11 Of The Greatest Bromances On Television

They enjoy long walks on the beach, watching movies, talking about feelings by a warm fire and have a deep emotional connection. They're soul mates. They're the perfect couple. It was fate that they met. They understand each other better than anyone else. Plain and simple, it's love, but not the love between two lovers in a romantic relationship. It's the love between bros. A bromance is a very close, non-romantic friendship between men. It's almost 2015, no longer do men have to pretend that they don't have feelings, that they don't cry and that they don't moisturize. Some people just don't understand the bond between bros. Television has featured some of the greatest bromances in history. Here is a look at 11 of TV's greatest bromances.

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11 Jerry, George and Kramer  Seinfeld


Seinfeld was a highly influential series that revolved around the lives of four friends living in New York City, as they did nothing. Unlike most bromances, this is probably the least romantic..or should we say, bromantic. Jerry, George and Kramer had boundaries. Such as, at movie theaters, they sit one seat apart. However, they do care deeply about each other and in their own way, they love each other. Jerry and George are like a scheming married couple, while it seems as if Kramer has a crush on Jerry. In One episode, George dates a "lady" Jerry. In another, Jerry and Kramer's relationship becomes strained when Kramer starts a new "job". Despite being a woman, Elaine should be considered the lead bro.

10 Fry and Bender  Futurama


Futurama revolved around a pizza boy, Philip J. Fry from the 20th century, working for an interplanetary delivery service in a futuristic New York City, in the 31st century. Fry's closest friend is a drunk, sarcastic and violent robot named Bender. The two are actually very close and care about each other deeply. Like any good match, they like and dislike many of the same things, like for example, they like to watch TV and get drunk together. What more could a Bro ask for? Maybe a hot, tough, one eyed woman.

9 Ted, Marshall and Barney  How I met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother revolved around Ted Mosby telling his kids in the future, the story of how he met their mother. The stories feature his gang of friends that he spent all of his time with. One of them is his best friend…the other is Barney Stinson. Ted and Marshall Eriksen have been best friends since college, where they were roommates. Barney and Ted have been best friends since meeting at a urinal. Barney is a strict follower of the Bro Code and enforces the code often. Such as: A bro always likes the new profile picture of another bro.

8 Stewie and Brian  Family Guy


Family Guy follows the lives of the Griffin family living in Quahog. The series often features stand alone adventures of Stewie Griffin, a baby, and Brian Griffin, the family dog. Sometimes, they have a love-hate relationship. However, both have confessed that they deeply love the other…in a friend kind of way. Stewie is deeply saddened when Brian is killed in a hit and run in season 12, but fortunately, Stewie was able to get a hold of a time machine and travel back in time. He then prevented Brian's death.

7 Michael and Dwight  The Office


The Office was a mockumentary that revolved around the lives of employee's of a small paper company. This bromance is a bit one-sided and is almost more like a mentor and protégé, but the mentor wants a different protégé. Michael Scott was the regional manger and Dwight Schrute was the Assistant regional manger…er…sorry..Assistant to the regional manger. Dwight was extremely loyal to his "leader", but Michael on the other hand, was a bit annoyed by Dwight. It seemed like Michael would rather hangout with Ryan, Pam, Jim or Ryan instead of Dwight. However, Dwight seemed to have a special place in Michael's heart. Michael even showed up at Dwight's wedding to be his best man.

6 Troy and Abed  Community

community-sitcom. wikia.com

When Troy met Abed, it was love at first fist bump. Community follows the adventures and mis-adventures of members of a study group at a community college. Within the series, Troy and Abed have been considered "a married couple". They share the same wild imagination, have a deep bond and both love to build forts. It's obvious that they understand each other better than any two people in the world. They're also fiercely loyal and understanding. In one episode, they both compete for the affection of the same woman. When she picks Troy over Abed because Abed is "weird", Troy is extremely offended and defends his bro. The two also have their own morning talk show, Troy and Abed in the morning. Annie Edison could be considered an unofficial third bro.

5 Sherlock and Watson  Sherlock


Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are two of the greatest sleuths of all time. However, they're even more well known for being one of the very first and "original" bromances. In fact, this bromance dates all the way back to the novels. It has been depicted very well in the BBC series, Sherlock. Although they bicker, they still love and care for each other like an old married couple. They truly are soul mates. In the recent season, Sherlock is somewhat threatened and actually jealous of Watson's fiancé/wife.

4 Joey and Chandler  Friends


Friends followed the lives of 20-something friends living in New York City, as they struggle with work, relationships and love. The series was noted for its long standing will they-won't they love story between, Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing...er...wait…that might not be completely right. Joey and Chandler have had one of the greatest bromances in the history of TV. They are very much like an old married couple and often bicker back and forth, but they were always there for each other. They're roommates for the most part, until Chandler marries Monica. When they did live together, they enjoyed eating pizza, playing foosball and watching adult films. They also raised a chick and duck together.

3 J.D and Turk  Scrubs


Scrubs was a medical comedy following the lives of interns and doctors working at Sacred Heart Hospital. J.D (John Dorian) and Turk (Christopher Turk) were inseparable. They were friends and roommates since college, until Turk got married and moved out. However, even when they were separated, they could sense when the other was in trouble or in pain. Many characters within the series considered J.D and Turk to be soul mates and a couple. Their girlfriends and wives try to understand the deep love that they have for each other. In one episode, they sang a power love ballad, "Guy Love".

2 House and Wilson  House


House revolved around Dr. Gregory House, who was an unconventional genius and led a team of doctors. He would regularly argue with his follow doctors and was known to be moody, grumpy and bitter. He had one friend and that was Dr. James Wilson. Wilson seemed to be the only person to truly understand House. House seemed to enjoy mocking Wilson. Wilson would take care of House and even let him move in with him after House's failed marriage. They can be critical of each other, but Wilson has constantly risked his career to help House. After Wilson is diagnosed with cancer, House fakes his death so that he can be with Wilson in the last few months of his life.

1 Vince, Eric, Turtle, Drama and Ari  Entourage


Entourage followed the lives of four best friends from New York City, trying to make it big in Los Angeles. The series dealt with themes of friendship, love and family. The series featured the A-list celebrity, Vincent Chase, his best friend/manger, Eric Murphy, D-list celebrity/brother, Johnny "Drama" Chase and gofer/pot supplier, Salvatore "Turtle" Assante. Of course, there was also the high powered, abrasive but good-hearted agent, Ari Gold. The bromance and friendship served a very important role in the series. They weren't just good friends, these guys were family. They enjoyed the wild celebrity lifestyle together but were also there for each other at their darkest and most embarrassing moments. The series was tremendously popular and was known for the bromance between the main characters.

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