11 People John Mayer Has Uncomfortably Insulted

Even though John Mayer sings songs that have sweet and endearing messages like “Daughters” and “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” he’s apparently a jerk in real life. That may seem harsh, but Mayer has had many chances to redeem himself after making offensive comments. Yet, soon after one of his public apologies, he’s doing or saying something else that he probably shouldn’t do or say.

There are several theories floating around concerning the reasons for Mayer’s unsavory behavior. Some would assert that he’s pretty out of touch when it comes to racial equality, perhaps because he doesn’t have many friends of other races. He’s also made it very plain that he only has sex with White women. There’s also the theory that John Mayer is so ecstatic that women pay as much attention to him as they do, that he’s become a womanizer. He comes across as a modest folk singer, but there are a few celebrity women who can confirm that he’s pompous and entitled. Or, maybe Mayer’s musical talent has gone to his head. Perhaps he truly thinks he can treat people as if they are disposable, simply because he can sing and play the guitar. We’re sure there are probably more, but here are just 11 of the people John Mayer has insulted.


11 Vanessa Carlton

Singer Vanessa Carlton and John Mayer were in a relationship from 2002 to 2003. During this time, Carlton’s song “A Thousand Miles”, was all over the airwaves and in movies. This was also around the time that John Mayer came out with singles like “No Such Thing” and “Your Body Is a Wonderland.” Some people think “Wonderland” is about Jennifer Love Hewitt (the woman Mayer dated after Carlton), but the single was already released when Hewitt and Mayer got together. Allegedly, Mayer broke up with Carlton when his music career started taking off faster than hers. She stated that Mayer was a “bad breaker-upper,” which could mean a myriad of things, but it probably means he was a jerk about it.

10 Shooter Jennings

Even though rocker Shooter Jennings is a little behind schedule when it comes to this information, he was recently quoted as saying that John Mayer is “king douche” in response to Mayer’s Playboy interview. Jennings also sarcastically called Mayer “the Neil Young of our generation” and alluded to the fact that he only got a place in Montana so he’d look cool during his Rolling Stone interview. Shooter also stated that Mayer isn’t even one of the best guitar players in the industry, and made it clear that he’s pretty tired of John’s awful behavior. Looks like Jennings is insulted by basically everything John Mayer does.

9 Katy Perry

It’s no secret that John Mayer doesn’t really know how to treat the women he dates. He and Katy Perry have had an off-again, on-again relationship for a few years now, and people are pretty confused as to why she keeps going back to him. Allegedly, Mayer has called Perry “boring,” so we’re not sure why he keeps getting back with her, either. Even if no insulting words were exchanged, the fact that Mayer keeps playing with Perry’s heart is offensive enough. Recently, it was reported that John was on a date with a petite blonde, while another patron at the same restaurant wore a Katy Perry shirt. Maybe it’s the universe trying to tell him to stop being such a horrible person.

8 The LGBT Community


John Mayer tried to give a logical explanation for why he doesn’t do drugs anymore by saying that the last time he was high, he went to a pet shelter to adopt an “army” of cats. He tried to get the animals to function as a unit in the parking lot of the shelter, and started using “classic” military tactics to get the cats to obey, such as calling them “f*ggots.” As he was giving the kittens their marching orders, a group of people from the LGBT community passed by and heard Mayer’s offensive slurs. John (who, of course, was still high), tried to explain to the people that he was simply trying to lead his army of cats into victory. The bystanders continued to show their disdain for Mayer, and one of the cats, who was very sick, died in the parking lot. Even when he’s being extremely weird, he still manages to offend someone.

7 Rashida Jones

Actress Rashida Jones was spotted at a charity event with John Mayer in 2009, and of course, rumors swirled that the two were dating. However, Mayer’s relationship with Jennifer Aniston was still up in the air during this time. So, if he did have a fling with Jones, it wouldn’t be out of character. Of course, if Mayer did sleep with Jones, he would have been going against his rule of only being intimate with White women (Rashida is bi-racial; music mogul Quincy Jones is her father). It wouldn’t be the first time that Mayer slept with a woman and then insulted her.

6 Perez Hilton


We’re not sure if John Mayer tongue-kissed Perez Hilton to let people know that he’s not homophobic, or simply to confirm that he’s willing to do anything to stay relevant. He admitted to an audience that he’d made out with Perez, and that he could “out-gay” him. So, it looks like this is nothing more than an ego trip for Mayer. John has also stated that he has male fans but he’s trying to “turn them female,” and that he considered “going gay” until Perez Hilton “turned into the spokesperson.” Basically, John Mayer’s PR team should be fired, if he even has one.

5 Jennifer Aniston

From 2008 to 2009, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were an item. The two met at an Oscar party while Aniston was filming the movie Marley & Me. When the media got word that Mayer flew to Miami to spend some time with Aniston, every tabloid, blog and entertainment website wanted this to be the relationship that would save Jennifer from single-dom. However, it wasn’t clear whether or not Mayer wanted a serious relationship. Some would say that the fact that he was willing to play with Aniston’s heart makes him a huge jerk, since Jennifer is considered one of America’s Sweethearts. Allegedly, the two broke up because Aniston isn’t technologically savvy and had a hard time using Twitter. Mayer didn’t hesitate to insult her for that.


4 Holly Robinson-Peete


The actress and former talk show host was initially gushing when she found out that John Mayer mentioned her during an interview with Playboy. Apparently, the singer said that Robinson-Peete was gorgeous, and Holly was a fan of his music, so his compliment made her day. Then things went downhill. In the same interview, Mayer referred to his Black fans as “n*ggers,” and stated that he has a heart for people of all races, but his…member only prefers White women. Way to completely ruin a compliment, John. Robinson-Peete said that Mayer reached out to her to apologize, but she wasn’t willing to fully accept. She said that he needs to “drop the frat boy act” and truly own up to his mistakes. We’d have to agree.

3 Jessica Simpson

Back when Jessica Simpson went through her auburn hair phase, she and John Mayer were a couple. It was reported that Mayer didn’t treat her very well, and left her waiting for hours after his concerts, when she’d be in the green room, ready to spend time with him and show her support. Mayer also made their sex lives pretty public, stating that being with Simpson was like “sexual napalm.” We’re not sure if that means that it was explosive in a good way, or if it was damaging and an experience he wanted to get away from. Either way, it was their personal business as a couple and shouldn’t have been shared with the world. Luckily, Simpson has moved on, and her current husband hasn’t been revealing any of their bedroom secrets to the media.

2 Taylor Swift


John Mayer has also dated Taylor Swift. He and Swift have a lot in common, in that they date celebrities and get creative inspiration from the relationships after the breakup. When Swift and Mayer called it quits, Taylor wrote a song called Dear John. When Mayer heard it, he said that he “didn’t deserve that,” and that Swift never reached out to let him know that she was writing the song, or that she was so hurt. John also claimed that Taylor kicked him while he was already down by writing the song. When asked about the line in the song that says “don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” Mayer said he didn’t want to talk about it. Looks like Taylor simply wouldn’t let him get away with being a jerk, so he decided to play the sympathy card to the public.

1 Black People in General

Mayer stated while talking with Playboy that he’s “very intense,” meaning that he comes on really strong and writes some intense music. He also said that’s the reason Black people love him. Yes, he had the gall to say this after also stating that his "manhood" is a White Supremacist. Mayer went on to explain that some Black people give him a “hood pass,” meaning they appreciate his art. However, John “reasons” that if it were a hood pass he’d be able to refer to it as a “n*gger pass.” There he goes with that word, again. He’s one of those people who want to say it really badly, but can’t, which just makes him more of a jerk.



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