11 Hot Celebs That Used To Be Ugly Ducklings

Over the years, we've watched these famous faces make some pretty drastic transformations. Luckily for the better. You might say they've all blossomed from former ugly ducklings, to beautiful swans, practically over night; giving many of us hope. Those of us who don't mind shelling out thousands of dollars in multiple cosmetic surgeries, and countless weeks of agonizing recovery, of course. If we're keeping it real, most perceived natural beauties in the entertainment industry really aren't all that natural. Which is why we see tons of stars looking fairly average one year, and drop dead gorgeous the next. Plenty of work and money goes into taking most celebs from the ordinary citizen they start out as, to the double take inducing heart throbs that captivate our attention.

The rumor mill flows with accusations of this procedure, and that, and spectators are all a buzz with criticisms, but going from not-to-hot is a hell of a lot better than the other way around, which many other celebrities have been known to do. Seriously, if Kim Kardashian doesn't cut back on the cosmetic procedures, you'll be hard pressed to convince anyone Michael Jackson didn't find a way to come back from the dead. She wouldn't be the first to go from hot-to-not, but that's a whole other list. For now, here are 11 of today's hottest celebrities who used to be u-g-l-y without an alibi.

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11 Kylie Jenner

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, 17 year old Kylie Jenner would have us believe that puberty is the only thing responsible for her unrecognizable, and far more mature appearance as of late. Apparently, puberty made quite the pit stop at the teenager's lips. I know what you're thinking. Well, how come the rest of our hormonal clocks didn't get the memo when we were in high school? That's because by puberty, Kylie probably means: several expensive cosmetic enhancements, including a suspected lip augmentation, in conjunction with injections for maintenance. When constantly badgered by the press over her much more noticeable pout, the young lady is insistent that clever make up tricks are the only magic trick going on here. An assertion many of us just aren't gullible enough to believe. The improvement, however obvious, is certainly undeniable.

10 Ariana Grande

Pop phenom Ariana Grande has gone through a pretty drastic physical transformation in just a few short years. The singer who's big break started on the Nickelodeon TV program Victorious, started out with a much more average looking, girl-next-door appearance, and even looked slightly older than her then 18 year old age. Today, Ariana is known for her impossibly petite frame, reminiscent of an adorable pre-teen, noticeably 15-20lbs lighter than she was just 4 short years ago. Now, reverse aging is a common practice that all women aim towards eventually, but isn't it a bit early Ariana? In 2014, the actress threatened to sue Perez Hilton for alleging she was a cocaine addict. The singing sensation is credited with popularizing the youthful high ponytail look that's been worn by many other stars since.

9 Megan Fox

8 Celine Dion

Powerhouse vocalist Celine Dion wasn't always the looker we see today. The former snaggletooth-turned-beauty queen is believed to have had several minor cosmetic procedures throughout the years, none of which are very obvious, including a nose job, hair makeover, and some dental work. The subtle improvements have really made all the difference. The good thing about not being born a natural beauty is you're forced to work on having a great personality, which the charming Celine has in spades, not to mention the tremendous amount of undeniable talent the superstar was inherently born with. All her beauty is now, is the icing on the cake.

7 Ryan Seacrest

Looking at the American Idol host today makes it hard to believe that Ryan Seacrest was once a heavy set, spectacle wearing child. The now well groomed, metrosexual once faced rumors of being gay back in 2003, due to his well kept good looks. Rumors he's since dispelled by dating a long line up of beautiful women. The executive producer once addressed rumors of his sexuality by facetiously telling People magazine,"What girl doesn't want a guy who loves to go shopping and get massages? I could lie and pretend that I hunt and camp, but that wouldn't be me. Clothes? Shopping? That's stuff I like!" The TV personality told Dish Nation that during his younger, more heavy set years, he was actually a quarterback. News that is somewhat shocking to envision.

6 Kelly Osbourne

Former Fashion Police host, Kelly Osbourne has been looking a lot more attractive these days than she has in the past. The once heavy set Kelly has gone down several sizes while still managing to maintain a healthy full figure. The daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne is famous for her edgy haircuts and wildly daring hair colors. In 2013, the former singer discussed losing 70lbs since 2009 in Self magazine, saying, "I’m the most secure and content I’ve ever been, I get in a solid half hour of cardio daily, usually intervals on the treadmill, and whatever else I feel like that day — weights, yoga or pilates." Kelly has never been scrutinized for undergoing any obvious cosmetic procedures, and unlike most celebs, has opted to take the natural route in self care to improve her now lovely appearance.

5 Rashida Jones

It's surprising to see old photos of the svelte Rashida Jones looking a lot heavier in childhood than she does now. In an effort to promote her 2012 movie Celeste and Jesse Forever, the actress uploaded younger, barely recognizable pictures of her childhood and teen years. She Tweeted, "Everyday until my movie comes out (Aug 3), I promise to Tweet a school photo of me if you promise to see my movie, Celeste and Jesse Forever." The biracial beauty, like many of us, was a cute kid that just wouldn't quite mature into her good looks until much later. Unlike most of us who hide and attempt to burn old unflattering photos, it's understandably easy to share awkward photos of yourself at a young age when you grow up to look as good as Rashida.

4 Blake Lively

Gossip Girl actress turned movie star Blake Lively, is beautiful today no doubt, but just 8 years ago that statement may have been slightly arguable. It's doubtful that Blake would've landed the role of Serena Vanderwoodsen had she not undergone a few minor procedures that have made a difference in the harmonious structure of her face, these reportedly include a nose job, lip injections, brow lift and breast augmentation. The actress's features are much more refined than they naturally were, taking her from average girl next door, to supermodel.

3 Zac Efron

Heartthrob Zac Efron's dreamboat good looks are believed to be the result of a nose job, chin implant, dental work to close a front gap, and a rigorous workout routine. These subtle alterations can often make a tremendous improvement on anyone, provided the work is done by a talented professional. The High School Musical actor discussed his full body transformation in preparation for the 2012 film The Lucky One, with Men's Health magazine, stating that he had to put on 18 pounds of muscle to get the beef cake look women swooned over, to play the part of a marine. A look that required a daily intake of 3500 calories to maintain.

2 Adam Lambert

American Idol runner up turned Queen front man, Adam Lambert hasn't always been the handsome man we recognize today. His early years in the industry depict a noticeably less attractive difference in his appearance, most likely improved by a well done rhinoplasty, skin rejuvenation, brow lift, and (as you may have noticed) carefully applied makeup techniques. Adam made history when he decided to emerge as the first openly gay American Idol contestant, despite being advised against coming out while in the competition.

1 Khloe Kardashian

These days Koko is certainly giving older sis KiKi a run for her money. Khloe Kardashian has always been open about having been compared to her two stunning older sisters while growing up, and admits feeling inferior as a result of bullying. The resemblance between she and her sisters is rather minuscule, and has raised questions of whether or not they truly share the same father. Reports have gone so far as to claim that Kris Jenner once had an affair with O.J. Simpson and Khloe is their love child. Regardless of who Khloe's biological father is, the reality TV star is looking a lot better than she has since KUWTK's debut, and that likely has more to do with cosmetic procedures than genetics. While Khloe has always been the curviest of the Kardashians, many media outlets insist she's taken a page out of big sis Kim's book, and also had her derriere enhanced. Whatever she's been doing, we say to Khloe, keep it up!

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