11 On-Set Feuds That Made Actors Leave Hit Shows

Life and work can get so ugly at the times when you just can’t stand your colleague or co-worker. Whether it is just extra large egos clashing or just a pure and simple dislike, working together gets that much harder when the person you’re working with is just too difficult to tolerate. Well, as you might imagine, same is the case with celebrities. There have been several instances where leading television series actors, who have delivered hit performances, have had to quit (or some were fired) their pet shows simply because working with one particular co-star, producer or writer, was just too much for them to handle. While many of these cases have been much publicized and talked about, some you may not be so familiar with. That said, here are 11 hit series television actors who quit shows due to intolerable feuds with co-stars.


11 Shannen Doherty & Alyssa Milano – Charmed

Shannen Doherty is the original bad girl on our list today, with her being the only celeb to feature twice. When Shannon was booted (or quit – whichever version you’d like to believe) from the hit television show Charmed in 2001, rumors were rife over the speculated cause. Turns out that co-stars Alyssa and Shannen started feuding during the show’s third season, possibly on account of Alyssa’s increasing popularity. Despite several attempts by cast and crew to bring the 'on set' temperatures down, with the producers even going so far as to get a mediator to calm things down, things never really got under control. Things only really quieted down when Shannen quit the show and another sister was brought in to complete the trio of all-powerful witchy sisters.

10 Teri Hatcher & Rest Of Desperate Housewives Cast


Though almost everyone was aware that the ladies of Wisteria Lane were not exactly as friendly and ‘together’ in real life as they were in reel life, there were very few real life confirmations for the same until recently. The feud that had Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams and Felicity Huffman on one side pitted against Teri Hatcher, got into the public domain when the leading ladies decided to leave Teri out of their goodbye gesture, thanking the show’s crew for their good work. The gifts themselves were Soren carry-on luggage bags and each carried fancy little gift cards which read ‘Love Eva, Marcia, Felicity and Vanessa’, making the obvious leaving out of Teri’s name totally public. The lady who was reportedly out of this show due to an ongoing feud with Teri was of course, the sexy housewife Nicollette Sheridan.

9 Leah Remini with Sharon Osbourne – The Talk – CBS TV Show

As celebrity feuds go, this one took a while to get out of the closet too. It was only months after Leah Remini was fired from the CBS talk show The Talk, that Leah made it public that she believed she was fired because of the show’s host, Sharon Osbourne. Sharon’s Tweet on the issue, which read as “Sharon thought me and Holly were ‘ghetto.’ We were not funny, awkward, and didn’t know ourselves. She has the power that was given to her.” was reported by the Los Angeles Times. Though Sharon has stuck hard to the denial of these claims, Leah is seemingly not letting up on her accusations either.

8 Alun Armstrong With Writers – New Tricks

After spending 9 years on the popular cop show New Tricks, actor Alun Armstrong quit the show in 2012, attributing his decision to an ongoing writing feud. The star who had played Brian Lane since the show’s inception in 2003, had been quite publicly vocal about the show’s script and writers being rather ‘dull’. He had even voiced out that sometimes the actors themselves had to work on rewriting the script when the writers weren’t around. After a long drawn Twitter battle between the actor and the show’s writer Julian Simpson, it seemed a forgone conclusion that one of the two would eventually lose out on the show. The veteran actor chose to bow out of the hassles with a heartfelt public statement, saying how much he had enjoyed working for the show for all those years.

7 Janet Hubert With Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

When Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was fired from the show and unceremoniously replaced by Daphne Reid, almost everyone was aware that the feud between her and co-star Will Smith, was the driving factor behind the decision. A feud that has lasted over 20 years has seen many remarks coming and going from the two actors, some of which have even been personal attacks. Yet, after all these years, Janet seems to have come forth saying that it is time to lay the feud to rest and for both parties to finally apologize to one another for the vicious things that were said and done.

