11 Of The Most Promiscuous Characters On TV

In television, we often see many characters who are either out to gain revenge, or trying to find true love. While we sometimes have others who just want to have casual, no strings attached, passionate sex with seemingly anyone. Many characters are known for "getting around" and their amazing ability to attract the opposite sex at the snap of their fingers. Some are so charming and good looking that they can get any man or woman that they want, even when they don't look like they are actually trying. While others are married or in a relationship, but just can't seem to fight their urges or appeals with just the sight of the opposite sex. With this being said, here is a look at 11 of Television's Most Promiscuous Characters.

11 Penny - The Big Bang Theory


CBS's The Big Bang Theory is about the lives of physicists who are socially awkward and live across the hall from a very attractive girl, who's personality is in stark contrast to theirs. Penny is a struggling actress who is beautiful, street smart and promiscuous. It's estimated by Sheldon, who lives across the hall, that Penny has had 193 dates since the age of 14 and slept with approximately 31 men. Penny kind of denies this but it seems to be the truth. She is the dream girl of Leonard, who is one of the other guys that lives across from her and they eventually get engaged. Penny is played by the beautiful, Kaley Cuoco.

10 Tony Soprano - The Sopranos


Tony Soprano was a New Jersey mob boss who was manipulative, violent and greedy. He was also charming, romantic and able to seduce any woman he wanted. Tony loved three things in his life: money, women and his family, in that precise order. Some of the women are driven to insanity with the love and desire they feel for Tony. The only problem is Tony is married to Carmela Soprano and has two children. He constantly cheats on Carmela and has several long term relationships with other women such as Irina Peltsin, Gloria Trillo and was madly in love with his therapist, Jennifer Melfi. He was played to universal critical acclaim by James Gandolfini who won the Emmy for Outstanding lead actor three times at the Prime time Emmy Awards.

9 Roz Doyle - Frasier


Roz Doyle was the beautiful, tough and wise cracking producer for the Dr. Frasier Crane radio show. Frasier was a critically acclaimed comedy that aired on NBC and was a spin-off of the equally as successful, Cheers. Frasier featured Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer, moving back to Seattle where he gets his own talk radio show. Roz doesn't hide that fact that she is promiscuous and goes on several dates throughout the series that include a few one night stands. She has several flings with other characters including, "Bulldog" Bob Briscoe and she sleeps with Frasier. Of course, they choose not to pursue a relationship and remain friends. Roz was played to critical acclaim by Peri Gilpin.

8 Joey Tribbiani - Friends


Women were powerless against Joey Tribbiani, especially when he would look deep into their eyes and say, "How you doin?". NBC's Friends followed the lives of six friends living in New York City as they dealt with love, careers and friendship. Joey was a struggling actor for the most part who was charming, handsome and very, very promiscuous. He dated several woman throughout the series and had many one night stands. He did have strong feelings for Rachel at one point but comes to realize that they make better friends. Matt Le Blanc received universal praise for his role and even had his own spin-off that lasted one season entitled, Joey.

7 Edna Krabappel - The Simpsons


Fox's massive hit The Simpsons centers around a dysfunctional family living in the town of Springfield. The early success of the series has been attributed to the rebellious troublemaker Bart Simpson. Bart is a class clown and a constant annoyance to his third grade teacher, Edna Krabappel. The series has explored her character and she's been shown to be sexy, charming and promiscuous. She does express a desire for a romantic and loving relationship but never seems to settle down until much later in the series. She's dated many men in Springfield including, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Moe, Lenny, Carl and finally, she married Ned Flanders. Edna was voiced by Marcia Wallace to critical acclaim.

6 Sam Malone - Cheers


Sam Malone was the main character in the hit NBC series, Cheers which aired in the 80's. He owned the bar, Cheers, where he was adored and loved by most of the customers. He goes on several dates and has multiple one night stands but nothing serious comes out of them. He also can't help himself from flirting with every woman that comes through the bar. When he first meets Diana Chambers, he is both attracted to her and extremely annoyed by her. They had an on-again, off-again relationship that became so popular that other shows would have similar couples such as Ross and Rachel on Friends. Ted Danson won the Emmy For Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 1990 and 1993.

5 Don Draper - Mad Men


The 1950's were a turbulent time and sometimes the only way to deal with that stress was to drink an enormous amount of scotch and make as much love as possible. AMC's Mad Men is a critical and commercial success that revolves around Don Draper, an advertiser in the 50's and 60's. Don is handsome, charming and can have any woman he wants. He is married to Betty Draper but he cheats on her with several women including Midge Daniels and Bobbie Barrett. He is also shown to have several one night stands and sexual encounters with prostitutes. Don Draper is played by Jon Hamm to critical acclaim.

4 Blanche Devereaux - The Golden Girls


NBC's The Golden Girls was a massive success that aired throughout the 80's. The series centered on four older friends living together in Miami as roommates. Blanche Devereaux was in her late 40's or early 50's at the start of the series and it was three years since her husband, George, had died. Throughout the series, she is shown to be very promiscuous and has several one night stands. Her roommates suspect that her promiscuity is her attempt to find love again after losing her husband. She was played to critical acclaim by Rue McClanahan who won the Emmy for Outstanding lead actress at the Prime time Emmy awards in 1987.

3 Charlie Harper - Two and a Half Men

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Charlie is one of the most notorious womanizers of all time. He loves alcohol, smoking cigars and prostitutes. Now let's talk about the character he played on Two and a Half Men. Charlie Harper was not that different from Charlie Sheen, who played the character. He dated several women throughout the series and also had tons of casual sex. Famously, after a dispute with Chuck Lorre, the series creator, his character was killed off in a train accident. Charlie Sheen received universal praise for basically playing himself, which included being nominated several times at the Prime time Emmy awards for Outstanding lead actor in a comedy.

2 Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother


ABC's How I met Your Mother follows five friends living in New York City as they search for love and chase their dreams. Initially, Barney is only chasing skirts and devising elaborate ways to pick up women. Such as, claiming to be himself from the future and telling a girl she must date the present him or it will be the end of the world. It might sound ridiculous but it apparently actually worked. He was very promiscuous and would sometimes sleep with multiple women throughout the day. In one episode, he attempts to achieve the record of sleeping with nearly 200 women. Later, his character changes and he seeks more commitment out of relationship, specifically with Robin. Barney Stinson was played to critical acclaim by Neil Patrick Harris and he is considered the series breakout star.

1 Samantha Jones - Sex and The City


HBO's Sex and The City was about four friends in their 30's and 40's, dealing with their careers, relationships and friendships. Samantha Jones is very confident, promiscuous and somewhat sex obsessed. She calls herself a "try-sexual" meaning she will try anything at least once and boy does she ever. She has several one night stands and multiple relationships throughout the series, including a lesbian relationship with an artist named Maria. Generally, she is just looking for a night of passion and tries not to get emotionally involved. In fact, she feels uncomfortable with the relationships being too serious. Samantha was played by Kim Catrall who has been praised for her role which included winning a Golden Globe Award.

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