reality stars in particular tend to give the world a peek at the goods the second they feel their careers are fading away – either by leaking a sex tape or by taking a scandalous selfie. In fact, we think Instagram and Twitter just might have been invented by a reality star or two looking for some extra notoriety!  It sure seems that way sometimes anyway. At least, it does when stars from Kim K. to Kendra are baring it all, seemingly everywhere they go, for no better reason than they can.

While not every reality star can break the internet, there are a few that are certainly at the top of their game.  These are the special few who have no fear when they lose their gear!  And we’ve got them all here in one place, just for you.  So if you’ve ever wondered which reality stars have the most to show (or just show the most), your search is over.  Here’s 11 reality stars who aren’t afraid to go topless.  You’re welcome.

11. Farrah Abraham


Teen Mom star and queen of dramatics, Farrah Abraham, shocked us all when she released a sex tape with supposed ex and adult film actor James Deen. The reality star vaguely implied that she was blackmailed into creating the tape during her stint on Couple’s Therapy, yet she doesn’t seem to have trouble continuing to whip out the girls for a paycheck.

With rumors of a sequel to Backdoor Teen Mom circulating, it seems this teen mom has learned how to stay relevant. Her career has drifted away from her ambition of becoming a chef, and now revolves around her twins, which were recently surgically reconstructed again. For the third time.

10. Adrianne Curry


Best known for being the first winner of Tyra Bank’s competitive reality show Top Model and her unlikely relationship with Christopher Knight (who played Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch), Adrianne Curry is no stranger to going topless. Posing twice for Playboy, Curry also embraces her curves by releasing her own nudes on Instagram.

Even though her relationship didn’t last, her career has. She has evolved from a model to producer and actress, keeping her fans intrigued by posting sexy and often topless selfies all over the place.

9. Nicole “Coco” Austin


Known as the blonde bombshell on rapper/actor Ice-T’s arm for over a decade, Coco originally made her living as a glamour model, and certainly isn’t shy about her sexy curves. While it’s been awhile since we’ve been privileged to an inside look at this adorable couple’s life, Coco recently let the girls breathe in a classy photo shoot with their recent addition to the family, daughter Channel. Perhaps their growing family will inspire a reboot of Ice Loves Coco so fans can get an update!

8. Paris Hilton


Before there was a Kim K, Paris Hilton was the face of reality TV. She originated the formula for reality star fame, first releasing a sex tape to get her name out there, then starred in the reality show The Simple Life, and finally used sex and feuds with other celebs to keep herself in the tabloids. Ultimately, she was able to launch her own career while also designing a pattern for all inspired reality stars to follow.

Now, with Kim K taking the lead in the headlines, Paris’ topless days on the beach aren’t enough to catch anyone’s attention anymore. Instead, she took a note from Kim’s book and posed topless for Paper Magazine in November.

7. Kendra Wilkinson


Best known for her steamy reality show The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to going topless. Aside from her career with Playboy, Kendra has embraced her curves, often flashing the cameras and leaving little to the imagination while out partying. She’s even been known to take it all off and head to the club in just body paint! It’s this kind of outfit that got the attention of Hugh Hefner, launching her Playboy career years ago.

She whipped out the body paint again in Halloween of 2012, showing off her assets on her reality show Kendra On Top with hubby Hank Baskett. Kendra certainly turned heads when she showed up in a referee costume airbrushed to her skin. As a sexy mother of two, Kendra is still looking hotter than ever!

6. Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner’s modeling career has blown up recently, as she can been seen walking down runways all over the world including Milan, London, and Paris. Best known for her role on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fans know that her father wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her baring it all. Even though she has since gone topless in several photo shoots and on the runway, her family supports her work and she has so far kept it classy. The same can’t be said for some of her other family members however…

5. Kim Kardashian


It’s rare to come across a photo of Kim Kardashian where she isn’t putting the goods on display, and several marriages and two kids later, she’s still at it. It wasn’t long ago that she attempted to break the internet with her nude photos in Paper Magazine, and most recently started a controversy with a completely nude selfie on Instagram, claiming she had nothing to wear.

Her excuse for posting a nude selfie was hard to believe and Bette Midler said it best tweeting, “Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera.” Midler even used the Twitter war to bring attention to a charity she supports for updating school auditoriums. Perhaps that was her plan all along…

4. Chelsea Handler


Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler pushes the limits in her Netflix documentary, Chelsea Does. As she drags us on the crazy ride of her life, she continues to advocate for women’s equality, pushing for women to be able to go topless wherever a man can. Part of this campaign was recreating a photo of a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a horse, which she hilariously mimicked only for it to be removed from Instagram.

In her documentary Chelsea Does Silicon Valley, Chelsea tried her hand at developing an app which schedules texts to go off like an alarm in order to get out of hanging out with friends, out of a date, or even a business meeting. During filming, Chelsea found out that women could walk around topless in San Francisco, and she quickly jumped at the opportunity to do. As an activist for topless equality, Chelsea finds any opportunity to “Free The Nip” in new and inventive ways.

3. Tara Reid


Queen of the nip-slip, Tara Reid started her career as an actress and quickly evolved into a host and reality star. Her show Taradise aired on E! for one season, following her as she partied around the world, and was ultimately canceled. Reid might be out of the spotlight, but her Instagram is still littered with bikini shots, including a racy photo from New Years last year where she’s laying completely naked on a hammock.

At 40-something, Reid’s still looking hotter than ever and her fans look forward to seeing her in Sharknado 4!

2. Olivia Black



If you’re a history channel buff then you’ll certainly recognize Olivia Black from her fifteen minutes of fame on Pawn Stars. The adorable new addition to the staff’s night shift captured Chumlee’s heart and likely the hearts of many viewers, but her past as a topless model cut her reality stardom short.

Black’s free spirit didn’t sit well with the History Channel, who ultimately chose to let her go. Rick Harrison made it clear he never fired Black from his shop, and that the decision to take her off the show wasn’t up to him. Seems Ms. Black took the decision to heart and has since filed a lawsuit and even started a petition to get her back on the show.

1. Courtney Stodden


Teen bride Courtney Stodden first reached the tabloids when she married actor Doug Hutchinson at the age of sixteen. Nearly forty years her senior, the couple went on to appear on several reality shows, including Couple’s Therapy. Even at the age of sixteen Stodden left little to the imagination, leaving men all over the country counting down the days until she hit eighteen, hoping she’d show off the goods.

Well, all that waiting paid off. Not only has Courtney posed for many topless photos since becoming of legal age, but she has also released a sex tape, which is basically the reality star version of adult entertainment.

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