6 Isaiah Washington with Patrick Dempsey & T. R Knight – Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy was a fabulous prime time soap opera but it seems the actual drama went on behind the scenes, with multiple cast feuds coming out in the open. Isaiah Washington, who played quite a popular character on the show, was let go after only the third season because of his feuds with co-stars Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight. Once when Isaiah and Patrick had almost come to blows on the set, it is reported that the former had used a homophobic slur against the latter. What’s more is that Isaiah had used the same derogatory slur against T. R. Knight, who had come out as a gay. Despite apologies to the LGBT community, Isaiah was dropped from the show as the show’s cast and crew had clearly had enough.

5 Katherine Heigl with Everyone – Grey’s Anatomy

Still on Grey’s Anatomy, another feud that the cast and crew had to deal with was the diva-like behavior of Katherine Heigl that almost everyone on the set was fed up with. Katherine had in fact, quite publicly announced that as soon as her film career took off, she’d be off the show in minutes. She was never shy of publicly criticizing the show either. She once stated that she never considered sending in her name for the 2008 Emmy award consideration because she didn't think her role on the show had enough substance. It is but obvious that her antics caused quite a bit of tension between herself and the show’s cast and crew. When, owing to all this, Katherine left the show in 2010, co-stars were pretty candid about the reasons, according to Ellen Pompeo, being “hurt feelings, combined with instant success and huge paychecks started spinning out of control.”


4 Shannon Doherty with Everyone – Beverly Hills 90210


Let’s face it, everyone on just about every show that Shannon Doherty has worked on, has had a problem with her. At least two of the shows that she’s worked on have ended with high drama in the form of backstage feuds. When Shannon was booted off Beverly Hills 90210, it was definitely because of the consistent backstage friction that involved her and the other teenaged cast members. Yet, her exit was left open-ended so that her character of Brenda Walsh could return to the show in a season or two, if the tensions on the set dissipated. The fact that Shannon never made it back on shows just how much of a problematic actor she had become for the cast and crew.

3 Charlie Sheen with Chuck Lorre – Two & A Half Men

Talk of inflated egos that make people want to bite the hand that feeds them, and the classic self-destruct case of Charlie Sheen is the first one that comes to mind. Even before Charlie’s falling out with Two And a Half Men’s producer Chuck Lorre, his erratic behavior on and off the set was making headlines. Whether it was excessive drug use or just a case of ego blow-up, when Charlie’s working relationship with Chuck Lorre disintegrated, he was removed from the show in a grand death sequence. Ashton Kutcher was the millionaire replacement for him, as we already know.

2 Nicollette Sheridan with Marc Cherry – Desperate Housewives


Nicollette Sheridan, who played the character of Edie Britt, was a much-loved character on Wisteria Lane and of course, her unexpected death in the 5th season of the show came as a surprise for many. Yet, what turned out to be more dramatic than her on screen death, was the off screen drama, scandal and a lawsuit. Following her exit, Nicollette filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit against producer Marc Cherry, accusing him of a number of claims including wrongful termination. Cherry testified in court that there were backstage issues with the actress, including her ‘problem’ with co-star Teri Hatcher. The rest of the show’s cast took Cherry’s side on the issue, leaving Nicollette high and dry.

1 Mark Harmon with Creator Don Bellisario - NCIS

CBS’s NCIS was a high-flying show once, voted the biggest television show by 2007. The show seemed destined for even greater heights; at least till the lead actor Mark Harmon started a feud with the show’s creator Don Bellisario. Though many of the details were strictly kept hush hush, it was pretty clear that both the actor and the creator were no longer on the same page. An epic behind the scenes stand off ensued and it all culminated into CBS choosing the actor over the creator, and fired Bellisario in an unprecedented move. It sure was good luck that the show didn’t crash and burn once that happened, but almost everyone agrees that it was Don’s early creative genius that kept the show alive, despite the backstage feuds and firings.



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